Amazing Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 4th October 2021: Episode 286-287


Tumhari Pakhi Monday, 4th October 2021 Pakhi came to veer and went close to him, he was looking at Pakhi’s picture on his ipad, pakhi said the one who is close to you will be around you even in pictures, veer said this is the truth, I don’t know since when did I started liking you, it was imagination of veer.

pakhi is not there, veer said don’t know pakhi will accept my love.Pakhi said to Girish and Lavanya that I still love Anshuman and veer loves keerti, lavanya said to Pakhi, you made my brother alive, I am thankful to you. veer thinks will Pakhi ever accept my love?

otherside Pakhi said to lavanya, I will never love again, my love for Anshuman will not go ever, our love doesn’t depend on time and togetherness, I will love him whole my life.In the house, nandini who was a relative of veer gave gifts to the servants and they were happy.

nandini tried to ask the servants how pakhi and veer got married, the servants said actually it was aryaman.. she then stopped and left and nandini smirked.Riya and Ayaan were fighting over game, Ayaan said you cheated, kumo one if the servants of jiji came there.

Riya asked her to come in, she said this is our room, kumo said it’s nice, Riya asked her to play game with them on the ipad, Kumo said I don’t know how to play, Ayaan said I will tell you, he made her learn how to play racing game on the ipad, Kumo played it well and won.

Riya said you are sharp, you learnt it in one time and made Ayaan lose it, if you get the right direction then you can do many things, kumo was called by jiji, Ayaan said to Riya, jiji is bad, Riya said, don’t speak like this about elders, actually she is very bad and Ayaan laughed.kumo came into kitchen, the servant said, you work for jiji only.

kumo said, jiji brought me from the orphanage so I work for her only, the servant said ok, now you will sleep with us only, we will watch movies, jiji came there and said if rotten fishes are placed in the pool then new fish can’t be placed in that pool, she said kumo will sleep in my room only, she went with kumo and the servant said she is destroying her life.

Pakhi was completing her painting project of Ayaan with him, Ayaan showed her painting, Pakhi said it’s very nice but the color is not going and she changed the color, Veer was admiring her and Ayaan left, Veer came to Pakhi and he played with her hair, it’s was just the imagination of veer, in actual fact, he was only staring at Pakhi, pakhi asked what?

he said I was blank so I just stared at you. It’s was morning, Pakhi was getting ready, she was matching earrings, Veer opened online shopping store on his mobile and tried to buy earrings for her, he tried to see what kind of earrings Pakhi was wearing to know her choice, he fell on the floor in the process.

Pakhi asked what happened, he said nothing, he bought one from the online store but didn’t know if she will like it or not, he thinks to see what kind of earring she is wearing. Veer came to pakhi and said jhumkas look good on you, they are hidden by your hairs and increases your beauty.

Pakhi removed her hair from one side of the ear and asked veer to select earring for her, veer smilingly looked at her, Veer placed the different earrings, he came closer to her and selected one for her, he said every earring looked good on you, Pakhi said whatever you bring with love looked good on me.

it was all the imagination of veer, Pakhi was going from the room, veer said I can’t do anything, he found jewelry for Pakhi, veer was looking at the jewelry of Pakhi and said it’s very difficult to find choice of girls, Pakhi came there and asked what is happening.

veer became afraid and the jewelry fell from his hands, Veer stammered and said actually I was and Pakhi said i will collect the jewelry, Veer said I will collect it, they both bent to clean it and their heads striked, Veer said you do it, Pakhi sat to collect the jewelry, Veer also bent and tried to see her earring again.

Pakhi asked him what happened? he said nothing, Pakhi tied her hairs, finally Veer saw what kind of earring she was wearing, he said the earring you are wearing are really suiting you.

PRECAP- Pakhi fell from the stool, jiji came there and took her to the room, jiji said from now on I will take care of you as I know you are pregnant, Pakhi was shocked. Pakhi said to Veer that we should tell the truth to jiji, she thinks that I am pregnant, Veer was stunned.


Scene 1Jiji asked charu to prepare food and bring it to her room, we will have lunch in the room only here too, charu agreed, jiji gave apples to charu and asked her to eat it. Veer came there, Pakhi also came there, they found earring on veer’s shirt, they teased him and he said I don’t understand what you are saying.

jiji said if you like wearing earrings then tell me, I will gift you, nandini said he is not interested in earring but in pakhi, jiji took out the earring from veer’s shirt, veer was embarrassed and went away from there, jiji thinks that I know Pakhi is pregnant that’s why love has increased between you both, she asked Pakhi to drink juice as she has to take care of the whole house, she made Pakhi drink it.

nandini taunted that jiji never loved us so much, jiji asked her to bring grunt and she brought it, jiji gave the grunt( jewelry gift) to Pakhi and said we give to our daughter in laws, Pakhi said then we should give it to nandini, nandini said don’t look at me, I don’t need it and she left, jiji said don’t think about her and she also left too.

Charu said to Pakhi that nandini is very sad, her husband’s brother because of veer and left her alone after marriage, he loved someone else and left nandini in pain, jiji was hurt by him so she broke her relation with veer’s brother, now we have only you people, jiji has so much hopes from you both.

The servant came there and said the store room has become dirty and Pakhi went to see.Pakhi came into store room, she stood on the stool but fell from it, jiji came there and took pakhi into the room.Pakhi was in the room, jiji asked are you fine? we should call the doctor, jiji said I will apply ointment.

Pakhi said no don’t touch my feet, jiji said nothing to worry about, you should not think about yourself only, jiji said I will take care of your food from now on, I know that you don’t want to tell us but I know everything that you are pregnant, Pakhi was shocked and said no I am not pregnant and jiji agreed.

Jiji said looked at Pakhi, Veer married late so you have to give children soon and Pakhi was tensed.Veer came home with the earrings, Riya saw him with the earrings and she asked what is happening, Veer said you made me afraid, Riya took the earring from him and said diamond earrings, these are amazing.

it will look good on pakhi, Veer said no it’s not for her, Riya said ok I will take it then, Veer said no, it’s for her only, Riya said she will like it as she got injured today, Veer went to see Pakhi.Veer came to the room, pakhi was applying ointment, Veer said I will call someone to help you.

Pakhi said no it’s done and Pakhi went away from there, Veer practiced how to present the gift to Pakhi, he said don’t be shy Veer, pakhi came there and he hid the earring, Pakhi said we should tell jiji the truth, it’s not good to hide things from her, today she thought that I was pregnant, Veer was shocked.

Pakhi said see she gave me your family sacred thing and asked me to put it in the mandir with my hands.Nandini said I am getting bored in veer’s house, she is roaming here and there and found one album, she saw picture of Anshuman, Ayaan, Pakhi and Aryaman and she was shocked, she asked one of the servant that one guy is Anshuman.

who is this other guy same like him? The servant said he is aryaman, don’t asked about him and he left. Nandini said there is something wrong in this house but what.Pahki said to Veer that she will get hurt, we should tell them that we are not like husband and wife, we should tell them in which circumstances we married each other, Veer said I will tell her the truth and he left.

He sadly looked at pakhi.Veer came to jiji, he said you are timeless classic, jiji asked how is pakhi? veer said you gave her ointment so it will work, jiji said love works on anyone, I think pakhi need your love, give her so much love that happiness come in her life.

you know because of your younger brother, the stain we got on our family, I bear that pain with much difficulty, I cant bear any more pain, I am happy that you married, now I want this house to be full of happiness, this will happen? and Veer nodded.

PRECAP:Veer said to pakhi that I know we should tell jiji the truth that we don’t live like husband and wife. Veer went to sleep on the sofa while Pakhi slept on the bed.

nanadini saw it and was shocked, she said how will pakhi be pregnant, they don’t even sleep together, she went to jiji and asked her to come, she wants to show her something.