Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 23rd August 2021 Episode started with Pakhi telling she will drop him to school and then go to office. Anuja blessed her and made her have curd and sugar. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words looking at his pic. Ayaan asked will she drive, he did not see her driving before. She said what do you think. He said you can do anything. She smiled and reminded him about Anshuman’s words.

She said she used to drive a lot before marriage. They left for school. Ayaan said wow Maa, you drove so well. She dropped him at school and left. Her car stopped in the middle on the road and many cars got jammed, asking her to proceed fast. She thinks what happened to the car and tried starting it.

She said Ayaan was right, I should have brought a driver. The keys and phone fall. She got hurt and said my neck is not moving. A man got off his car and came to her. He asked her to park the car in the corner and let them give a chance to drive on the road. He asked can I help you.

She asked him to get the phone and keys. He asked how did the keys fall when you were driving the car, I think women should not drive, see all this. Her neck was relieved as he bumps into her head. He said he did it so that she can herself pick the keys and phone, I don’t think women should not drive, it looks musical, don’t see in my eyes, then relation can happen. He left. Pakhi drove and left too.

She came to office and saw Anshuman’s cabin. She looked around and thinks about him and how she used to take food for him. She cried. She sat in his chair. She talked to the secretary Aparna about the new account having investor’s amount and its password protected. Its around Rs 150 crores. Pakhi said fine, tell me whats money position in other accounts. She thinks whats the password and why he kept this account apart. She looked for the password in his tablet and files.

She called the bank and asked about the password retrieval. They said we can provide new password, but it will take 15 days. Pakhi said fine, start the process. Aparna said one account has Rs 15 crores. Pakhi asks Aparna to use this amount till 15 days and said I have to make people sure that Rathore group is like before, the work can’t stop for a day. Anuja talked to someone and asked him to do this work for Ayaan and Pakhi, and not let Pakhi know this.

Aparna came and said investors want the money back, they came and want to meet you. Pakhi said what will I tell them. I will come. Pakhi came to meet them in the conference room. She talked to them to believe in this company, she will manage the project and their money is not at stake, and the results will be great, this was Anshuman’s project and I will complete it.

They said we can’t invest in this, as investor is normal man. They said it will be hard to convince people as the news was about Aryaman becoming Anshuman and then going to jail. Pakhi said I can understand, give me a chance. They asked for their money.

They said we want to invest somewhere else and we want money now. Pakhi thinks if they know I can’t get the money in 15 days, then they will not trust me and this can ruin the company’s image, I can’t tell them, but how to get Rs 150 crores today.

Pakhi said give me some time, and thinks she is not able to save the company on first day. She asked them to wait and she will come. She went to the cabin and said how to get money today. She saw someone sitting in Anshuman’s chair and said excuse me. He turned and it’s the same guy who helped her on the road.

She was shocked seeing him. He smiled and said hello. She said you, you are the one who… What are you doing here. She said get up from my husband’s chair. Anuja came and said I called him. Pakhi said who is he. Anuja said he is Veer, Anshuman’s Mama ji’s son, I called him to help you in business.

He asked how much money do you want. Pakhi said Rs 150 crores. She said I won’t trust anyone now. He said he can manage everything. She said I don’t want any stranger to interfere in my life. Anuja said you don’t know anything about business, he is a lawyer by profession.

He asked what did she say, that she wants a chance and their support. They would have said we want our money to invest anywhere else. She said yes but they want money today and my problem is I can’t access the account. He said give them the money back, tell me you will give.

He said you go and tell them you don’t need their money and will shut the project. He said even if they take back the money, you can get money from any bank as loan, they will not keep money at home. He said he has much info about him. He asked her not to comment on him and she said the same. He said every person is not a cheater. She looked at him.

Anuja told Veer to bring back Aryaman, he should not tell Pakhi why he came here. Veer looked at Pakhi and said don’t worry, I have come and Aryaman will come too.


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