Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 13th September 2021 Episode started with Pakhi talking to the lawyer and no one took her case. She became sad. She called Girish and said no one is ready to take Ayaan’s custody case, I don’t know what to do, how do i handle this, please come and tell me whom to appoint.

Veer came to her and said no lawyer is ready. Bua ensured this. He said it’s not an easy case. He said I suggest you give the case to me. She said why, I will fail, if I give this case to you, I heard you and Maa’s talk. He said he don’t have an option. Pakhi taunted him and left.

A lawyer came to meet her and said he will win this case, it will take time to study this case. She said we don’t have time, the court hearing is tomorrow. He said he can’t win in such short time. He said see whom Anuja have hired, only Veer can win the case now.

He looked Veer and greeted him giving respect. He asked Pakhi to hire Veer and asked him to give him a chance to practice under him. He praised Veer and left. Veer said he is not with Bua, else she would have not told her.

He said Bua doesn’t want me to fight this case. He said so she did this to separate us, and bought all the lawyers. He said Bua saw you there standing so she changed her words.

He said people come to me after they lose all hope, I came to you to win this case for you and Ayaan. He said lastly, people know me for my work, and gave her a file. He said keep this, it’s my degree and license, if I lose this case, burn this, I will leave my profession.

Girish looked on. Girish nodded yes. Veer left. Girish talked to Pakhi and said you told me what Maa told me. He said Maa did not say the truth, as Veer didn’t wish to marry. He was leaving the house, I stopped him and hurt him.

He heard Bhaisa and he said he regrets after knowing Aryaman’s truth, then he agreed to marry you. He said it means we all were involved, I think we should give a chance to Veer. She agreed and took the file.

Anuja looked on hiding. Lavanya came to know about Riya. She asked are you sure. Pakhi made Ayaan have the milk glass and asked him to sleep now. She said she has important work and she will come late, you be at home, have food. Ayaan said he won’t be with Dadi.

He said don’t go leaving me. She said she won’t go, it’s a small work, I will come back to you. Ayaan asked and Veer? She said he will also get late. Ayaan said she is like a fairy to her, and he won’t be afraid if she switches off the lights.

She kissed his forehead and sung a lullaby for him and Ayaan slept. Veer talked to her and she said Ayaan slept. He said good. She said she trusted him, but partly. She said be away from me and my son and she left.

It’s morning, Pakhi prayed to win the case and bring happiness to her home. Anuja came to her and prayed that Pakhi doesn’t win, as she has taken her son away, she is her culprit and Pakhi should be punished.

Pakhi said she doesn’t want anyone to lose, but we have to stay together, Aryaman should not come back. She told Maa that she wished them to be together, but today we have a wall of our opinions and maybe you feel I am wrong and your enemy.

She said she will bear this blame too. She said Ayaan should not know this, I know you love Ayaan, when he came to know we are against each other in court, he will be hurt and she left. Maha ji did her tilak. She said you will win, our prayers are with you. Anuja looked on.

They reached the court. The judge came and the case started. The judge praised Veer and said he did good work before. He said lets start, one side is Ayaan’s grandmum and other side is his stepmum. Veer said he wants to show the background of the case.

He said Pakhi married Anshuman one year back and she took care of Ayaan well. He showed some pics, videos of Anshuman, Pakhi and Ayaan. The judge said it shows Ayaan is happy with him, but Anuja filed the case saying she is worried for Ayaan’s future.

Anuja said she is not doubtful that Pakhi is a good mum. She said she is not sure whether Veer is a good dad. Pakhi became shocked. Veer said he married Pakhi. Anuja said Pakhi married Veer after Anshuman’s death.

She said she doesn’t want Ayaan to be with Veer, as he is not a good father. She said she is not blaming, she has proof. She said how will he take care of Ayaan, if he can’t take care of his daughter. Lavanya smiled. Pakhi became shocked.

Veer’s daughter came in the court. Riya came in. Everyone was shocked. Anuja and Lavanya smiled. Girish was shocked seeing Riya.

Precap: Riya gave a statement against Veer. Pakhi said Veer is with them, he is a liar. They fought there and the judge was about to make the decision.

*TUMHARI EPISODE 259* The Episode started with Riya coming in the court and saying she is Veer’s daughter. Everyone was shocked. Riya said Veer should not get custody of any child, as he is the worst father. Lavanya thinks she found out about Riya and her father.

Riya hates Veer and Lavanya called Riya to meet her. The Flashback showed Lavanya making a new plan with Anuja and saying even Veer can’t win the case. And she talked to Riya about Veer. She told Riya that Veer married Pakhi and showed the pic.

She said I know you hate him, I found him out, and I realized you were right. She manipulated Riya and filled her ears against Veer. Riya said Veer can see no one happy, he ruins everyone, I am not interested in knowing about him. Lavanya said sorry, let me tell you the complete thing.

Lavanya cried to fool her and asked her to help him in the court case. Riya agreed and said she will come to court. She said she will give such statement that she will expose Veer. Lavanya smiled.

Anuja told Pakhi that Veer did not tell you he has a daughter and you are believing him. Veer confirmed that Riya is his daughter. Pakhi and Girish were shocked. The defense lawyer asked Riya about Veer.

Riya gave a bad statement about Veer, saying she did not have any single day when she smiled, she got to tale psychiatric treatments because of him and showed the reports. She said this man should not be a father, he should not be given the custody.

Anuja and Lavanya smiled. Anuja told Pakhi that I told you Veer is with me, all this was decided, he is fighting this case to make you lose the case. Veer said he can explain. Pakhi said stop it and scolded him.

The judge said stop this. Pakhi said you ruined my life, you married me for Ayaan’s sake and now wants to take him, you won’t be able to take him. She said Veer can’t take my case.

The lawyer said they are not able to agree on anything, how will they take care of Ayaan, now say the decision. Pakhi said he is a cheater, this is fraud. The lawyer asked the judge to say the decision. The judge said calm down, we will resume after one hour lunch break.

Veer thanked him. Pakhi said don’t take decision because of him. Veer held Pakhi’s hand and took her out. She said leave my hand. He asked what was she doing inside, they will lose the case.

She said you want this, why do you want to take my son, I already lost Anshuman but I am happy with Ayaan, you ruined everything, why did you come.

I love Anshuman and can’t think of anyone, I sacrificed for Ayaan and you want to take him, I promised Anshuman to protect Ayaan. She scolded him and taunted him for Riya. He cried and argued.

He defended himself and said he is having a double war with her and Bua, and she said he doesn’t know relations, you are wrong, I value relations more. He said he did not do any promise and keeping it.

He said he did not marry again as he can’t give anyone place in his heart. He said sorry and cried turning away. He said Riya’s mum, she got married somewhere else. She said but Riya is your daughter. He asked is Ayaan your son, like that Riya is my daughter.

He said I went to London to study to forget my love but I could not. I came back and my parents forced me to marry, but I did not have that strength. He said his love and her husband died in car accident, and then he got Riya, she was seven years old and I felt I have an aim in my life now.

He said I just wanted to make her happy and then all my hopes and love is hers. Girish talked to Riya. Riya thinks maybe Lavanya told him about birthday. Girish talked about Veer and said she is mistaken.

Veer said I don’t know why Riya hates me, but I love her a lot, I came here for Riya. Riya said Veer is not my father, my parents died. Girish said then why do you hate him, why did he do your upbringing, you studied well all because of him, he has bear all your expenses.

He said he doesn’t deserve your hatred, I have seen love in his eyes, and he is helpless now, I think you are wrong. Lavanya saw Girish talking to Riya and came to them. She asked Girish to go as his calls were coming.

She sent him. Riya thinks. Lavanya asked Riya not to think as Girish supports Pakhi and he believes Veer is a good guy. Riya thinks Lavanya got me here for her work, she is supporting her mum and Girish is with Veer.

She thinks they are against each other, so she will support Girish and smiled. Lavanya asked Riya to help her. Riya said no, she can’t, as she loves Girish and can do anything to get him. Veer said what he did with Bua, he told her already, after knowing the truth, I felt your pain as mine.

He said I know how it feels to be away from children. He said he wants to hear Papa from Riya of she accepted him and this will complete his life and he left. Pakhi thinks.

Precap: Pakhi fought the case and confronted Riya. The judge gave a trial to Riya to stay with Veer. Anuja became shocked.


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