Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 16th August 2021 Episode started with Anuja telling Girish that we will see Pakhi. Suman asked her goons to leave, as she will see what to do with Pakhi, what will happen with 40 lakhs, she is worth crores. She said she did what Aryaman could not do. Everyone became worried as Pakhi was not at home. Girish said we will make a police report, and tell about Anshuman, Aryaman, Ayaan and Pakhi missing.

The inspector told them about Anshuman’s car accident. Girish was shocked and told Anuja that they had rush to the hospital. They became tensed and left. Pakhi became conscious and looked around, finding herself tied. She said I was at home, how did they do this. Anshuman and Ayaan also did not come home, there is something wrong, I have to leave from here.

She freed her hands and held the rope. She shouted that there is a snake here, I am afraid. The goons came and asked her whats her problem. She said it’s there, please kill it, I am afraid of it. She run sending them ahead in the darkness. They run to catch her. She got out of that place and run on the road. She asked the man where is this place and said she wants to make a call.

She called Anshuman and got the number unavailable. She then called Girish and he asked where is she. She said I am on Chandigarh Shimla highway. He said I am coming to take you, be there.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 16th August 2021

Suman slapped the goons for making Pakhi run. She said I went to see Aryaman at the hospital. She would have told everything to the police, just run from this city.

Suman got a call that police was coming there. Suman said still Bittu is alive, first plan is at place. Girish and Anuja got Pakhi and she said some goons kidnapped me, I think Anshuman and Ayaan are in danger, I will call the police. He said sit in the car, Anshuman’s car met with an accident, we are going to the hospital.

They left and went to the hospital. Pakhi asked about Anshuman. The nurse said doctors are treating him, Ayaan is fine, you can see him. Pakhi run to see Ayaan.

The doctor said he did not get wounds, but he is in a state of shock, he will cope up spending time with family. Anuja said Anshuman and Aryaman will be fine, I prayed for my sons, nothing will happen to them. Pakhi said where is Anshuman I have to go to him. Anshuman is in OT and Pakhi waited outside.

Anshuman died. The doctor came out and said the accident was fatal, they both were hurt, one was very critical, his vital organs were damaged, the second one was fine and we could save him. Girish said what do you mean. The doctor said we tried our best, we have saved only one from them. Everyone was shocked.

Girish said who from them. The doctor said they look the same, so we did not identify them, I am really very sorry, you have to and identify who is Anshuman and who is Aryaman. One was shifted to the ICU and the other body to a room. He asked Girish to go. Anuja and Pakhi broke down.

Girish went to the ICU and saw it was Anshuman, as he was not having a moustache. He said this is Anshuman. The nurse said see the dead body also. He said Aryaman is having moustache. He came to the dead body and was shocked to see it’s wasn’t having a moustache, and became confused thinking who died.

Girish cried and came to Pakhi and Anuja. He told Pakhi that they look Xerox copy and he can’t understand who is Anshuman and who is Aryaman. I am sorry Pakhi, doctors were right, I felt I can identify Anshuman, as Aryaman has moustache, but they both are clean shaven. He asked Pakhi to go and find out which one is Anshuman. He said you know the touch of Anshuman. She cried. She went to see the one in the ICU. She thinks of Anshuman’s words. She looked at him.

Pakhi touched his hand and was shocked.

The Episode started with Girish asking Pakhi to differentiate between Anshuman and Aryaman, as she can identify Anshuman by his touch. Anuja asked Pakhi to go. She came to the ICU and thinks of Anshuman and their moments. She thinks about language of touch, which is just a feeling. She saw Anshuman/Aryaman lying on the bed unconscious. She came to him and thinks of Anshuman’s touch.

She became very tensed and kept her hand in his hand. She was shocked and cried. She moved back from him and run out. She went to the morgue and Anshuman/Aryaman. She saw his face uncovering the cloth. She cried seeing him and thinks of her marriage with Anshuman, his touch which she has observed many times. She hd his hand and caressed his face.

She thinks about Anshuman filling sindoor to her and said Anshuman, I am your Pakhi. She cried losing her Anshuman forever. She thinks of her words that he looked cute while sleeping as a small kid. She said Anshuman get up, I came, lets go home, talk to me. She thinks of her words that he said she will miss him when is not alive. She thinks of the kamarbandh which he gifted her.

She showed him the kamarbandh and asked him to get up by the sound of the ghungroos. She threw the kamarbandh and it broke. She asked him to get up. She said there is no Pakhi without her Anshuman. She said I am your Pakhi Anshuman, get up. She thinks about their old moments. She hugged him and cried. Some best moments of Anshuman and Pakhi were shown. Anuja waited outside waiting for Pakhi and her reply.

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman and her mind had all his sweet memories. She thinks about Dhola Maaru, who get separated later after union. Girish consoled Anuja. She cried and said why did the Lord punish them. Girish said we can’t tell anything to Lavanya and Pakhi went to find out is her husband alive or dead.

Anuja said Pakhi and he said I will see her. Pakhi walked in the corridor thinking of Anshuman’s words that he will never leave him, and his love will never end. She saw a nurse with some scissors and looked at it. She walked towards her and took the scissor to kill herself. The nurse stopped her. She said I want to die, leave me. Girish came and stopped her.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 16th August 2021

Anuja slapped her and said think about Ayaan. Pakhi said Maa Anshuman is no more. She hugged Anuja and cried. Anuja asked her to calm down and consoled her. Pakhi said I want to go to Anshuman. Anuja said no, think about Ayaan, I lost my son but don’t want to lose you.

Suman heard this and said Anshuman is dead, it means Aryaman is alive, if he knows I kidnapped Pakhi, he will be angry, I will manage him, my plan is alive now and she left. Pakhi said I have to go to Ayaan. Ayaan looked for Anshuman everywhere calling out dad. Pakhi came to his ward and paniced on not finding him. Girish said lets check outside.

Ayaan saw Anshuman taken away, and his face getting covered. He understood he was dead now and shouted dad, he fainted by the shock. Anuja and Pakhi looked for Ayaan. Pakhi saw him and held him. Pakhi called the doctor. Ayaan kept repeating dad.

The doctor said he is stable now and will be conscious, but we won’t hide anything, he has seen his father’s dead body and is in a trauma, he can go in depression or coma. He is a small kid and is in shock, please explain to him that his father is no more, if he gets any shock, his life will be at risk. Pakhi was stunned.

Pakhi said nothing will happen to Ayaan and said I know what I have to do. She talked to Aryaman and asked him to be Anshuman for Ayaan’s sake.


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