Amazing Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 20th September 2021: Episode 268-269


Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 20th September 2021 Episode started with Girish praising Lavanya’s collection and hugging her. Riya came and Lavanyaa avoided her. Girish said show me the designs and liked it. Riya smiled.

He said I can’t believe you made these designs, as beautiful people make beautiful designs, you have a great future. She thinks with you Girish. Veer came to the office and looked at Anuja sitting on his chair.

He said you here. She asked will I take your permission to come in my son’s office, I have to keep an eye if it goes in other’s hand. She said she has to check the accounts, and asked about gifts and car he bought. He opened his laptop and asked her to see the company’s balance sheet.

He said I am a lawyer, I take hearing’s high amount that I can buy a car, you know me, we belong to the same family, I am also rich, I don’t need company’s money to buy small gifts.She said fine, then take your wife and daughter, just leave. He said yes, I would have gone with Pakhi, Riya and Ayaan, you stopped me.

He told a case about the inspector and thief. He said judge got bored about the thief running many times and inspector catching him. The inspector said he is bored so he leaves the thief and catches him again.

Anuja said what a joke. He said if you will be bored here if Pakhi and I go from here, so I staying here, the story is over now, you can leave and she left.Lavanya presented her exclusive designs. She sold the shoes for 74000rs. They asked about Riya.

Lavanya said she is new, I gave her chance to present her catalogue, I am just helping her. They said, you have a big heart. Girish talked to the ladies and said I think it’s very expensive. I want an affordable one, and took them to Riya’s designs.

Riya heard him and smiled. Riya sold her design for Rs 15000 and was glad. Lavanya looked on as Riya gets many orders. Riya thanked Girish and he smiled. She went to Girish and said I got 12 orders and 15000 each. Girish said congrats. She said all because of you.

He said no, it’s your hardwork.Girish called Pakhi and said Riya’s shoes are selling soon, she is getting 15000 for each pair. The ladies taunted Lavanya and said they like Riya’s designs, she is very talented, don’t let her go, her time has started.

She asked her to keep Riya’s shoes next time and she has sold just one pair today. Pakhi came and was glad seeing Riya. Pakhi said I am very happy, it’s your first day and so many people praising you, how many orders you got. Riya showed her the order paper.

Pakhi said 23, amazing. I am so proud of you. She said when you smile, you look lovely.Lavanya came being angry and scolded Pakhi blaming her for all this. She said first you ruined Aryaman’s life, my mum’s life, and now after me.

She said why did you come here, to see my friends not liking my designs, you did not come for my exhibition and did not praise me, you came to say congrats to Riya to show me down right. Girish said listen to me Lavanya. Pakhi said no, I came to encourage Riya.

Lavanya said you are ungraceful, backward village girl for me. Pakhi became upset. Girish took Lavanya away. Pakhi asked Riya to come out, she will wait there.Riya thought of seeing Girish and Lavanya’s fight. Girish asked Lavanya is she mad, how can she say this to Pakhi, why is she angry, as her designs are not liked and Riya’s designs are liked.

Lavanya said she is not angry at Riya, but at Pakhi, she did not come to any event. Girish said I called Pakhi to encourage Riya. They argued about her. Riya smiled. Lavanya said you care about Riya and Pakhi, not your wife. She said do you know what happened with me.

Riya thinks, fight more and send Girish away, so that he can come close to me, keep fighting Lavanya.Riya and Pakhi came home. Pakhi asked her to freshen up, she will send her food. Ayaan greeted Riya. Riya scolded him. Ayaan asked her to repair her skateboard.

Riya said let me go, I don’t care. Ayaan said how will you go to the room, I have the keys. She said give me the keys. He said first my work. She said she is tired, don’t mess with me. Pakhi smiled. Riya helped him. Ayaan said I love you Didi.

Anuja talked to Lavanya and asked why did you let Riya come to the exhibition, she will be determined and lose focus on Veer. Anuja looked at Riya and Ayaan together and was shocked seeing them happy.She looked at Ayaan and said got an idea.

Riya called Girish and asked about Lavanya’s mood. She apologized to him. He said no, it’s not your mistake. He asked her to concentrate on her orders, as she has to deliver on time. She smiled and ended the call. Pakhi cooked food for Ayaan and Riya.

She said it’s celebration for Riya today. Ayaan shouted Maa and she run to see Ayaan fall on the ground. She shouted Ayaan. The servants took him to his room. Lavanya also came. The doctor treated Ayaan and said his eye would have gone if the wound happened below his forehead.

Veer came home asking about Ayaan. Anuja stopped him and blamed Riya for Ayaan’s accident. He asked what. He said you won’t meet Ayaan. Pakhi asked what is she saying. Anuja said don’t you know, Riya fixed wheels on Ayaan’s skate board and this accident happened.

She said Riya wants to kill Ayaan. She asked him to kick out Riya. She said you want to become Ayaan’s dad, think and decide, who will stay. Riya or Ayaan. Pakhi looked on.Precap:Veer packed Riya’s bag. Riya asked what is he doing. Veer asked her to go. Riya started leaving. Ayaan stopped her.


The Episode started with Anuja asking Veer to kick Riya out if he wants to become Ayaan’s father. Veer called out Riya and asked did she fit the wheels on Ayaan’s skateboard. She said yes. Anuja scolded her. Veer brought Riya to see Ayaan’s state.

Riya said I don’t know, I did not do this, he came to me to get the wheels right, he was not giving me the keys. Pakhi said yes, Riya fitted the wheels infront of me, it’s wasn’t her fault. Anuja said Riya fitted it loose so that Ayaan meets with an accident, she is after Ayaan.

Riya said she is wrong. Pakhi defended Riya and asked Anuja does she have proof. Anuja said I will call the court people and show them everything, decide in 10mins, will you kick out Riya or shall I get orders from the court, Riya should not be close to Ayaan.

Riya said fine, you guys don’t believe me, I don’t care. Veer cared for Ayaan. Pakhi said Riya did not do this, I know, it’s an accident. She said Maa is emotional for Ayaan and she is blaming Riya for all this.

Anuja told Lavanya that Riya will be going and court’s decision will be in our favor. Veer said he is not sure whether he knows Riya. He said after seeing all this, I can’t be sure that Riya did not do this. Pakhi said what are you saying.

Veer said Ayaan is hurt, I have forgiven her always, what’s this, Ayaan burnt her designs, he is just a small kid, but she is 18, she can’t do this to win, this behavior is not acceptable, I can’t trust her now.

He said sorry, I think time has come to take a decision. Anuja said Veer is trapped now, for Ayaan’s safety Riya has to go. Lavanya said I think we should not wait and call the court people to see Ayaan’s state. Veer came to Riya and packed her bag.

Riya asked what are you doing. Pakhi came and stopped Veer. She asked him to think again. Veer took the bag and asked Riya to leave for everyone’s good. Riya said so you feel I did this, this is not right, you can get me here anytime and kick me out whenever you like.

Veer said I have one answer, please leave.Riya said you trust Anuja, and not me, you call me daughter, all acting, you care for Ayaan, that’s all. Veer said you will be living in hostel. Riya said I don’t need your help, I will help myself, you will not get Ayaan’s custody.

Veer said I will find another way, but I can’t compromise on Ayaan’s safety. Pakhi asked Veer to stop her and stopped Riya. Riya said stop your drama now and she cried. Riya said Veer is kicking me out, I understand I am not emotionally attached with you all, thanks a lot for showing me this low side of yours.

Pakhi apologized and stopped Riya.She said Ayaan will ask you, find out, he loves you, so he came to you. Riya said no, Ayaan will also say this. Ayaan came and stopped Riya. He said don’t go Riya Di. Riya looked at him.

Anuja run to Ayaan. She asked him to go to his room. Ayaan said leave me and went to Riya. Ayaan said the skateboard wheels got loose, but you did not do it, I just fell. He said he fell by his mistake, it’s not her mistake, don’t go, if you go, I will also come with you.

Pakhi smiled. Ayaan asked Veer to stop Riya and not kick her out of the house, she did not do anything, she fixed the wheels on my insistence.Ayaan asked Riya will she stay with him and held her hand. He said please don’t go, else I will also leave this house.

Riya cried and hugged him. Anuja was shocked. Ayaan thanked her. Ayaan took Riya back to their room. Ayaan acted to make Riya smile. She asked him you fight, you don’t like me and burnt my designs too, then why did you stop me. He said he got the spice in his life.

She tickled him and said she will call him Golgappa and pulled his cheeks. He said no please. He run and she caught him. She hugged him and said I did not do anything with the skateboard wheels. He said his balance went out and he fell.

He said even if she did, he would have not done anything, as he has burnt her designs. Pakhi and Veer saw them hugging. Pakhi said kids solve problem with their innocence. She said life is always simple and we make it complicated. Lavanya and Girish had a talk about Anuja and Aryaman.

Girish said she is wrong. Lavanya said she will support Anuja. Anuja came to Ayaan’s room and looked for some proof to kick out Riya. She said she will make Riya leave this house and took her purse.Veer got two tablets for Ayaan. Pakhi said lets gift the new one to Riya.

Veer said fine. He asked Pakhi to give it to her. She said why me, you give. He said no, you give. She asked him to make Riya know he loves her. He said I am like this, else I would have told Kirti my feelings. She said I will gift wrap this tab and bring it. She went to Ayaan’s room and looked at Anuja with Riya’s purse.

Pakhi asked her what is she doing with Riya’s purse and she was shocked.Precap:Anuja told Pakhi that Riya won’t come near Veer, I will not let you get any hope. Anuja came to know Riya loved a married man and smiled.