Pakhi found a gun in veer’s hand and was stunned, Pakhi asked what are you doing here with a gun. Veer said I was it putting in the drawer.

Nandini came there with jiji and said what are you doing with a gun, what were you going to do, Veer said I was just putting it in the drawer, there are lots of kids in this house so..

Pakhi said the gun was without bullets, veer thinks to not tell them about the bullet in the gun, Veer said Ayaan was excited to see the gun, this is not good, he placed the gun in the drawer and left. Nandini said to jiji, Veer was with the bullets and gun, he was making a story, I am afraid is he trying to..

jiji asked what? Nandini said when you are rejected in love then one can think about suicide, Pakhi said what? Nandini said you are seeing what Veer has become, Pakhi said veer is a responsible person, he cant think of suicide, he loves his family so he can’t do this.

jiji said he is a human and he can kill himself after rejection, Pakhi said he can’t kill himself for just a relation which was not created fully, jiji said but if that relation become more than everything to you then you can take drastic step, Pakhi said you have seen how much veer was happy with the kids.

he can’t commit suicide, jiji said if he is showing that he is happy then that doesn’t mean he is, this is not the first time he tried to kill himself, at the time when keerti left him, his situation was the same and now he is in this state because of you, nandini said yes he can try to commit suicide again.

jiji said if anything happens to veer because of any reason, I won’t leave you Pakhi and they left.Pakhi thinks, they are all wrong, Veer can’t take his life, the person who tells kids about the importance of life, how can that same person commit suicide, jiji was saying that he tried to kill himself earlier..

I don’t believe this, charu came there, Pakhi asked about the suicide matter? charu said I didn’t listen, veer tried to kill himself earlier, I think the matter is something else, Pakhi asked what? charu said I think veer is doing all this to gain your love and I think nandini and jiji are helping him too.

charu said it’s all a plan, you saw Veer putting bullets in the gun and nandini then created drama, I have respected Veer but now I don’t do, how can a person blackmail other person with the name of suicide so that other person accept your love.It was night, Pakhi came to Veer and said what drama is this.

why you are showing that you don’t care for anyone, you don’t have respect for life, Veer ask what? Pakhi said what were you doing with a gun alone in the room, you want to commit suicide? veer was stunned, he said have you lost your mind, Pakhi said what were you doing? Pakhi said to veer, what drama is this.

you are showing to all that because of heart break, you are on the verge of taking your life,but I know real thing, you are trying to blackmail me so that I accept you, I couldn’t think that you can stoop so low, let me tell you, I won’t give my sympathy to you forget about love.

if you kill yourself now even then I wont be affected, next time kill yourself in real, don’t show off with a gun to gain sympathy, nobody can love a person like you, Veer said you think that to get you I will take help from other women, he brought out the gun with bullets, Pakhi was stunned.

Veer said come close to me otherwise I will kill myself, Pakhi said I won’t come, Veer said I can do what I say, Pakhi said I don’t care, Veer loads the gun and placed it on his forehead, he said I don’t need anyone else’s support to prove my love, he said I am telling you the last time that come to me else I will kill myself.

Pakhi said I won’t come in your drama, Veer was about to push the button, Pakhi threw the gun and screamed veer, Veer said it was empty, Veer pulled Pakhi closer and said don’t give yourself too much importance, I need a reason to kill my self but you are not that reason, my family, my kids are everything for me.

i can insult my god by taking my life, what do you think, that you rejected me so I will kill myself, I am given this life by God and I cant take it, I took the gun from mandir as there was bullet in it, I know I am forgetting things but not that much that I will kill myself, I don’t care if you are not with me.

It doesn’t affect me and he left. Pakhi said i was right that Veer can’t do this, my trust was right, i am sorry Veer, i had to talk to you like this to get the truth, she recalled how Veer was forgetting things, Pakhi said Veer doesn’t forget things like that, something wrong is happening.

The door bell rang and servant opened the door but didn’t find anyone and she closed the door again, the mysterious man placed some medicine in veer’s milk, the servant came and took the milk for veer, Veer took the glass and drank the milk.Veer came to his room and threw everything around.

Pakhi came there and asked what are you doing, you have spoilt the whole room, what are you looking for, i am asking you something, Veer didn’t talk to her, Pakhi said you are still upset with me about yesterday’s talk, when two people live together then they fight but we have to move on and have to talk, Veer said my watch is missing and he left.

Pakhi said Veer is not like that, he puts things on its place only, jiji came there and asked what happened? Pakhi said Veer forgot his watch, Veer is not like that, he is loyal and remember things, i think that it may be a medical condition, we should take him to a doctor, jiji said no, it’s just normal.

he has become of aged so it happens, jiji said today is bahi dheej, we will put tilak on Veer, you are his wife, you should stand beside him but what happened yesterday, if you want then you can skip it and she left. Pakhi came to her makeup room and found her necklace missing, she said i placed it here.

why is this happening? someone is stealing things and we are thinking that Veer is forgetting things.

PRECAP:Pakhi found the diamond missing from the ring, she asked the servant to look for it, she found the camcorder there and saw in the video someone putting that diamond in a kheer bowl, she said this bowl was given to Veer to eat, Oh my god.


Nandini was taking her slefie, jiji called her, she hid her jewelry and opened the door, it was Riya who was mimicking jiji, Riya said you are afraid of jiji so we called you in her voice, Nandini said I am not afraid of her, and they laughed at Nandini.Riya was recording everything in her camcorder.

Riya found the same bangles in jiji, charu and nandini’s hands, charu said Veer gifted us this earlier, it’s the same for the three of us, jiji said today is Bhai dhooj, we will put tilak on veer’s head. charu today subadrha had placed tilak on bhagwan krishn.

Nandini came there with kheer. Nandini said we have made kheer specially for Veer. Riya placed her camcorder on the table and left. Veer came there, jiji asked where is Pakhi, he said i don’t know, jiji said we have to do ritual in pair, I have called her but she didn’t come, Pakhi came there.

Veer looked at her, jiji made Pakhi sit beside Veer, Veer said everyone knows the truth now, so what’s the need for all this. Veer thinks, I don’t understand this Pakhi, one side she doesn’t accept this relation and other side she do every ritual of this relation.

Pakhi thinks, that I will do every ritual of this relation because if Ayaan gets to know about the truth of this relation then he will be hurt and I wont let it, Anshuman is my only love and I love him even more now. Veer and Pakhi looked at each other.

The ritual started, jiji and Charu placed tilak on Veer and Pakhi’s forehead, jiji gifted Pakhi, charu asked a gift from veer, Veer said I forget it in the car and the servant went to bring it, Veer gave the gift to Charu, jiji and Nandini. jiji gifted a ring to Veer and he took it, jiji said Veer will you not touch my feet.

Veer said yes, jiji said but in pair, Pakhi got up and they both touched jiji’s feet in pair, Nandini asked Veer to eat kheer, he asked charu to put the tilak first, charu said we have already done that ritual, they all were tensed at Veer forgetting things.

Lavanya came there and said can I put tilak to my Pakhi bhabbi on this occasion,they all were shocked, jiji said let’s go from here, we have no time for all this and they all left. Pakhi came to lavanya and said you have this right, you called me bhabhi for the first time, let’s do the ritual with your brother and his wife.

Lavanya and Pakhi came to Anshuman’s picture, lavanya placed tilak on his picture and then on Pakhi’s forehead, otherside, some lady placed diamond in veer’s kheer, it was recorded in the camcorder lying there.

lavanya did Pakhi’s aarti and said I miss Anshuman a lot, she had tears in her eyes, she said we had gala time on this bahi dheej occasion, he use to come home from far on this occasion for me but today how much I will call him, he will not come, Pakhi said Anshuman has not gone far from us, he is with us.

Lavanya said the kids are alone in house, I will leave now and Pakhi saw her off. jiji came into the lounge and said to the servant to give the kheer to veer, he took it and went to give it to veer, she said veer is forgetting small things these days.

Pakhi heard it and was tensed.Pakhi was in her room and said veer is forgetting things these days, she checked on the internet for the possible reason for memory weakness, she said maybe Veer is taking anti-depression pills which affects the memory.

She said maybe someone is giving him those medicines and might be the same person who took my necklace too. Pakhi checked the gifts and found the diamond missing from veer’s ring and she was shocked. she said maybe I dropped it in the lounge.

she came into the lounge and asked the servant to find it, both of them were looking for the diamond, Pakhi found the camcorder there and said Ayaan left the camcorder here, suddenly she saw in video someone putting that diamond in kheer bowl from ring, she said this bowl was given to veer to eat.

Oh my god, someone is doing it deliberately,Veer saw the kheer in his room and thinks that jiji and charu made it with love but I was angry at Pakhi and didn’t even touch kheer, they must be hurt, he sat and was about to eat the kheer.

PRECAP: Pakhi came into veer’s room, jiji was already there, jiji said to Pakhi that I found the diamond in veer’s kheer, look he is committing suicide. Pakhi looked at her bangles and thinks, the same bangles were in the video, she asked jiji how did you know about diamond in veer’s kheer?


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