Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021 Episode started with Anshuman taking his shirt and being hurt not able to do it easily. Pakhi came and helped him. She did the first aid. He said no, I don’t need this. She said don’t be a kid. He said fine on one condition. She said fine, do it yourself.

He said it’s about tomorrow’s condition. He said the result will be coming tomorrow, will you give me my gift, else I will understand you did not keep your promise. She agreed and did the first aid. Anshuman said really? She nodded yes. He shouted. She became worried. He smiled. She blew air on his wound.

Rohan looked at them and didn’t like the closeness between them. It’s morning, Anshuman placed sindoor in Pakhi’s maang. Rohan looked at them. She asked how is your wound now. Anshuman said better, but it will take time to heal completely. She said I will bring coffee for you and left.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021. She made coffee for Anshuman. Rohan came to her. She asked will you have coffee. Rohan made a work commitment. She gave him coffee and saw it. He said you did commitment when you signed the contract. Don’t give him anything which can be going against us. Why are you doing all this, this gift, this sindoor. Why.

Anshuman talked to Lavanya and said Pakhi will come with me, I really want to help her. Pakhi said she will keep her promise honestly. She has a commitment with her sindoor too. She said I will not bring this in between.

Lavanya said you did not go there for competition, but if she wins, she will be far from us, do anything, cheat her but bring her back. Anshuman said no, I can’t cheat her, I can’t break her trust. Pakhi asked Rohan to trust her as she will work hard, only 7 days left and she will show him that she did a honest try.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021

Lavanya asked Girish to make a diet list. Anuja made Dalya for Lavanya which she didn’t like. Girish said it’s good, have this. Anuja made her eat and Lavanya liked it.

Anuja saw the diet list for her and said many things are missing in this and suggested some for them. Anuja said she will take care of Lavanya and they laughed. Girish said we will know about Deepak soon. Anuja smiled.

Anshuman and Pakhi went out. She asked what do you want for the gift. He said we will see it. They went to the market. She said we can take this ties. He said no, I stopped wearing it, as there is no one to tie.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021. A couple saw them and called them nice couple. Pakhi translated it to Anshuman and he smiled. They had icecreams, she said lets buy a watch, we have good shops here. He said I have many, you know, what will I do. Tell me something that can change time. She thinks.

She said perfume of your choice. He said no, don’t tell me this things, I want a different thing, you have to come with me, you will get a clue which you have to solve. She thinks she did the same to him.

She said don’t ask anything which I can’t give. He said you can give, you have to decide you want to give me this right or not.

Anshuman showed her the mirror and said this is my moon and Pakhi smiled. He said this is my gift, a place where only you, me and the moon. Moon has always witnessed our feelings. He asked will you give this to me.

They had an eyelock. Rohan came with the competition result. Pakhi asked what is it. He said I did not check it, you tell me whether we won or not. Rohan was very excited. Pakhi became tensed and checked the result.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021. Pakhi said we won. Rohan said I knew this, and hugged her. He said as you are with me, I can’t lose. We reached the semi finals. Anshuman smiled. Pakhi looked at him and said I got one more step ahead and far from you. She looked sad.

Anshuman and Pakhi had a talk. She slipped and fell. Rohan said I think you will lose now. Anshuman said I trust Pakhi a lot.


The Episode started with Rohan taking Pakhi way from Anshuman. He taunted Anshuman and said fate is making you away from Pakhi. Anshuman said if she wins, then she will give the right of 18 years wait and she will wait for me, no one can separate us, don’t give me a chance, give chance to fate, it can favor me, you don’t know and he left.

Pakhi talked to Anuja and said she cleared the first round. Anuja said congrats, you wanted this. Pakhi said don’t know, I am tangled in old relations and present. I did not forget my past, what should I leave, my husband came to take me. Anuja smiled.

Anuja asked is he with you. Pakhi said yes. Anuja said you said you still love him, so it means you decided. Pakhi said we left it to the Lord, we decided if I win, then he will wait for me for 18 years, and if I lose, I will come back with him.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021. Anuja was shocked. Pakhi said I am winning and I feel scared of my victory. Anuja said I suggested to move on, but choose what your heart says, this is your fight and you have to win. Pakhi ended the call and was upset as life came back to her, but now she is at Anshuman’s place now.

She said you are waiting for me today and I used to wait for you before. Rohan came and said we got the clues, the semi final is tomorrow, come lets discuss. They had a discussion. Rohan said it’s food round, we have to make a potato dish and welcome drink. Anshuman suggested few things.

Rohan laughed and said Samosa is the best. Pakhi liked his choice. Rohan said we have to win well, and go ahead to the next round, I want your 100% in this, will you support me. Pakhi looked at Anshuman. She nodded yes. He said great, lets go for shopping now.

Girish asked Anuja not to worry about Deepak, as he will find him soon. Anuja said I troubled you a lot, you already have many responsibilities. You are managing Anshuman’s business and home. I am sorry. Girish said no. Anuja said after many years, Lord gave me my family, I am sure I will get my Deepak. It’s morning, Pakhi woke up and came to the washroom. She saw Anshuman in there and said sorry. He held her hand.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021. They stood under the shower. They had an eyelock and they get closer. She said no Anshuman, Lord will decide if we can come close, we have to wait for the competition to end, I have to play it honesty.

so I could not keep my promise to gift you, you want to meet me outside, but I have to be far from you, we can’t come close, I am sorry. Anshuman nodded yes. She slipped and fell. Anshuman shouted Pakhi.

The doctor asked Pakhi to take rest and her hand waa hurt. Rohan was upset and said I said this is semi final, every team will give it’s best, how will we win now, who will make samosas now, we have 15mins, I don’t know what will happen. She said we will manage. He said how, I don’t think you are serious about this you don’t worry about it, I feel you want to lose, your commitment was a lie. She said no. He said how can you be so careless. Anshuman said stop it Rohan and defended Pakhi.

He said Pakhi can manage it if she said, don’t blame her, I trust Pakhi. They came to the ccompetition area to make samosas and welcome drink. Rohan asked Pakhi to make many and win hearts. They started. Anshuman helped Pakhi. Rohan looked at them. They had 90mins to prepare and sell their dish.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021

The counter which got maximum clicks will be the winner. He said we have to publicize and sell our dish. Rohan and Anshuman helped her working under her. They cut the vegetables and boil the potatoes. Rohan and Anshuman both went to her seeing her having trouble, but Rohan moved back seeing Anshuman.

Anshuman said I will make Aam panna, tell me how to make it. Anshuman cleaned the flour on Pakhi’s face. She cleaned, Rohan said no, I will make it. Rohan became angry at them for romancing between the competition.

Rohan said I will mash the potatoes. Anshuman said I will peel the potatoes. Pakhi said no your hand is already burnt. He said no, I will manage.

Pakhi made the samosas and said we did not get any order. Rohan said we have to publicize, I will do it with Sarah. Anshuman said I will help you. Rohan said no need, be here. Anshuman said Pakhi you have done your best. She smiled. Rohan came back and asked did you get any order. Pakhi said no. Anshuman said let me go, I am a businessman, I know how to sell things, trust me. Rohan agreed.

People liked the samosas a lot. Anshuman did a good publicity. Rohan said what cheating did we do.


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