Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Episode started with Pakhi asking Anshuman to steal a toffee from a shop. Anshuman agreed and gave her a stick to save him if he gets caught. Anshuman went to steal the toffee. He came to a shop and looked at Pakhi. He made the shopkeeper busy and took the toffees. A boy looked at Anshuman.

Anshuman smiled and showed the toffee to Pakhi. Anshuman gave the toffee to the boy and sends him. A man gave a rose to Pakhi and said it’s peace day, so we are distributing rose. Pakhi said how sweet and took it thanking him. Anshuman looked at them and was jealous. Pakhi said happy peace day to you too. Anshuman took another toffee. The man saw Anshuman stealing run. Everyone catch Anshuman and Anshuman came to Pakhi.

They run with the toffee. The hid behind the car and laughed. He said you know Pakhi, I don’t know when my childhood passed. My mum left, then my dad, I was alone with Lavanya, I always felt everything will be fine and then I will live my life again well, but there was always problems, I also wanted to do all this mischief.

I am afraid that if I ask my happiness, but now I know I should live life. He said thanks Pakhi. They both smiled holding hands. He said when you get your first earnings, it’s given to someone special, so take this, this is my life’s first stolen earning. He gave her the toffee. He said no one is more valuable to me more than you and she hugged him.

He said look at me, Anshuman Rathore is sitting on the ground and I am liking it. He asked, who gave you this rose. She said leave it, lets eat this toffee. They made each other eat the toffee. They enjoyed it and laughed. Anshuman said it’s the best date of my entire life. He said, let’s give the money to the shopkeeper.

She said, I have already given him the money. I was kidding, I won’t ask you to steal. He said, I also want to give you a surprise. She said, I have enjoyed my life to the fullest. He said, there might be something.

They left from there. Anshuman heard the guy’s name is Rohan and was shocked. He thinks, Pakhi’s boyfriend can’t be here. They came home laughing. He kissed the toffee wrapper. She said, give it to me. He said, I won’t. I will keep this safe. She said, I will keep it safe. He said no way and they laughed. She said, it’s late now, I should go to my room. He said don’t go.

She smiled and said rules are rules, we are girlfriend and boyfriend so we will sleep in different rooms. She said have a good night. They wanted to be together and kept on talking something or the other. He said stay here, we will talk, I miss you, I don’t like this room without you. She said I have to go, finally good night.

Anshuman stopped Pakhi looking at the wrapper and asked her to get it. He said go under the bed. She said, you go and get it. He said I am big, you can go. They argued. She said I feel suffocated. He had the wrapper and asked her to get it. She said you get it as you are the boyfriend. He requested her to get the wrapper.

She laughed and went under the bed. She said, if I don’t get it, then you get it, I will try. She looked for the wrapper and said where did it go. He had it in the hands and said find it well, you will get it.

Anshuman also got under the bed. She said it’s not here. She looked at her back. She said it’s not here. He said where will it go and he looked at her and they had an eyelock and are very much closer. He said, I will find it. She understood he has it and held his ears. She said I got it. He said you can’t get it as I have it. She looked at her angrily.

The Episode started with Lavanya talking to her friend. She then asked Girish, has he been fooling her by praising her singing. He said no, you really sing well, you are a good singer. She said,0 my friend came, when I told her that I will sing with you, she told me that I sing bad, now I know she is jealous of me.

Girish said, I should have told the same, but I lost the chance. Anshuman waited for Pakhi. Pakhi wore a short dress and he starred at her. He gave her hand and she held it. He said wow and smiled. She said don’t get excited. He said boyfriends say I can die for you and kill anyone. She said, tell me where are we going. He said it’s a surprise.

He said, I will do PDA, like holding hands, hug and kiss. She said, I am not going to do this. He said, I want you to show your love. He challenged her. She said it’s different, it will look strange. He said, it will be fun. She said, I will not kiss. He said I will feel good, it’s not about kiss, it’s about being together.

He tried to convince her. She said fine, come I am ready. He smiled and they left. He brought her to a park. She said, do PDA here, no one is here. He said not here, infront of the public, no one is here. She said, I am sorry I can’t do, there will be many people there.

He said, I want you to remove your fears. He said, I know it’s your first time. Anshuman covered Pakhi’s short dress. They saw many people there. She said, I am feeling shy. He said come on, kiss me. She said fine, close your eyes. He closed his eyes and stood there. She said, I can take time.

She went to kiss him and run. He asked an artist to make Anshuman’s sketch. Anshuman said come on kiss me, I am waiting. Pakhi laughed. She showed him the sketch. He said we did not come here to make a sketch. He said come, I will kiss you. She said no, it’s not about people, but kiss. It’s my first kiss, I am shy.

Anshuman said I know you can’t do this. He said, I will do it. She said no, tomorrow. She said, there will be more people tomorrow, or anywhere else. It will be fun. He said, you are avoiding. She said do you know skating. He said yes. She said, lets go and skate see there. She said, first lets go. He said fine, you also have to skate. She said, I don’t know, I want to see you. I will fall. He said trust me, I will be with you. She held his hand and smiled.

They went for the skating. Anshuman asked Pakhi to come. Pakhi said I can’t do this, I will fall. He said come on, I am here. She said, I am unable to stand, I will not let you fall and held her hand. They skate together and Pakhi hugged him. Anshuman and Pakhi got closer and Pakhi kissed him. Everyone saw them and smiled. Anshuman was surprised.

Anshuman asked the servant to catch a thief, Pakhi got scared and hugged Anshuman. Rohan told Tanya that he has done as she said.


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