Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 20th August 2021 Episode started with Pakhi reminding Ayaan about Anshuman’s words. Ayaan said he remembers everything about truth being the most powerful. She said my parents died when I was small, no one told me that feeling I will be cry a lot, I understood that whoever comes in this world, has to go one day. Ayaan said my mum is very strong.

She said no, I am not strong, as I felt my son is not strong, I felt if this happens with you, you will not be able to bear it and will get ill. She said I was wrong, you are very strong. She said yes, we both are very strong like dad. She said if I say you I lied to you then. He said you never lie, if you say then maybe for my good. She cried and said when I tell you the truth, you will be very hurt. I am also very hurt and want you to take care of me. Ayaan said fine, I will take care of my mum.

She said my strong son, the one you saw on the stretcher in hospital and fainted thinking it was your dad, he was your dad. Ayaan wws shocked. She said Anshuman is no more, he has left us. She said I was very afraid, doctors told me not to tell you as you will get very ill. She said so I was scared and lied to you, I made your Chachu your dad but it’s a lie, I don’t want to tell my son a lie, I don’t want you to take a support of weak bridge. She said your dad loves you a lot and wants you to be more strong. Ayaan moved far from her. He went to Anshuman’s pic and looked at it.

Ayaan thinks about Anshuman and said dad, Lord called you as he likes you a lot, I will not cry as I am very strong. He said Maa made me strong. Pakhi hugged him and said my son is very strong. Ayaan thinks of Anshuman and his memories. Ayaan said I love you dad. Ayaan asked Pakhi not to cry, as dad will not like it. They cry hugging. Anuja asked Aryaman why did you not stop Pakhi from telling Ayaan, if anything happens to him. Ayaan came and said Chachu. He brought Anshuman’s huge pic. Aryaman and Anuja was shocked.

Anuja said he is not Chachu, he is your dad. Ayaan said no Dadi, I know all the truth now, Lord took away my dad, he will take care of my dad very well. I am his strong son and will not cry. Ayaan thanks Aryaman for helping him and becoming his dad, but no need to do acting now, as he knows the truth now. Pakhi removed Aryaman’s pic and kept Anshuman’s pic there. She placed flowers on it and Ayaan prayed. Pakhi held Ayaan’s hand.

Aryaman argued with Pakhi and asked what will this effect on Ayaan. Pakhi asked Maha ji to take Ayaan to his room. Pakhi said yes see what effect happened, my son has proved Ayaan is Anshuman’s son. Aryaman said she ruined Ayaan’s life. Pakhi said who are you to interfere in my personal matter, he is my son and I know how to do his upbringing, don’t blackmail me about him, you tell your truth to the police. Anuja said police, Pakhi why did you call the police here.

Pakhi said I am sorry Maa, I can’t forgive this man. He is responsible for Anshuman’s death and Ayaan’s state. She said I got late news about Anshuman’s death, else I would have fought for him. Anuja defended Aryaman. Pakhi said my family is bearing the punishment by his crime, you are a mum, how can you not understand, was Anshuman not your son, he loved you a lot. He took the burden of your annoyance, did you not forgive him till now. Anuja cried.

Anuja said I love him a lot, he made me Devki from Anuja, gave me respect, but what should I do, even he is my son. Pakhi said I am sorry, but think about humanity, Aryaman is not human enough to get relations and love. She said when he got love from us, what did he do. She said Aryaman should be punished. Anuja said I request you. Aryaman said do anything, tell Ayaan, I don’t care, what will you tell the world why you did this, the world will spit on you and call you characterless. Pakhi said I don’t care about world.

She said my eyes have happiness that I told my son the truth. Today you will be punished by the police. Aryaman said it’s easy to say this at home, lets see what you tell everyone, I knew this, so I called the press, let’s see what you tell the media, then I will see your courage. She said fine, if you want your truth to come out. Anuja asked are you mad to bring house matter out. Aryaman said she called me Duryodhan and this is Kalyug, so Duryodhan will win.

Sukhi came and said media reporters came for the press conference. The media questions Pakhi what she wants to say. Aryaman asked her to say it. Pakhi told them about Ayaan’s mental weakness and he would have died if he knew Anshuman was dead. She said I have hidden that we have lost Anshuman Rathore in the accident. Aryaman became angry.

The inspector arrested Aryaman for Ayaan’s kidnapping and Anshuman’s murder. He said you are doing a big mistake. Anuja cried seeing Aryaman arrested.


The Episode started with Pakhi telling the media what the doctor told her about Ayaan’s mental health. She said yes, we have hidden you about Anshuman’s death in the accident. The reporters gossip. Pakhi said I have made Aryaman as Anshuman infront of my son. Aryaman was shocked. Pakhi thinks of how she convinced Aryaman to be Anshuman. Pakhi said I did this so that Ayaan doesn’t know the truth, but now he knows all the truth. She said I don’t want to hide anything now, Anshuman died in the accident. She said this is Aryaman Rathore.

Anuja looked on. The reporters taunted Pakhi on her character for making a joke on woman, how can she be stone hearted, to not mourn on Anshuman’s death. They ask did she make this plan with Aryaman to kill Anshuman. They said Pakhi has cheated Anshuman, is she not ashamed.

Pakhi said I really feel ashamed, when people educated like you say this, when I don’t see humanity in this world. She said its easy to blame me, did you think being on my place, did you think if you were Pakhi Rathore and this happened with you, what would you do, would you mourn and cry for your husband risking your son’s life.

She asked them what would they do, care about society or your son, what would you do as a woman? She gave a good lecture to all the reporters. She said I am sorry but my duty is more than anything to me, will I take property after losing Anshuman. My truth is my Anshuman, I don’t think what you all think.

They clapped for Pakhi. Aryaman’s hope was gone. The police cane and the inspector asked Aryaman to come. Anuja said stop, what did he do. The inspector said we have his arrest orders, for kidnapping Ayaan and killing Anshuman. Aryaman said all this is a lie. Pakhi gave Anshuman’s sim card which had his voicemail. Anuja said you can’t my son and asked Pakhi to stop this. The police took Aryaman. Aryaman asked the reporters to shut the camera. Anuja asked Pakhi to take her report back, he will change, I take the responsibility.

Pakhi said police will find everything about him. Aryaman said I changed, tell anything Maa. He cried and said why is Pakhi doing this. Aryaman said Ayaan will be sad seeing me go, and you will come begging me. She said don’t scare me, I have bear the loss of my husband. She asked the inspector to take him. She said my house will flourish as Anshuman wanted, I don’t need people like you. Aryaman said you are making a big mistake. Anuja tried to stop him but he was taken away. It’s night, Anuja was upset in her room and heard the news about their family.

Pakhi came to her and asked her to have food. Pakhi said I can understand you, as I am also a mum and are tied by our love for our sons. Anuja said yes, you are right what you did is for Ayaan, but I could not save my Aryaman, I know he is a criminal in your eyes, but see him by my eyes. He did not get my love. The news said about Anshuman’s business and his dream project, as no one will invest in his Rathore empire. Anuja made Pakhi eat the food. Anuja asked her to see the news. Pakhi said they will keep saying. Anuja said it matters, because it’s said again and again.

They heard about the share rates falling of their company. Pakhi became worried. She said nothing such will happen, I won’t let this happen, Rathore empire was Anshuman’s pride, I will never let it down. Pakhi came to Ayaan and asked why did he wake up before the alarm. Ayaan saw Anshuman’s pic. Pakhi said so you are talking to dad. She said I forgot to say good morning to him, and say it together. Ayaan laughed as she too said dad. Ayaan started thinking about Anshuman. Pakhi tried to cheer him up. Ayaan became upset and controlled his tears. He hugged Pakhi.

Pakhi asked him to feel Anshuman with them, as he is our guarding angel. She diverted Ayaan, but she too missed Anshuman. She said I gave my strength to Ayaan, how should I live now without you. She touched his pic and said I always lived with you and now I will see you and live, but will never let sadness come on Ayaan’s face. She cried. Anuja got ready as always, and Sukhi and Ashok helped him.

Anuja made him have juice. Sukhi said Ayaan has girlfriends who wait for him at the gate. Anuja asked him not to make them wait, but where is Pakhi. Pakhi came there getting ready in an elegant saree. Anuja and everyone looked at her. Anuja said she looks different but is she going anywhere.

Pakhi said she is going to office to take care of Anshuman’s business. I won’t let Anshuman’s pride break, his dream of happy township will be completed, I will fulfill his dream, and Rathore group of companies’ name will be on the top. Anuja smiled.

Pakhi talked to the investors. Anuja introduced Veer Pratap, Anshuman’s cousin to Pakhi and said he will help you in business. Veer smiled.


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