Amazing Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday 2nd August 2021: Episode 200-201


Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday 2nd August 2021 Episode started with Anshuman and Sarah selling the food. Roham filled Pakhi’s ears against Anshu,an, but she took his side. Pakhi smiled seeing the orders coming and said Anshuman is doing right, he won’t cheat us. Sarah hugged Anshuman happily as they sold good number of their dishes. Anshuman took another tray out.

Many people liked it. They loved the welcome drink Aam panna. Anshuman said we should get 100 orders and are happy. Rohan became happy and hugged Anshuman and Pakhi. Anshuman lifted Pakhi. Rohan looked on and felt sad seeing them closer. Anshuman and Pakhi had an eyelock.

They got a notice that they have cheated and had to go to the office. Rohan said what, but how. They met the team. They came to know that they went to buy the food items late, this is cheating.

Rohan said it was because, He said I got the CCTV footage, I will decide later If you will you stay in this competition or not. Pakhi asked whats going on Rohan. Rohan said we were in food area at night, they found out. Rohan said they are saying we went against rules by being there when the time was over, if they find us wrong, they will disqualify us.

Rohan said the problem is we were really there till late. The man saw the CCTV footage and checked it. The man smiled seeing them leave the shop within the time. Pakhi thinks, what will Anshuman think that we were locked in the food area for one and half hours. Rohan and Pakhi asked for help, but they got stucked.

Rohan said we will disqualify because of the cockroach. Rohan and Pakhi asked them to get them out. A guard came and they came out at 12.30am instead of 11pm. The man said there was not tampering in food area.

He said fooling around right, no problem, it happens with couples all the time. He gave the CD to them and said keep this for great sweet memories.

Rohan said it was nothing like that. He said I insist, gift from my side. Rohan took it. Anshuman looked on, not seeing the footage. Rohan thinks this will make Anshuman doubt on Pakhi again. Girish said some shayari.

Ayaan said wah wah. Girish said we will complete the line with Lavanya. He saw Anuja spending quality time with Lavanya and he went back. Anshuman, Pakhi and Rohan came home. Rohan said I am sorry Pakhi for all this. He made Anshuman hear that they should have not gone there, after seeing the footage, you had to face this. Anshuman looked at them. Rohan smiled.

Anshuman thinks about the man’s words and Pakhi. The sindoor box fell. Anshuman sat and took it in his hands. He looked at the sindoor and thinks of them. He kept it back. Rohan came to him. He said you are thinking that we were alone there and she did not tell you about this. Pakhi thinks what will Anshuman think about us, it’s tough to think, and I did not tell this to him.

Rohan said you want to know what happened between us, why did she hide if nothing happened, I can tell you, but will you trust me. He said if I tell nothing happened, will you trust me, knowing I am the same Rohan, her first love.

Rohan said I always loved Pakhi and will always do, you can check this CD for yourself. Anshuman thinks of Pakhi and she thinks about him. Rohan said, Pakhi is like a clean mirror and you broke it, if you think she can become the old one, then you are mistaken, she came here to move on in life, she came to me, why did you come after her, but I am there to take care of her. Rohan left and Anshuman looked on.

Anshuman took the CD and Pakhi looked at him.

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The Episode started with Rohan talking to Pakhi and asking her not to pick glass pieces as it will hurt her hand, even she is gathering the pieces of her past. She said you might be thinking what will Anshuman think, what did we do in the food area, remember he is your past, so it doesn’t matter what he thinks.

He said you are thinking if he doubts you again, so what, nothing new, he will prove he is the same, don’t feel guilty, as we did not do anything, so it doesn’t matter if he thinks, it’s a good chance to see did he really change or not, if he doubts on you again, then it will prove he did not change, and such relations should end for better, he will prove he does not deserve you.

Anshuman thinks about Rohan’s words. He became angry and broke the mirror. Rohan said think Pakhi, he is the same Anshuman, who called me your boyfriend and doubted on you, today he has a bigger reason to doubt, his mind won’t change, he has insulted you, this doubt will make him stand at the same place.

he can act to show he changed, but he did not, I will tell you what he is thinking, he will think what happened between us, why did you not tell him, whats our relation. Anshuman thinks. Pakhi came to the Lord’s idol. Rohan said you trust the Lord, he also knows so he brought this, he knows your heart will melt soon, so he is trying to win your heart.

Rohan said what do you think, he is a big businessman, who manipulates people, it’s easy for him to manipulate a simple and innocent girl like you, he knows you will go with him, he is doing this as he can’t bear you left him and came here, if he left you, he would have not come here, you have slapped his ego, he is Anshuman Rathore, who doesn’t like to fail, by a village girl.

The man who can stain anyone’s character, can’t change, he had doubted on you, how much do you know him, few days, you don’t know Anshuman doesn’t have faith for you. Anshuman saw Pakhi’s letters. Pakhi said no Rohan, I feel Anshuman has changed.

Rohan said I don’t believe this, I explained you so much and you are still believing him, fine lets give him this CD, if he checks this, then he will fail in our test. I know he will fail, he can’t change.

He said but you will have to forget him and move on, accepting that he did not deserve you, this CD will prove the truth now. Pakhi came to her room and thinks about Anuja’s words to decide by heart and not mind. She thinks about Rohan’s words. She said if he breaks my trust again by his doubt, then I won;’t be able to trust anyone again, don’t break my trust Anshuman.

Anshuman was thinking holding Pakhi’s letters. She saw the CD on the table. She thinks of Rohan’s words about testing Anshuman by this CD. Anshuman came there and she hid keeping an eye on him. Anshuman saw the CD. He took it and looked at it. He threw it on the table and turned.

He took it again and went to his room. Pakhi became sad seeing this. Lavanya came to Girish and asked why are you sleeping here in the living room. He said I came to the room and saw you with mum, so did not disturb you. She smiled and asked his new poetry. He said his poetry.

She beat him and they hugged. Pakhi came to Anshuman’s room to see what he did with the CD. Anshuman sat and thinks. He was about to put the CD in the laptop. He placed it in CD drive and Pakhi was shocked.

She cried thinking about Anshuman’s promise to her and his language of touch. Anshuman thinks what is he doing, he should not doubt Pakhi. He took out the CD and placed it back in the cover. He shut the laptop and pushed it away.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday 2nd August 2021

Pakhi heard Rohan coming and left. Rohan saw Anshuman holding the CD and smiled. He took it from his hand and said you could not control yourself. Rohan said you should have seen what happened between me and Pakhi, you saw the CD and you doubted on her once again.

Anshuman said I don’t need any proof to trust Pakhi. Rohan said you have seen this CD and now acting great, we are good but not fools, who will believe you. Pakhi came and said I…. Rohan and Anshuman looked at her.

Pakhi said I will believe him. She smiled. She told Rohan that Anshuman did not see the CD, I have seen him. She said I know Anshuman trusts me. Anshuman smiled. She left. Rohan too walked out. Rohan came to Pakhi.

She said she is not angry at him as he is her importance of being friends, a husband should be a friend, to understand his wife, why did Anshuman not become her friend, so he had doubted on her character. Pakhi looked on.

Anshuman said we won, Pakhi hugged him. Rohan asked Anshuman to leave. Anshuman said I will be with her for eight days and this right is mine which no one can take from me friend.