Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 27 September 2021 episode started with lavanya throwing the luggages of Riya out of house and said how dare you try to snatch my Girish, she threw Riya away, Girish held Riya and said your love need one chance, okay I am giving it, they all were stunned. lavanya said to Girish that get lost from here and she left.

Anuja shouted at Girish that have you gone mad, Girish took Riya’s bag and said take your luggage back to your room, you came here on my request and you will live here on my insistence, take the bag and go to your room, Riya took the luggage and went to her room and Girish also left.

Pakhi said to veer, you must be tired, I will make tea for you, Anuja said my house is breaking up and you are asking for tea. Pakhi went to the kitchen, Anuja came there and said my daughter’s house is breaking and you are making tea here.

Pakhi said I am feeling bad too, I thought to slap Riya but she is 18+ and she can take her decisions, we cant force her, these new generation are very aggressive, thank god Girish have accepted her, now problem is solved.

Anuja said it’s about my children so you are not worried, when it come to your children, you don’t understand about my children, okay there is only three days left to the court hearing then I wont listen to you,l you wont get what you want and she left.

Pakhi came to Riya, Riya said it good you understood that matter, you don’t have to interfare in my life, I will do whatever you want. Pakhi thinks that for kids we have to do many things, veer was looking at Riya’s childhood pics, Pakhi came there.

Veer said I don’t know when Riya grew up so much, Pakhi said she is the same, innocent, we have to handle the matter, Veer said I don’t know, if I had not gone to the café on your insistence then anything could have happened.

Pakhi said you don’t have take stress, you remember when Ayan was taking flower for his girlfriend, you asked me to not give it importance, Riya is a child, you don’t have to force, we have to make her understand, look at Anuja.

she has lost love but I was happy seeing her concern for Lavanya, atleast she has love for her daughter, she asked Veer to drink the tea, he drinks and his tongue got burned, Pakhi said this is not the right way to drink tea, she showed him to put the tea in plate and then drink, Veer drank and they laughed.

Anuja saw them laughing and thinks that pakhi has destroyed my son and daughter’s life, I wont leave her, I will show her in court.It’s morning, Riya was going and found Anuja and she stopped her, she said to her that I am going to Girish’s house, wont you advise me today?

Veer asked her not talk like this, Riya said to Veer that you are like a talent show judge whose advise doesn’t matter infront of public voting, you don’t have to interfare in my matter, I can take care of myself, she was about to fall but Pakhi held her.

Pakhi said look if I wasn’t here you would have landed flat on the floor, Riya said I am an adult and I am going to Girish’s house, Pakhi said then I have to go with you as I am also 18+, court have given me your responsibility so I will go with you everywhere as you can throw anyone in problem, they started leaving.

Riya asked her not to walk close to her, Pakhi said you behave like Ayaan, I know I am the best mom, Riya said no you are irritating, they went to Girish’s house.Pakhi and Riya reached Girish’s house, Girish greeted them, Riya said can I call you Girish now? Girish said of course.

they went in, Pakhi said I will play with the kids, Riya talked to Girish, she said I am wearing designer’s wear, tell me how am I looking, Girish said fine, she said fine? Girish said no very good, Pakhi came and ask about newspaper, Riya said it must be on the table and Pakhi left.

Riya said to Girish that I have brought brownies for you, she said I think we should play some romantic music, Pakhi said Riya please play lullabies for the kids, Riya said I wont play music and Girish smiled.The court people came to veer’s house, they showed veer the pictures in which he was slapping Riya.

they said that this is not acceptable, veer said first you should know the reason behind it, I slapped her because of a serious reason and I will slap her again if she do that again, I am her father, Anuja said you are not a father but devil for kids, she asked the court people to give custody of Ayaan and Riya to her.

she will take care of them, Veer said aren’t you ashamed a little, I mean Riya is destroying life of your daughter and you are asking for her custody, Veer told Anuja that you are destroying my, Pakhi, Ayaan and Riya’s life, that’s not all, you are exploiting your daughter too, Anuja said you don’t think about my daughter.

take care of your daughter, Veer said I am doing that only, Anuja said tomorrow you will lose everything, you wont be able to see Ayaan’s and Riya’s face from tomorrow, Veer said love is understandable but don’t go so mad behind it that you will lose everything.

Anuja said I have no fear as I don’t have anything to lose, your fear is shown from your face, you will be standing with your head down tomorrow infront of me, Veer angrily left.

PRECAP- Riya said to veer that you are a very good lawyer why don’t you prepare the divorce papers of Girish and Lavanya, veer became shockedlater Pakhi and veer talked to Girish, Girish said I am not sure if this plan will work or not, Veer said we cant lose hope, we will play the game.


Girish and Riya were sitting in his house and Lavanya came there, she shouted at Girish and Girish said that we have nothing in-between us, we should break the house into two, you will not involve yourself in my matter, Lavanya said you are cheap and i don’t want to live with you, Girish took her in to the room.

Riya was shocked, Pakhi came there and said what? when relations break, they sound like this, you have seen relation breaking between your mother and father, you must have cried like kids are crying today, you think that Veer came in between your mother and father but now you are doing the same.

you are breaking house too, Riya said no, there is difference, my mom and dad used to love each other and veer came in their life but Lavanya and grish doesn’t love each other and i am filling Girish’s life, i will love his children so much that they wont miss their mother like me, i will accept them and will love them.

Lavanya took her luggage and said i am leaving the house, you stay with your filthy relationship with Riya.Pakhi came to Veer and said Riya is doing the same, what she has bore her whole life, she is breaking Lavanya and Girish’s life but she is not seeing it and we will make her show that, we will show her what she is doing.

Riya came there, Riya said to Veer that you are very good lawyer why don’t you make divorce papers for Girish and lavanya, Veer was shocked, Veer angrily looked at her, Riya said Lavanya is very insane that she left the house, tomorrow is court hearing and i will move in with Girish.

she asked Veer how much is your fees, Veer took her by her hand, he showed her Lavanya sitting sadly in her room, he said Lavanya is like keerti today, Riya said Lavanya doesn’t love grish, their marriage was nothing. Veer said what do you know about marriage?

This newly found feeling went out after marriage and problems come in, you haven’t tested your love, Girish and lavanya fights as this is one sign of love, and you don’t even think about your mother, remember her, Riya said don’t blackmail me emotionally.

Veer said Lavanya had some way to go from her house, she came here but you are closing all doors, your mom must be hating you today, i will make two divorce papers as you will need them too soon. Riya said you are very bad and she left. Veer said to pakhi that i am sorry, i know it was not in the plan and he left.

Pakhi called Girish and said Riya must be coming to you. Riya came to meet Girish who was busy making his baby sleep, Riya was about to hug him but he said that i am busy with the baby, Riya said Veer is very bad, he said that my mom must be hating me, is it like that?

Girish said i have to change the baby’s nappy, Riya got angry and said i am talking to you and you don’t have time for me,Girish said i am sorry but i am not a teen age boy who will listen to your sad stories leaving all the work, i am a father of two daughters and i have responsibilities, i have to fulfill them, i don’t have time for all this, Riya was stunned.

Pakhi talked to Veer and gave an example of a bird who took care of her children and wished that their children fly in the sky,it like that, parents also want their children to walk through the sky but we have to show them the path, i promised Anshuman and i will take care of Riya.

The doctor checked Anuja, he said to Anuja that don’t take stress and he left, Lavanya hugged Anuja and asked her be get well soon. Anuja said it’s just about a day, we will get the custody of Ayaan, i will get my Aryaman, they have destroyed my family, untill i clean my house.

i wont be in peace, she asked Lavanya to sleep, Lavanya said my home is breaking too mom.Pakhi said, Riya thinks she is losing everything from childhood, she doesn’t trust your love, so she is making hopes from Girish that he will give her love.

Pakhi said to Veer that from childhood Riya thinks that wrong happened with her, what she is doing can be her stubbornness but not her nature, Veer said right, she is keerti’s daughter so she cant be that bad, she cant make others life worst from making her life, she can’t do that. Veer said thank you Pakhi.

Pakhi placed her hand on his shoulder to show support.

PRECAP- Grish called Riya and said be ready, i am picking you from your house, we are going to file petition for our marriage, Riya got happy and said i am ready.

Girish called Pakhi and said aren’t we doing all this in rush, Pakhi said we don’t have time, today is the examination of Veer from Riya and mine from Ayaan.


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