Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021. Episode started with Pakhi fooling Anuja with her words and said I have to post a letter to Bhaisa. Anuja took the letter and said I will post it. Deepika and Pakhi got tensed. Anuja placed it in the post box. Pakhi smiled and wished the Lord to make the letter reach Anuja’s letter, so that she can meet them. It was morning, Pakhi lit the diya.

Anuja took the box in which she kept the letter. Deepika saw her and became worried. She diverted Anuja to see what Pakhi was doing. They prayed together. Anuja asked what is Pakhi asking the Lord. Pakhi said I have something. You just bless me, to get what I want. Anuja blessed her as Pakhi touched her feet.

She held Pakhi and said I don’t know Lord if heard your prayers or not, but my blessings are with you. Pakhi smiled and said I am sure my wish will be fulfilled. Pakhi left happily. Anuja smiled. Lavanya talked to her friend who told her that Switzerland is good and she should go there for the delivery. Lavanya said Naina is so small.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021. Mamta said leave her to the maid. Lavanya said I don’t think it’s right. Mamta said she is not your child, it’s Girish’s. Lavanya was shocked and scolded her. She supported Naina’s side and said Naina is my daughter, I did not give birth to her but I get hurt seeing her in pain.

She said I can’t hear anything against her. Mamta said its good to say, once let your baby come, then you will know the difference. Lavanya left to see Naina. Anshuman met the lawyer and seeked advice about Tanya. He showed him the paper where there was contract clause. The lawyer said this clause means your friend’s life is in danger. Anshuman became afraid and said Tanya’s is getting marriage this evening, I have to warn and stop her.

Anshuman called Tanya. Prachin came and took her phone. He said you had an affair with him, right, you said could have done anything for him, so you tried to murder his wife. Tanya said actually. Prachin said why should I marry you. He said come on, I don’t care, he told me this to break our marriage. She said what.

He said he met me yesterday and made me drunk, now he wanted to convince you to stop you from marrying me. She said how dare he. He said I don’t want to know your past, it’s your life.

Anshuman came to meet Tanya. Tanya asked the servant to kick Anshuman out else she will call the police. Anshuman hid and heard Tanya was going to the beauty parlour. Anshuman thinks it’s the same man who took money from Prachin’s wife, he is Tanya’s driver now, maybe he wants to kill Tanya.

Anshuman said if Tanya meets with an accident, Prachin will get her property, I have to stop Tanya. The guards catch Anshuman. Anshuman called out Tanya.

He said listen to me, you are in danger. Prachin thinks Tanya will not be safe, she has to die, I wish she heard Anshuman. Anuja looked for the letter everywhere and ruined the room. Deepika saw it and thinks how did this happen.

She saw Anuja looking for her letter. Anuja paniced on not getting it. Deepika became tensed. Anuja said I will give the maid to the police. Deepika said no, don’t do that, you won’t get the letter now, I am really sorry. Anuja asked why, where is Pakhi.

Pakhi gave some insight about monuments in Delhi. Anuja came to her and scolded her. She said how dare you do this, where is the letter. Pakhi said I am busy, we will talk at home. Anuja said I want it now.

Pakhi said I have posted it. Anuja slapped her infront of everyone. The people laughed. Pakhi asked them to give her five minutes. Anuja said whi gave you this right. Pakhi said I did this for your happiness. Anuja said you don’t realize what you did, who are you to touch my letters.

Pakhi said a woman who understands your pain, want to give you peace and happiness. Anuja became angry and said be away from me. My relations have always hurt me, and I got my respect back by locking them, but you have ruined my life now. She said I will never forgive you for this. She left in anger. Pakhi looked on.

Anshuman saved Tanya while she shouted for help.


Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021

Pakhi gave a lecture on love and pain to Anuju. She told Anuja that she can’t run away from her problems. Anuja told Pakhi that she should not interfere in her personal matters and that she has already forgotten about her children.

Pakhi said that Anuja was lying to herself that she donated money to orphanage in the name of her children. She continued to say that she acted like a mother figure to Deepika and her.

Pakhi said that she should free her from the burden and that she is not wrong in wanting to unite her with her kids. If she thinks that Pakhi is guilty of hurting her feelings then she is prepared to be punished. Pakhi said that she is right and if she listens to her heart she too will agree with what she has just said.

Anshuman continued to stop Tanya from marrying Prachin. However, Tanya refused to believe anything Anshuman was trying to say that Prachin was tring to kill her. Tanya continued to disbelief him and said that she is getting married to Prachin.

Naina’s ball was thrown to Lavanya’s stomach and scolded Naina for throwing. Naina started crying and Lavanya tried to console Naina and said that she did not mean to scold her but it just happened. Lavanya’s friend Mamta tried to poison lavanya against Naina from her unborn baby… she said that an adopted baby against a biological baby will be different feelings. Lavanya asked her to be quiet and leave.

Prachin tried to kill Tanya with the driver leaving the car on and disappearing. Anshuman tried to save her. elsewhere, Pakhi saw the diya she had lit for Anshuman and Ayaan seemed to be flickering.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 23rd July 2021

Pakhi prayers for Anuja that she should meet her children. Anshuman continued to save Tanya from the intoxicating car. Pakhi prayed for her family’s welfare. Tanya became unconscious. Slowly Anshuman too became unconscious but Pakhi continued to pray but the diya light is about to go.

However, Pakhi’s deep belief and faith got the diya the flame again and anshuman woke up and tried again to break the door. He managed to unlock the car door and Pakhi prayer was answered.

Anshuman tried to wake Tanya but she waa unconscious and he called the ambulance..

Anuja turned the tables on Pakhi saying she too is hiding from her feelings. She told Pakhi that she too is running from her past instead of confronting it. She said Pakhi will become another Anuja. Anuja said that if something is missing in my life and that is my kid but so is she hiding from her relation.

Precap: Anuja said she will never forgive Pakhi. Anshuman read a letter about his mum.


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