Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 1 October 2021 episode started with Anaju folding her hand infront of Pakhi, Pakhi held her hand and said this hands were made for giving us blessing only, Anaju said I am going far from here, Lavanya said no you cant go.

Anaju said no, let me go and bring back the real Anaju, she said to Lavanya, I am proud of you, you handled your family nicely, Anaju asked Girish to book her ticket for Chaar dhamm yatra, Girish hugged her and joked that if you called me son not son In law then I would have booked you tickets.

Anaju met Veer and said you must be thinking that I am a liar and cruel, Veer said you are bua for me, she said to him, take care of Pakhi and fulfill the dream project of Anshuman and keep fighting for the right course, he promised her to complete the dream project and they all hugged Anaju.

It was night and Anaju was leaving for yatra, they all hugged her, Ayaan came there and gave her a hand made card, she hugged Ayaan tightly. Riya met her too and cried, Anaju sat in the car and left the house with tears in her eyes.

Veer was playing a mouth organ in his room, Pakhi came there and asked him to take his medicines, Veer said what happened to me? Pakhi said i will rub your wound then you will know, he said I don’t like bitter medicines, Pakhi said you should be thankful that the bullet touched your hand.

Veer said so what you wanted it go in my hand, Pakhi said don’t do drama, take these medicines, you don’t listen to anyone, Veer said no i listen to my jiji, Pakhi said ok i will call her then, Veer said no need to involve her, Pakhi said you are so much afraid of her?

he said I am afraid for you, if she gets to know that I am injured then she will come and take your class and he drank the medicine, Pakhi said you love jiji so much that you don’t want to tell her about your injury, he said I feel that we should all live together.

Veer said to Pakhi that sometime is feel that I should remain ill so that all will pamper me, Pakhi said tomorrow, your jiji, choti didi and nandini sister is coming, he said what? she nodded in yes, Pakhi said I am sleepy, you also sleep, she went to the bed and slept.

Veer played the mouth organ but seeing Pakhi sleep, he stopped and looked at Pakhi sleeping peacefully, he admired her beauty and slept.
It was morning, jiji, nandini and choti didi came home. Veer greeted them and brought them into the house, jiji said to Veer that you got injured and didn’t even tell me.

Veer said it’s just a small injury, Jiji said you don’t say anything, I am like your mother, I feel pain in your pain, she showed him medicines that were homemade, she told Veer that you will get fine with these medicines, she said don’t take English medicines, it makes constipation, Pakhi came there and greeted jiji.

she asked Pakhi to wear the dress which she has brought as shagun for new bride only then she will meet her, Veer was tensed and looked at Pakhi. jiji said I cant see her face without face revealing ceremony (munh dikhayi).

Veer said what’s the need for it, jiji said I was not present at the time of marriage but I will do the rituals now, jiji said we will do the ceremony in sometime, she gave jewelry and dress to Pakhi without seeing her face, Pakhi went to change and Veer followed her.

Veer came to Pakhi and was shocked to see her dressed in red bridal dress, she kept looking at her, he said to Pakhi that you are looking beautiful but it was not needed, Pakhi said why, they are you family, they will be happy to see me dressed.

I am your wife so I can do this much and it’s about your family’s responsibility. Veer said to Pakhi that jiji is thinking old, she believed in all rituals, you see in which you are comfortable in.

Lavanya said to jiji that Pakhi doesn’t wear traditional ghagra cholies and all, Pakhi came there with the choli only, jiji said she was wearing cloths as she was a wife of Anshuman but now she is the wife of Veer and has to wear accordingly.

she said to Pakhi that you have to make family with Veer, you have to give him heir and Pakhi was stunned.


The episode started with Girish and Lavanya coming to meet Jiji. She welcomed them and Jiji called Sukhi. She told him the guests have arrived, he should get them to water. Sukhi replied guests but where are they. Jiji said here pointing at Girish..

Lavanya. She asked Lavanya where she does she resides and Girish replied close to the next road. she indirectly taunted them saying when a Girl is married she should not stay close to her parents place. Riya came to meet them and jiji didn’t like her short dress.

Kuhu was happy to hear Riya is of the same age as her and also impressed by her modern look. Kuhu happily said I am of the same age as you but jiji answered back saying you were 2 years when i brought you from that orphanage.

Lavanya met the rest of the family and Jiji said they are having Muh dikhayi rasam for Pakhi. She told her about the traditional oufit of their family. Lavanya told her that now Pakhi doesn’t wear these kind of lehenga and was shocked to see Pakhi all dressed up like a bride.

Jiji smiled looking at Lavanya and said now she is Veer’s wife and Hamari Pakhi. They did the Muh dikhayi rasam as per her wish and command.Jiji praised Pakhi for her beauty and blessed her. Veer was happy and felt a bit awkward as Jiji wanted Pakhi to give a heir to their family.

She then asked Veer about her gift. Veer said he did not buy one but Jiji gave him a gift box. She asked him to tie it for Pakhi, a very awkward moment for both of them. Jiji next asked if all of them have done the rasam.

Nandini pointed to Girish. Lavanya but Jiji replied they are outsiders not family. Later they had a family picture without Girish and Lavanya which made her sad.

Kuhu tried to do the same hair style as Riya but was scolded by Jiji. Pakhi brought tea for Jiji in her room.Jiji scolded Kuhu for not taking the tray from Pakhi. Jiji gave Pakhi a box of sindoor as it was from Devi Maa. she asked her to mix this one with her old ones and apply it as it’s for husband long life.

Pakhi was later shown on the terrace remembering her moments with Anshuman. Veer came there and said Sorry to her and he explained why he can’t say no to Jiji and how she raised them alone when thier parents died.

she never married for that reason and Pakhi understood that he doesn’t want to hurt jiji but said she is having lots of expectation from their relationship.She told him they should tell her the truth about their marriage and walked away.

Ayaan Bumped into Pakhi who had a big jar with Pickle in her hands. She told him to be careful and Veer came there asking Pakhi what is she doing. Pakhi told him it’s pickle and she is going to put it in the sun. Veer took it from her hand and called for Sukhi.

Veer asked him what’s going on here and asked him to put the pickle in the sun. Veer told Pakhi you should take care. Jiji misunderstood everything and thanked God for fulfiling her two wishes. Lavanya having an emotional moment with Girish thinking of the past, their happy family time and told him how today she felt like a stranger in her own house.

Girish consoled her and asked her to move on with these changes, the same as Pakhi is doing gradually accepting the new changes in her life.

Pakhi and Girish talked about jiji’s expectations. Pakhi told him that they are only the kids parents nothing more. How she can’t give more to this relationship. Girish told her you should give this relationship a chance..

Jiji told Veer there should be love between husband and wife to take good care of Pakhi and to shower her with lots of love and on the other side Pakhi saying i can’t give Anshuman place to anyone in my heart.

Veer looked at Pakhi’s pic and said, I am ready to give Pakhi all the world’s happiness but for this she will have to accept my love.


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