Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 30th August 2021 Episode started with Vaswani allowing Pakhi to take the blueprints as Poonam too felt the same. Pakhi thanked them and left. Veer talked to the investors and said Pakhi will soon come. Anuja called him and asked about Pakhi. He said she did not come. He called Pakhi and got her number switched off. Veer said the apology but Pakhi came smiling and greeted them.

She brought the CD of the blueprints and said she will start the presentation with the blueprints. Lavanya interviewed Riya as she wanted to hire her as her assistant. Riya said she loves her designs. The baby cried. Lavanya asked the maid and said she went out. She asked Girish to come, but he had earplugs in his ears and did not hear. Lavanya took the baby. Riya asked may I help you.

Lavanya said yes, bring her feed from the kitchen. Riya went and brought it. Lavanya saw Girish with the earplugs and said she was calling him. he said he was listening to lyrics of Ghazals. He said sorry, we decided we will take care of the baby in alternate days, but it’s your turn today. But I will manage and flirts.

Riya smiled seeing them. Ayaan showed the parent consent form and gave to Aditya. Aditya asked Ayaan to tolerate ice for 5mins and Ayaan agreed to prove him he is capable. Everyone liked the presentation and clapped. The investors were very glad.

Pakhi thanked them and said it’s because of your support. They said they will always support her and left. Veer said well done, how. She said oh, I told you if you are determined, you can do anything.

He said did you keep any advisor in my place. She said he is always with me. He said you did not tell me. She said you know him, and even you have taken his help and advice. He said I don’t remember. She said about the Lord. He said come on now.

She said sometimes plans don’t work, trust and straight way works. She said your smart things failed and my trust won again. She said don’t see in my eyes, else you will be ashamed of your smartness and she left.

Veer smiled. Anuja talked to Lavanya and said how did Pakhi convince Vaswani, it means Aryaman won’t come back. She will not forgive Aryaman. Veer came and said she just got the blueprints, not the password, till when she won’t get money. Anuja said she will get money in 10 days.

She won’t need Aryaman now. He said she will need them, as investors won’t wait till 10 days. Riya called Laavnya for help and Lavanya asked her to take the servant’s help. Riya said how mean and spoke against Lavanya. Girish heard this. Lavanya told Veera what if Pakhi gets the password.

Veer said it’s tough, but Pakhi is very smart, commendable, we have to change plans seeing her. Ayaan came back home and saw his back in the room mirror. Pakhi came to him smiling with the good news.

She said I had important meeting and it went very well with no loss. Everyone clapped for me and said congrats, wonderful, thanks. She said she is happy as no one can stop her from fulfilling Anshuman’s project. Ayaan said it’s good news, we will go and party, me, you and dad. Pakhi looked at him.

Pakhi threw a party at home as it was a good win for Rathore’s group. Veer said we will play Chinese whispers and explained the rules that everyone has to pass the word and the last one will be punished. Ayaan, Pakhi and Veer are remaining and Pakhi got out and had to act like Gabbar Singh.

She wore a beard and had a belt in her hand acting like Gabbar Singh. Ayaan and Veer played and Veer got out. Ayaan said we will play dumb charades and said the word asking Veer to show in signs. Veer explains and Pakhi guessed it as Mujhse Dosti Karoge. Veer came to her and said yes.

Pakhi asked Ayaan to dance to his favorite song. Ayan danced and was hurt. Pakhi noticed his back’s discomfort and became worried. She stopped the music and lifted his shirt to see the big red marks on his back. She became shocked. Anuja and Veer saw it and was shocked too.

Anuja was arrested and Pakhi stopped her asking for any solution. The man asked Pakhi to give Rs 25 crores and took her.


The Episode started with Pakhi and everyone being shocked seeing the red marks on Ayaan’s back. Ayaan lied and said he slipped. Pakhi asked how did you get hurt, you did not tell me. She asked Sukhi to bring Haldi Lep. She said you should have told me. Ayaan said you were happy and I did not wish to make you sad.

Pakhi hugged Ayaan. Veer said always tell me first, nothing is important to me than you, your happiness is most important. She reminded him his promise that he will not hide anything. He said yes, I will say. She said I will apply haldi lep. Anuja said this is mum and son’s love, see Ayaan you made your mum cry. Ayaan held his ears and said sorry.

Pakhi said let’s go to your room, you will get fine, take rest all day. Ayaan thinks what to do, as Aditya will be angry if he doesn’t go. Aditya came to meet Ayaan, and Ashok informed Ayaan. Pakhi asked him to send him here.

Pakhi asked is he his new friend. Aditya greeted Pakhi and lied to her that he is his senior and coaching Ayaan on football as he is the cricket captain of the team. Ayaan asked Pakhi to bring some food and she left to get some snacks. Ayaan told Aditya that he got hurt in practice. Aditya said now she won’t let you come.

He said everyone is trying hard, I feel I can’t participate if I make you my partner. Ayaan said no, I have to participate. I will do my best and see we will win. Aditya said become strong. He closed the door and asked Ayaan to drink the energy drink. Ayaan looked at the can.

Pakhi was in the kitchen getting the juices. Aditya asked him to drink it. Ayaan said Maa says it’s not good for health. Aditya said its not bad. Ayaan agreed to drink it. Aditya smiled. Pakhi came and brought juices and cookies. Ayaan hid the can. Pakhi asked Ayaan to have haldi milk.

It’s night, Riya was angry on someone and shouted at him. She warned him not to trouble her again. She broke her sim and threw it. Girish got it and gave her. He said Lavanya was trying your number, but I think your phone was busy, Lavanya said you can go home. Riya said fine. Girish said I think you should not drive scooty now, as your mood is bad, I will ask my driver to drop you. Riya said fine, if you say so. She thanked and left.

Veer told Anuja what can we do now, Pakhi got the blueprints and the meetings went well, just let it be. Anuja cried missing out Aryaman. Veer asked him not to cry. Anuja said my Aryaman will be in jail. He said I came to help you, tell me what to do. She said she is feeling bad as she fell in his eyes.

He said we can do one thing, as relations matter a lot to Pakhi, its her strength, if we make it her weakness then. Pakhi talked to Anshuman’s pic and said about the meeting with the investors. She said she will fulfill his dreams soon and smiled.

Veer said Anuja to think before talking his advice. Anuja said yes, she can die for her relations. Anuja said yes, Aryaman has to come home once, she will forgive him, everything will be fine. She said it’s great day tomorrow. It’s Janmashtami tomorrow. Aryaman will come back to me and she left.

It’s morning, Pakhi made Ayaan ready. Ayaan thinks its finals today and he will give all money to Maa today. Anuja said it’s Janmashtami today, we will break Dahi haandi today, no school today. Ayaan thinks how to go and said it’s important. he touched Pakhi’s feet to get her blessings, as he was going.

Pakhi blessed him and smiled. Ayaan left. Anuja called the servants and asked them to start the preparations. I.T dept. people came to talked to Anuja. Pakhi called Anuja. Anuja came and they asked about her companies, as they came to know she was in defaulter list and she had to pay 25 crores.

Anuja and Pakhi was shocked. Pakhi said we have always paid tax. They said the firms are not from Rathore group, we have to take her. Pakhi stopped them and said let’s talk. They took Anuja. Veer came and stopped them.

He asked the necessary orders and checked the docs. He said he is Veer Pratap Singh, their solicitor. They said we are taking her for questioning. Pakhi stopped them and asked Veer to do anything. Veer said we can’t stop them, it’s just interrogation, not arrest. Veer told Pakhi that he can’t stop them. They asked Pakhi to bring Rs 25 crores in six hours and free Anuja. Lavanya came to them.

They said they are arresting Anuja now. Lavanya said you can’t take her. They said Anuja has confessed and it will be criminal case on her. Pakhi said she will pay the tax with fine. They asked Pakhi to bring Rs 25 crores in six hours and free Anuja. They said she can even go to jail. Pakhi was shocked.

Lavanya scolded Pakhi and said you don’t worry for my mum, as you are not our blood. Pakhi agreed to bail out Aryaman.


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