Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 13th August 2021 Episode started with ladies praying at home and doing a puja for their children. The goons hit Anshuman’s car and it rolled over to a far distance. It fell in a valley type soil place. Lavanya felt unwell and Pakhi held her. Anuja asked her to go and rest, as she did the puja. Lavanya said you be here, I will go to the room with Maha ji. Maha ji took Lavanya with her.

Anuja said why hasn’t Anshuman and Ayaan come till now, where is Aryaman and Girish. Pakhi said I will call and ask them. She called Aryaman but he did not take the call. Anuja became worried. Pakhi said don’t worry, he will come, as he knows you kept a fast for him, they both worry for us a lot.

She called Anshuman and even he also did not take the call. The ambulance reached the spot and took Anshuman and Aryaman from there. Pakhi said his phone is off, it’s strange. She said don’t know what surprise are they planning. Anuja said maybe Aryaman is with them, The door bell rang.

Sukhi opened the door. A man came and said Anshuman sent something for you. He said it’s urgent make and should be delivered today and left. Pakhi opened it and saw a beautiful kamarbandh. Anuja said so, he was busy in this. Pakhi smiled touching it.

She got a letter in that box. She read, Pakhi my love and stopped when she saw Anuja. Anuja smiled and left. Pakhi read the letter and smiled. He said I have a beautiful wife with a beautiful waist, and my eyes used to get stuck there, this is like you said, having ghungroos.

I will find you with this and take you in my arms, yours Anshuman I love you. He asked her to wear it as soon as she gets it. She thinks of their first meeting and their journey till now. She smiled thinking of their moments.

Anuja came back and said lets go and put water. Pakhi showed her the kamarbandh. Anuja said let me make you wear ad tied it around her waist. She said Anshuman will come running to you with this sound, he won’t be far from you now. Pakhi became shy and they went to the terrace.

The accident spot was shown . Anuja and Pakhi placed water praying to the stars. Anuja blessed her to be always Suhagan and Ayaan and them to be happy always. Pakhi asked her to forgive Anshuman, as he loves her a lot, he will be happy.

Anuja said even I love him, I am worried being annoyed with him, all day I have cursed myself for troubling him, let him come home, I will hug him and apologize. Pakhi said no, just forgive him, just hug him, he will be happy. Anshuman, Ayaan and Aryaman were brought to the hospital. The inspector asked the doctor to save them at any cost.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 13th August 2021

The doctor treated them. The inspector called Suman and asked do you know whose call is this, the man met with an accident, come fast, he is critical. Anuja waited for her sons. Girish asked how is Pakhi. Anuja said I made her sleep. Anuja said don’t know where they are. Girish said Anshuman never did this, its strange. He is not irresponsible. Aryaman’s phone is on but he is not taking the call.

Girish called Aryaman again. The servants talked about what was happening. Maha ji asked Sukhi not to speak anything negative, they will come. She said Pakhi fainted, who knows there might be any good news. Sukhi became glad. Ashok said yes, I wish no one’s bad eye catches this house.

Maha ji called Aryaman a thief again and said his bad sight might have caught this house, we will shoo it away. She lights the fire and Ashok said it’s a strong bad sight. Maha ji said yes. Girish said Aryaman is not taking my call. Anuja said keep trying. A girl and Suman came to meet Aryaman and came to know it was two men and a kid. She was shocked.

Anshuman called Pakhi in the operation theatre. Suman thinks it’s a big issue here, what he could not do, I have to do it now.


The Episode started with Suman coming to see Aryaman. Anshuman was being treated as he was very critical and took Pakhi’s name. He said call Pakhi and shouted. Suman saw this and then saw Aryaman wounded and lying. She said they look so same. She thinks about Aryaman and her. She was his girlfriend.

He was not agreeing to kidnap a kid, and said it’s Sandeep’s plan. She convinced him to kidnap Ayaan if he loves her. She said how will we marry if you don’t get much money, lets get 20 crores and out life will be set, we will marry and have children. She said then give the kid back. His real name was Bittu. Aryaman tossed and looked on.

Suman thinks he could not do it. The doctor came to treat Aryaman now. She heard he was sinking and they had to shift him to a big hospital. Suman thinks if Anshuman dies, it’s fine, but if Aryaman dies, no, I can’t leave this chance, I will do what he could not do.

She said there is no one here from Rathore family, till my work is done, no one will know where are they. Girish kept calling Aryaman. Anuja became worried. They tried to find out. The door bell rang and Girish said who is it. He opened the door and it was Suman.

She said I came from the orphanage, Anshuman called me to take donation. Girish said he is not at home. She asked when will he come. He said don’t know. She said can I wait here for sometime. Girish said fine, come.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 13th August 2021

She smiled and went inside. She looked around the house and thinks he was being here, so could not kidnap the kid, it looks like a palace. The power went and she smiled. She run upstairs hiding from them. Anuja asked Ashok to see the lights. Two men also came in hiding.

Suman came in and saw Pakhi sleeping. She used some chloroform on her and the men kidnapped her. Maha ji lights the candles. She came out and hid seeing Anuja.Suman hid and crossed the distance. Maha ji lights the candles and did not see her. She made Maha ji fall. Suman and the goons took her and tried to leave fast. She came back and sat there. The power came.

Suman said will he come late, fine I will come later and she left. Suman left with Pakhi. Bhaisa and Bhabhisa came to meet Pakhi. Anuja welcomed them. Girish asked how did they come. Bhaisa said we came to meet Pakhi and Anuja. Bhabhisa gave a saree as Nek for the festival. Bhabhisa asked about Pakhi. Anuja said she is in the room. Bhaisa asked about Anshuman and Ayaan.

Girish said they are not at home, Pakhi kept fast and fainted by hunger, so she is resting. They became worried. Anuja said she is tired, come. She will be happy seeing you. They were shocked to see Pakhi was not in her room, Girish called her and her phone was also there on the bed. Everyone started worrying and felt this was strange. Anuja said where did she go.

Everyone was worried for Pakhi and Anshuman. Girish came to know Anshuman had an accident. Everyone was shocked.


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