Shocking Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 22 October 2021: Episode 306-307


Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 22 October 2021 Riya said to Pakhi, save my father, Pakhi asked her to calm down, she will not let anything happen to Veer and she ended the call. Nandini was giving food to Veer, Pakhi stopped her and said that home cooked food is not allowed in the hospital, Nandini said this is with very less spice, Pakhi took the plate from veer and tasted the food.

Pakhi thinks that jiji is in the hospital so should I leave Veer in the room with Nandini, she left the room and came to the reception, she asked for the visitor’s list, and found jiji’s name in the list but her name was in the patient’s list not in the visitor’s list.

Pakhi was shocked and recalled how kumu said that jiji never went to the hospital, Pakhi thinks that she did this so that I don’t find her name. Pakhi came to Jiji’s room in the hospital and was shocked to find her unconscious.

the doctor said she is on dialysis as her kidneys were weak, Pakhi found the anti-depressant and the doctor said these patients go in depression usually so we give them these medicines.

Nandini got a call from Kanwal, Nandini said I don’t want to talk to you Kanwal, don’t call me ever again and she ended the call. Veer asked why did he call you?

Pakhi thinks that I was doubting her and she was taking these pills herself, she had such big illness but never let anyone know, she has gone through pain alone, I thought wrong about her, Jiji became conscious and was shocked to find Pakhi there.

Pakhi sat by her side and said you never told anyone about it, Jiji said Veer loves me a lot, he couldn’t bear all this, Pakhi said I was worried for veer and I doubted you as Veer’s milk had your medicines mixed in it, Jiji said I was worried too that my medicines are becoming less, I don’t know who was taking out my medicines.

Nandini said to veer that Kanwal is calling me in mandir to get married but I will not talk to him, he didn’t show up on engagement and has hurt my family, Veer said if you love him then talk to him, go and ask him, Nandini said no I don’t want to see his face.

Veer said clear your doubt, Nandini said I don’t trust him anymore, what if I go there and he lure me with his talks, if someone goes with me then he could help me in judging Kanwal, Veer said ok I will come with you, Nandini said but your health? Veer said I am fine.

Veer asked her to Call kanwal and tell him they were coming. Nandini asked for his phone as her phone’s battery was dead. Veer gave her his phone. Nandini deliberately threw his phone and it broke, Veer said how will we inform Pakhi that we are leaving, Nandini said I will go and inform her.

Pakhi thinks that if Jiji and charu are not doing all this then who? she recalled how Nandini brought Kanwal into the picture, she thinks that Nandini is doing all this and Veer is with her, she run to veer’s room and found Veer missing from his room.

Veer was going with Nandini, she said to Veer that I have informed Pakhi about us leaving, Veer and Nandini left the hospital, Pakhi called Veer but he didn’t pick as his phone was damaged by Nandini.

Ayaan came to meet Lavanya, Ayan said you were missing me? Lavanya said yes a lot, Ayaan found her things packed and asked about it, Lavanya said I have business so for that I have to shift to delhi, Ayaan asked her to not leave, he asked kumu to say to her, Kumu said Ayaan loves you a lot please stop for him.

Lavanya said I will bring refreshment for you and she left.
Nandini and veer came to some isolated place, they found a small mandir there, Nandini prayed that fulfill my plan, Veer prayed that bless us all mata rani and you know what is right for everyone, they found Kanwal.

Kanwal hits Veer and Nandini acted and said that don’t beat him, why are you beating him, Veer overpowered Kanwal and beat him, Pakhi came there and said to Veer that kanwal is in behind all this, it’s Nandini, Veer said I don’t have time for this rubbish, Nandini said this is not rubbish, she pointed gun at veer, Nandini said she is saying the truth, I tried killing you but Pakhi came in between.

Veer asked why are you doing all this, Pakhi said according to will, you will get whole property if you marry before 38 years otherwise your siblings will get it, Veer said just for money, Nandini said I am doing this for my love, your younger brother, he left for other women but now he said that he loves me and want to live with me, I have to give money to other women to get my husband back.

Veer said you could have asked me, I would have given the whole property to you and my brother is just using you, Nandini said no this is wrong and she pointed the gun at veer, Pakhi stood infront of Veer, Nandini said move aside you don’t care about him.

Pakhi said I care about him that’s why I am infront of him, Nandini said ok then both of you would die and she fired. Veer and Pakhi were shocked.

The dealer gave fake money to Girish to buy his property and pointed a gun at Girish.


Jiji came there and shot Nandini to save Veer, it just moved by her side and didn’t hit her and they all were shocked, she asked Nandini for whom are you killing Veer, your husband? he was leaving india with his love, she said I have proof that he is leaving india, you are blind for him, the brother who was not for us, will he be loyal to you?

Nandini said you always taunted him that because of you, he left me, Jiji said I was hurt to see you alone that’s why I used to take out frustration on you, jiji asked Veer to call the police, Veer said why do you want to punish Nandini, she was provoked by my brother, forgive her, Nandini said jiji, Veer.

Pakhi please forgive me, she folded her hand and Pakhi made her get up and said to Jiji that forgive Nandini, when a women come in in-laws, she only trust her husband but he broke her trust then women would be broken and one day husband return and pleads the women to forgive him so women get weak and forgive, it’s not Nandini’s fault, forgive her.

jiji came forward and hugged Nandini forgiving her, Jiji came to Pakhi and said that today you saved Veer’s life by risking your life, do you love Veer? you can deny but you care for him, I got my daughter in law today, I just want to ask you that accept Veer on his birthday.

Veer said Nandini has gotten wounds, we should go home, Pakhi got a call from Ayan and he told her about lavanya leaving the e city.

Lavanya said to Girish that it’s too late, we should leave from here. The dealer came there and gave him money and the dealer asked for the property papers. Girish went to get it, the dealer’s wife asked Lavanya to show her house around, Lavanya left with her, the other dealer changed the bag of money.

Girish saw this and asked what you did? Girish opened the new bag and said this is fake money, Whats all this, Lavanya came there too, Girish said they are fake people, I will call the police, the dealer pointed gun at Girish , they tied Girish and Lavanya around a chair, the dealer asked Girish to sign the property papers.

Girish started fighting with the dealer and his wife placed gun on Lavany’s forehead, she asked Girish to sign the property papers, Pakhi and Veer came there and saw them and, they hid seeing the dealer. The dealers said to Girish that it’s our work to do this, we snatch properties like this only.

Pakhi asked Veer to call the police, police came there and arrested the dealers and they left. Veer asked Lavanya what were you doing, leaving the city without telling us, you didn’t even think about Pakhi, Lavanya said actually.. Veer said you are angry with me and Jiji, but why with Pakhi?

Lavanya said I have decided to leave for Pakhi, she has a new life, a new family but my brother and bhabi are gone, so it’s good if I leave from here, Veer said I didn’t come here to take Anshuman’s life, neither can I, I just came for the goodness of the family, nobody can separate Pakhi from Anshuman, not even me.

Veer said to Lavanya, I don’t have the right on you but I can suggestthat don’t go away from Pakhi, you both need each other, Lavanya hugged veer and said I am sorry, I thought so much wrong about you, Veer wiped her tears and said leave what happened, I love Pakhi and it’s my problem and Pakhi love Anshuman because he is her life.

Pakhi is Anshuman Rathore and nobody can change that fact, Lavanya was shocked listening to this, Pakhi came to Lavanya and consoled her.

it’s night, Veer was standing on the terrace, Pakhi came there, Veer said so much happened in such short span of time, Veer gave a gift to Pakhi, it was a heart shaped pendent, Pakhi opened it and found her, Riya and Ayan’s picture, she thanked Veer, Veer said I hope you don’t mind me giving it.

Pakhi said no I love gifts and said I have brought a gift for you too, she gave him a mouth organ as gift and Veer accepted it, and played it, he said it’s perfect, Pakhi asked, can you play it for a while? Veer played brilliantly and looked at Pakhi.

he stopped playing and they felt awkward, Pakhi said to veer,do you also think that I should move on and accept my new life? Veer just looked at her and left without saying anything and Pakhi looked on.

Jiji said to Veer, you will get your love, I am sure. Later they all wished Veer a happy birthday.


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