Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021. Tanya blamed herself that it’s her own fault that she deserved all this because she did so much bad stuff to anshuman. Anshuman said that the fault lies with him only as he should mot have given her false hopes on marriage or bring pakhi to complicate matters and what Tanya sister was out of hurt and agony.

Tanya wondered if he ever loved her but anshuman remained quiet. she told anshuman to go and get Pakhi back home.

Back in Delhi , an angry Anaju told the truth to the landowner that Pakhi is not her daughter in law or deepika is her daughter. she said to Pakhi that she can never forgive Pakhi for betraying her trust as she thought both were going through the same thing.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021. As Lavanya read Naina’s story , she had a nightmare of where she treated Naina as a step daughter and her own child as her own. she promised never to be cruel to Naina. She shared her concerns to girish and said she hopes she doesn’t play favoutism. Girish assured her that these thoughts a narrow minded thoughts.

Lavanya was having cravings but when Anshuman and girish made her wanting for food she refused.

Tanya came to meet Anshuman and everyone was shocked to see her. she wondered why they were staring at her and wondered if she can’t come to her friend Anshuman’s house. she said that Anshuman has forgiven her but seems everyone else hasn’t. she congratulated lavanya for her pregnancy.

Anshuman wondered about his biography but Tanya said that the biography is incomplete without Pakhi.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021. Back in Delhi, ahuja was leaving but pakhi believed she was a little upset and was scared if her kids remember her or not or will accept her back. she said Anaju won’t leave.

Tanya seemed to have changed for the better and all seem to have mingled, before leaving, Tanya said that path should return home and she will pray for it to happen and left.

Anshuman and Lavanya got a letter telling about their mother.

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Pakhi and anauja had a fight and she admitted to Pakhi she was afraid that her children will ask her the same questions.. In their fight Pakhi saw photo of Anaja’s kids.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021


The Episode started with Anshuman reading the letter not knowing that Pakhi was the one who sent it. He then got his mum’s letter and hugged it. Lavanya and Anshuman cried happily. It’s was q very old letter. He held it and read it. Anshuman and Lavanya read her meaningful and instructive words.

She wrote ” give your love to your dad, always respect and love him, don’t know whether I can come to meet you, but forgive me and give place in your memories with love” Anshuman and Lavanya cried. Girish said few people get to rectify their mistakes, go and get her, is there any address. Anshuman checked the letters and read it again.

He read the number and smiled. Anuja scolded Pakhi and said I will show you I am acting or not, I am leaving right now. She said it’s enough and started packing her bag in anger. Pakhi and Deepika looked on. Pakhi said you won’t go anywhere, why are you running, you can scold me, but don’t leave this house. Pakhi said you love your children, but don’t want to admit anything. Pakhi thinks about the ad given in newspapers and saw it’s the same that Anuja has.

Anuja said I always gave Agnipariksha, not anymore. She said I am afraid, if they don’t reply, if they still hate me. She said I can bear anything but not hatred from them. Pakhi looked at her and signalled Deepika. Anuja said I am afraid that this fake world I am living in, can go.

Pakhi sat by her side and said if I tell you your fears will go away, your children also love you, then what. She said that your children are also finding you, want to meet you then, I can proof this. Deepika brought the paper ad and Pakhi showed it to her.

Anuja was shocked seeing the ad in the paper. Anuja smiled reading the ad. Pakhi said they are your kids and they are looking for you, they love you a lot, eager to meet their mum.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021

Anuja said are they looking for me. Pakhi nodded yes. Anuja showed the pic and said this is my Lori, they are my kids. She hugged Pakhi happily. Deepika and Pakhi smiled. Anuja left. Pakhi asked Deepika not to stop her as she had to feel that her children are waiting for her.

Lavanya tried calling on the number. She talked to Deepika and Pakhi asked them to call them tomorrow to Delhi. Pakhi and Deepika were happy, and Anshuman and Lavanya were excited too. Anshuman said we will take the morning flight.

Girish asked how will you go in this state, you can’t go. Anshuman said yes, I will go alone, I will bring her. Anshuman said start celebrating.

Anuja cooked halwa for everyone as she was very happy. She said my son loves halwa a lot. Pakhi told her that her children are coming to meet her. Anuja asked what. Pakhi said your letter reached them, they are coming tomorrow. Anuja hugged her happily.

Anshuman and Anuja were closeby.


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