Tumhari Pakhi Friday, 3rd September 2021 Episode started with Pakhi talking to Ayaan and asking if she was annoyed, for saying such big things. Ayaan said he is worried for her. She asked are you not happy.

He showed her family pic and said there has to be a life partner for you. He said I miss my dad and only chachu can take his place. Pakhi said Ayaan. He said I know Chachu wronged you, but now he has changed and loves us.

She explained to him that Aryaman can’t take Anshuman’s place, no one can take his place. Ayaan said even dad married again after his mum died, if he did not take aa second chance, how would I meet you.

He said dad’s sadness got over when you came into his life, you also need a partner. She asked who told you this. He said no one, I miss dad, I know you miss him, you cry seeing dad’s pic at night, and talk to his pic.She hugged him and asked is he feeling incomplete.

He asked for his birthday gift. She said she will try her best to make him happy. She said but dad’s place will be vacant. She said I am your Maa and dad, I will be careful so that I don’t do any mistake. He said he is not angry about the invitation card mistake.

She said you said its elocution competition tomorrow, prepare for it, what’s the topic. He said value of parents in child’s life. Pakhi felt sad.Veer asked for tea. Anuja told him that she made Ayaan’s favorite food. She thanked him. Ayaan said I did what I felt was right.

He said the send me tea to my room. Pakhi cane there and said she has to make fruit cream for Ayaan and Veer left. Pakhi talked to Anuja about Ayaan. Anuja said first he saw his mum’s death and then dad’s death. She said I know Ayaan well, what he is saying is not his words, don’t know why is he saying this.

Anuja says he misses his dad, he needs a dad. Pakhi sees ink on Anuja’s hands.Lavanya and Girish talked about what Ayaan said today. She said Ayaan needs a father and Aryaman is perfect. Girish said but Aryaman is not suitable for Pakhi. I don’t trust him.

Riya saw Girish’s pic and was in love with him. She got some Shayari and said I got it. She said Girish will like this, Rohan came to Ayaan and said sorry I could not come to your birthday party, the card had 29th. Ayaan said sorry and showed the card to Pakhi.

Rohan gifted Ayaan. Pakhi sent them to school and saw the card. She saw someone has made 7 as 9 intentionally.She said Maa did this and asked Sukhi did he keep the cards somewhere before leaving. Sukhi said I went after one hour as I had kitchen work.

He kept the cards on the table. She said fine and went to Anuja’s room. Anuja was in the bathroom. Pakhi got the color pen and papers. She said it means Maa changed the date. Anuja came and was tensed seeing the pen. Pakhi asked why Maa.

Veer said Bua did this for you, as she regarded you her daughter and want you to live your life again,He said she called me for help. Pakhi said don’t call your selfishness my help, you came here to bring back Aryaman.

Veer said give me a break, what do you think, can’t I do Aryaman’s bail, what would Ayaan say in court that Aryaman saved him, his men were dead, do you think Bua could not bail him, she can, but she did not do it, as she felt your pain a lot.

She said Anuja met you in Delhi as she saw herself in you, she met her son after 25 years, she did not accept him till he got you back in this house, you made her Devki and you don’t trust her.

Veer said to live life alone is like hell, Ayaan needs you today and tomorrow he will be busy, you will be alone, Bua wants you to live happily, and not like her. He said you decided to be Aryaman’s wife for Ayaan’s sake, right.

Pakhi said I took that decision for Ayaan’s life, even this I am saying for his life. Veer said it was good, now that he needs a father then what, Bua doesn’t want you to live a life like hers, we have been explaining to you for four months.

She said you are good lawyer, but you used a small boy to make me agree. She said what you say and do doesn’t match.Precap:Pakhi asked Veer to leave. Anuja scolded her and said you always misunderstand everyone, this house is mine too.

Pakhi said Veer came to break relations. Anuja shouted Pakhi.


The Episode started with Veer saying he knows everything about her and saying what all she did for Ayaan and Anshuman, as he did her homework.

What do you know about me? I came here as I saw Bua’s truth, not just because she called him, I stayed here for Ayaan, I feel life can’t be led alone, I don’t care what you think about me. I see Ayaan missing his dad and I think he should get a father, the life is still in hands, the time won’t be the same always.

Pakhi came to his room and packed his bag in anger. Anuja came and was shocked seeing it. Veer came and looked on. Anuja asked what was she dpoing. Pakhi threw the bag near him and asked him to leave the house now, not after 10 days.

Anuja scolded her and said you always misunderstand people, this is my house too, I called him and he will leave when I say, you can’t do as you wish always. Pakhi turned and told Veer that Anuaj is against her because of him, he did not come to unite them, but to break relations.

She said everything will be fine once you go from here and she left. Ayaan was in his school and thinks it’s not easy to convince Maaa, if she doesn’t want to marry Aryaman, she won’t.Ayaan said he has to get some idea to convince her, but what and asked the Lord to help him.

He had a medal in his hand and came out of the school walking. He saw few kids fighting. Ayaan came and argued with the bad boys. The boys beat him up. Pakhi was working in the office. Ayaan came to her in a bad state and she was shocked seeing him.

She asked what happened. He said those boys have beaten me. She asked why. He said the slum boys. She asked why did you go to the slums. Ayaan said he took my trophy also which I won in the competition. Pakhi said I will break their hands, show me who are those boys.

Veer told Anuja that it of no use if he stays here. Anuja said did you come only for work. He said you both solve this. She said fine, you also go, as everyone left me. She said she needs his support, fine leave me alone. Lavanya came and asked what going on.

Veer stay here for Maa’s sake. Veer said I am not annoyed, I can’t help anyone, I think things will get ugly if I stay here. Lavanya asked her raksha bandhan gift and said it’s decided he is not going anywhere. Veer agreed.Lavanya said her car stopped mid way.

Veer said he will get it and left. Pakhi came to the slum and saw the boys with Ayaan’s trophy. Ayaan showed her those boys. The boys saw them. The boys and Ayaan talked. They taunted him saying he doesn’t have father and he is orphan.

Pakhi asked the boy to give back Ayaan’s trophy. The boy’s father talked to her. Pakhi said your son has beaten my son and took his trophy, please explain to him not to do this and return the trophy.

The man said fine, take it and did not give it to her. He said you have to do arm wrestling with me if you want this, fine you apply full strength and I will use have half strength. Pakhi said Ayaan, they are bad people, lets go.

The man challenged her saying Ayaan said she is his mum and dad, and you are running being afraid. He taunted Pakhi. Ayaan said if dad was here, he would have shown them and got my trophy, they are saying bad things. Ayaan intentionally made Pakhi realize that he needed a father.

He said you say you are my mum and dad, but see you are unable to do anything. Ayaan thinks spry, I am doing this to make you ready to marry again. The man asked Pakhi to get the trophy if she has guts.

Pakhi turned and went to get the trophy. The man held her hand while she lifted the trophy. Veer came there as he was going to get Lavanya’s car and stopped seeing Pakhi.

He asked the man to leave Pakhi’s hand. The man asked are you Ayaan’s dad, will you challenge me. Pakhi looked at Veer.

Veer sat to arm wrestle with the man and kept the trophy. Veer won and pushed the man down. He asked him to apologize to Pakhi and made him fall on his feet.

He said he roams in big cars but he know show to tackle people like him. The man apologized to Pakhi. Veer gave the trophy to Ayaan and said he will not like to see him again with these boys. He asked Pakhi will she come or does she need any invitation to come.

Pakhi looked on.

Precap:Anuja talked to Ayaan. He asked how will Maa forgive Chachu. She asked if you want dad, make her realize that you need a father.

Ayaan got into a fight with a goon and police called Pakhi informing Ayaan is at the police station. She was shocked.


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