Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021 Episode started with Ayaan telling Pakhi that dad stays much sad and takes good care about me. He helped even in my homework. Pakhi said he is the world’s best dad, are you taking care of him. Ayaan said yes, he loves you a lot.

No one knows we talk daily. He said dad’s secret is he did a good work. He showed her the ad in the paper and said he thinks I don’t know anything. Pakhi said don’t tell anyone’s secret to anyone else. Ayaan said who stays with you. Pakhi made him talk to Anuja. Ayaan talked to her and said your son will also be missing you, if you were a mum, you would be very great mum.

Ayaan talked to Deepika. Deepika left the tea plate and said I will take the upper page. Anuja scolded her. Deepika said I am getting late. Pakhi cleaned the floor. Deepika switched on the fan and asked Anuja to read the paper. The paper flew and went below the bed. Pakhi said I will take it out and thinks of her and Anshuman. He took out the paper and gave it to anuja. Anuja thanked her and said I will read the whole paper today.

Anshuman got a call and it was a lady about the paper ad. She asked is this a contest. Anshuman said no, its not a contest and ended the call. Anuja read the paper and covered it seeing the house owner lady back. She tried to avoid her and said will you have tea.

The lady said no, is there no one at home. Anuja said they went for work. The lady took her. Anuja did not see the ad. Pakhi worked as tourist guide in Delhi and shared knowledge about a fort with the people.

Deepika called Pakhi and cried. Anuja told Pakhi that her model was not doing the project, she doesn’t have any model, so she wants to go back. Anuja said we will come there, I can’t handle her alone.

Anuja pacified Deepika. Deepika said shall I call Prateek. Anuja asked her to trust herself. Pakhi met them and pacified Deepika. She praised her to cheer her up. Deepika saw Pakhi in her camera and took her pics talking to people and got an idea. She told Anuja that she got the model, Pakhi. She said Pakhi can help me, she can do modeling for me.

Deepika said we should tell Pakhi that we took her pics and should send for approval. Anuja said send it first, lets see if the clients likes it. She gave a chocolate to Deepika and her children’s pic falls. Anuja asked Deepika to forward the pics.

Pakhi talked to Bhaisa and asked him not to worry about her as she is fine. Deepika sent the pics. Pakhi saw Anuja and Deepika and went to them. Anuja said that lady came again, act like daughter and bahu. A man took Anuja’s purse.

The lady asked Anuja for some change. Anuja was shocked to see her purse missing and panicked. Pakhi said where did it go. The man looked for money. Anuja looked for her purse. Anuja said I kept it safe all these years. The man returned her purse. Anuja saw the pics and hide it. She thanked him and said you did a big favor fir me. Anuja became happy. They left to go home.

Ayaan came to Anshuman and said I have holiday so I came to have lunch with you. He said he talks to Pakhi daily and Anshuman was shocked. Ayaan said I talk to her closing my eyes, you also try, you will feel she is infront of you. Anshuman said I don’t know whether she misses me, lets have food. They have lunch together. Ayaan and Anshuman made each other have food.

Anshuman saw Pakhi’s pics and thinks to go Delhi. Ayaan asked what will you say meeting her.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021


The Episode started with Pakhi coming home. She saw her bangle and thinks about Anshuman. The flashback scene showed Pakhi stopping Anshuman from smoking. They argued a lot and her hand hits his face. Pakhi said you gave me this heavy bangles and I will wear it.

Ayaan came and complained about a girl slapping him wearing heavy bangles. She saw the same mark and asked how this happened. Ayaan said Daisy argued with me and I got hurt. Pakhi smiled and said it’s your mistake. She said if a girl tells you something, you should listen to her, else the result will be like this and Ayaan left.

She said I did not wish to beat you, it got hurt, sorry. He asked what, come closer and say. She run. She smiled thinking about him. Anuja came and asked did you remember anything old.

She said your face shows you were thinking about your husband. Pakhi thinks how Anshuman called her characterless and said what to do with old memories, if it’s bad, it hurts, if its good, it makes us sad. Anuja saw her bangles and smiled. Ayaan took Anshuman’s smiling pic and asked him why are you smiling. He shows him the pic.

Anshuman said you brought food for me, so I am smiling. He said don’t lie, tell me you were thinking of mum. He said go home, I have work. Ayaan said mum asked me not tell him, but Lord can help him. Anshuman got a call asking him to check the model pics. He checks the pics and was shocked.

Pakhi’s face was not shown in it. He still thinks of her seeing the bangle pic. He thinks about her and that he gifted the bangle to Pakhi. He saw Pakhi, I don’t understand. He asked his manager to final this model and keep the shoot tomorrow. I will go ti Delhi and supervise everything.

Pakhi got angry on Deepika for sending her pics without her permission. Anuja and Deepika tried to convince her. Deepika said company approved your pics, the photo shoot is tomorrow. Pakhi said I won’t do. Deepika said the company’s owner is coming to see the photo shoot.

Pakhi said stop it, I don’t want anyone to know I am here. Anuja packed Deepika’s bag to emotionally blackmail Pakhi. Deepika cried. Anuja said don’t be here, as there won’t be any photo shoot. Pakhi stopped them and said fine, I will do this shoot.

Deepika and Anuja thanked her. Ayaan saw the model pics and thinks to ask Pakhi. He thinks if dad knows I talk to Pakhi, then he will find out. Anshuman asked is this Pakhi, see the bangle. Ayaan confused him. Anshuman said she went Jaipur, and this model is in Delhi.

Ayaan said she maybe in Delhi too. Anshuman said yes right, I am in tension and my mind is not working. Ayaan said you have two options, it can be Pakhi and maybe not. He asked if you meet her, what will you tell her.

He said yes, I have planned everything. He said I will tell her, what will I tell her, I apologized before and will do that again. Ayaan asked him did you do my babysitting. Anshuman said yes. Ayaan said fine, when did you know about my needs. Anshuman said you used to cry.

Ayaan said when I used to be with Pakhi, I used to say I have a problem, she used to come with me. Anshuman said yes, I will tell her this and she will come home. Ayaan said go to Delhi tomorrow. He said I hope this is Maa. Anshuman said I hope so too and hugged him. Ayaan said I love you dad. Anshuman said I love you too.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman looking at a magazine. Pakhi was shown getting jealous seeing a model. Anshuman praised the model. She said it’s not a big deal to wear such clothes. She praised herself. Anshuman told her what it takes to be a model. Deepika asked Pakhi is she nervous.

She told her a joke. Pakhi said lets sleep now. Pakhi thinks again. Pakhi was shown modeling infront of Anshuman wearing high heels. She slipped and he held her smiling. She said this poise, elegance and attitude is not a big deal. He said yes I agreed.

She then thinks he called her characterless. Anshuman thinks about her and read her letters. He said I am coming to Delhi to meet Pakhi to complete my happy family.

Pakhi modeled and Anshuman came there. She saw him and was shocked. She hid her face.


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