Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 28th June 2021: Episode 109-110

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 28th June 2021 episode started with Pakhi recording Tanya and Ayaan’s conversation. Tanya thinks she heard Anshuman’s decision and did all this. She didn’t tell Ayaan and said we can’t trust Pakhi, she will stay again in this house, I don’t want Anshuman to get angry and kill Pakhi, she will die.

Ayaan said I will go to school now, bye. Tanya stopped him and thinks how did Ayaan think about the challenge winner matter. She doubts him. Pakhi hid. Pakhi gave leave to the servants and send them out of the house.

She saw the recording standing in the hall. Tanya came there with a stick and hits Pakhi. Pakhi got hurt and fell. Both of them had a fight. Tanya tried to take the recorder. Pakhi took the chip. Tanya dragged Pakhi and hurts her. Pakhi pushed Tanya and said are you mad, come back to your senses. Pakhi run to call Anshuman. Tanya brought a gun and aimed at Pakhi. Tanya said give me the chip, else I will shoot you. Pakhi said I will not give you the chip, shoot me.

Pakhi went to her room and locked the door. She cried. She mentioned Anshuman and called him again. Tanya said I will show her she is not safe anymore. Tanya called Mr. Rana and asked him to come home. Mr. Rana said I am in a meeting. She cried and told him everything. She said if she shows it to Anshuman, everything will be ruined, I have locked her in the room, come soon. Mr. Rana came home and calmed Tanya down. He said, why did you not shoot her, I did not give you this pistol to scare her, but to shoot her.

Mr. Rana increased the temperature of the room. Pakhi shouted Anshuman and cried. Pakhi fainted. Anshuman came home and Tanya made Anshuman busy. Anshuman thinks where did Pakhi go? Tanya said let’s go out please. He saw Pakhi’s mangalsutra on the floor and was shocked. Tanya became tensed. He said, it’s Pakhi. A glass broke and Anshuman runs to see. He saw her locked in the room and was shocked.

He took her to the room and tried to wake her up. He said Tanya call the doctor fast. Anshuman said get up please. Tanya said the doctor is not reachable, you go and get the doctor and Anshuman left. Tanya suffocated Pakhi. Pakhi run from her and went to the terrace. Pakhi said, I have the chip. Tanya said I will kill you, who will give the chip to Anshuman then. Anshuman left.

He met Girish and Lavanya at the gate. Anshuman told them everything. Lavanya asked, who is with her? Anshuman said Pakhi. Girish said, she is not safe, lets go fast. They saw Tanya pushing Pakhi off the terrace and shouted Pakhi!!! Pakhi is was shown falling.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 28th June 2021

The Episode started with Tanya pushing Pakhi from the terrace. Anshuman, Girish and Lavanya saw this and were shocked. Tanya saw Anshuman and was stunned. Pakhi hanged holding Tanya’s leg. Anshuman went to save Pakhi. Pakhi’s hand slipped and Anshuman holds it.

Tanya tried to pull him back but he pushed Tanya and saved Pakhi. Anshuman became angry and was about to stab Tanya with a broken bottle piece but Pakhi stopped him. Tanya was tensed. Anshuman took Tanya down. Mr. Rana said, how dare you deal with Tanya like this. Anshuman said, how dare you try to kill my wife. Anshuman showed Mr. Rana his status and reminded him of his poor and fraud past.

Anshuman got angry at Mr. Rana and asked him to take his junk daughter Tanya with him. He told Tanya that he is not blind and can see her truth now. He said, there is no comparison in between you and Tanya. Mr. Rana said, I will give you one chance. Anshuman said, I will beat you if you stay here.

Anshuman said, he is in his senses. Mr. Rana said, you are rich because I made you. Pakhi came there with Girish and Lavanya. Anshuman removed his suit and threw it at Mr. Rana. He said I don’t need this money, I am burdened. Mr. Rana said, you are mad, you will lose all business deals. Anshuman said, I don’t want your support.

Anshuman said, do anything you want. I came up by my hardwork. he said, what if all this money goes, I don’t care, I have sold shawls with my father, so I grew up. Mr. Rana asked, for this girl? Anshuman answered Mr. Rana well and asked him to think about them. Tanya said, I love you, think about me.

She said, it was dad’s plan, I just locked her in the room and he said about the heater. Anshuman said, Mr. Rana your daughter is not yours also. Tanya went to hurt Pakhi and Anshuman slapped her. Anshuman said, I will see you in jail in my wife’s attempt to murder. Mr. Rana said, no law can give us punishment.

Mr. Rana said, I can’t take guarantee about you and your family. Anshuman said, I will kill you if you dare talk about my family. Anshuman said, get out. Tanya left with Mr. Rana. Anshuman asked, Pakhi are you fine? She hugged him. Girish and Lavanya smiled. Ayaan came home and looked at Pakhi.

Ayaan was annoyed and run to his room as Girish winked him. Ayaan brought the family photo from his room. Ayaan said thanks dad. Everyone laughed. Ayaan asked them to kiss him and moved. Anshuman and Pakhi looked at each other.

Girish asked Anshuman and Pakhi to talk. Pakhi said, what you did for me, thanks for that, I am here as you have given more importance to Ayaan’s happiness than yours. Anshuman said Pakhi, from today tears will be yours but the eyes will be mine.

Pain will be yours but the heart will be mine, smile will be yours and the face will be mine, happiness will be yours but sight will be mine and Pakhi smiled. Anshuman said, you might be thinking that Ayaan wants you here so I am keeping you, you are wrong, I want you to be here. He said I tried to tell this before but could not say.

He looked at her and said stay here for me, Anshuman told Pakhi that he has changed and she is responsible for this. Pakhi smiled. He said I know if you go from this house, the happiness will go. Lavanya said, tell her what you have to. Girish said, come on tell it. Ayaan said dad, tell her I love you. Lavanya said exactly. Pakhi was shy. Ayaan said, girls of his class tell him I love you daily and he left. Girish said Anshuman, say it now. Anshuman said Pakhi and I have a gap between us.

Anshuman told Pakhi that he don’t believe in the Lord, but want to say that the Lord will be like her. He said he values her a lot and when he brought her from Chittor, he felt she doesn’t deserve him. He said, my love is not till your level. Lavanya said Pakhi loves you, she wants your love with respect.

Lavanya said fine, Pakhi will stay with me in my house till you get your feelings clear. Anshuman said no. Lavanya said you want Pakhi to stay with you and you are not saying you love her. She took Pakhi with her. Anshuman asked Girish whats this? Girish said call me if you feel sad and they left. Anshuman looked on.

Girish called Anshuman and said Pakhi left home. Anshuman and Ayaan look out for Pakhi.


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