Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Episode started with Pakhi asking Anshuman to meet her at night on video chat. Anshuman took a bath and thinks about Pakhi’s kiss. He got ready to meet Pakhi. Pakhi also gets ready. Pakhi thinks of the kiss and smiled. She made a drawing. Anshuman said I am late. Pakhi and Anshuman waited for each other. Ayaan thinks his mission is successful, as dad is falling in love.

Anshuman said, why did she not come, I will see. He came to her room and she wasn’t there. He saw a man running and stopped him. He asked the watchman to close the gate and called all the servants saying it’s a thief. The servants run to catch him. Pakhi came and asked what happened. He said it was a thief. She panicked and hugged him.

She said if anything happened to you then. He said, it happened because of you, I came to see you and I saw a thief. She said I went to the kitchen as it was still time. He said we met again. She said come, else the thief will be come back. It’s the guy who met Pakhi before, he told Tanya that he came from Anshuman’s house and did the same thing as she said. Tanya said, they made me go away, I know everything about you and now I will not leave them. She said I know their weaknesses and how to hurt them and she smiled.

It’s morning, Anshuman told his manager not to leave Mr. Rana and he will not go for out of the court settlement. He saw Tanya and was angry. Tanya said Anshuman, am I a stranger for you, look at me atleast with hatred. She said, love has no boundaries and I also crossed the limit to get my love. She said, am I wrong.

Anshuman said, looks like you and your dad are trying to make me take the case back, but I will not take it back. He said how dare you do that with Pakhi and Ayaan. He said, they are my pride. Tanya smiled and said I love you and can fight with the whole world for you. She said I did all this for you and I don’t regret but I should be punished and I am ready to wait for you, one day you will know Pakhi’s truth. He said don’t take her name.

Tanya said beat me. She said my biggest mistake is I did not hide my feelings, but Pakhi had waited for you for 18 years and she has planned to get you. Tanya said I did not fear to lose you but she wanted to get you. She said a woman can do anything to get her lover. She said every woman is the same, what Pakhi does is by hiding, I know you will know her truth one day. Anshuman said ask for life sentence in court, he left and she smiled.

Pakhi talked to Lavanya and said she is feeling very good, Anshuman was right, she is experiencing the love, she is falling in love with him. Lavanya said great, you sound changed. Pakhi said no, I am telling you that you changed me. She said you know Anshuman, you know what he will like.

Lavanya said yes, I know him, this period will never end, he will always love you. She asked, whats today’s plan. Pakhi laughed and said, we have a dinner date. Lavanya said go and get ready. Pakhi said, what do i wear today. Anshuman came home. The guard told him that the man is not in the CCTV footage. Anshuman said it means he knows where the cameras are.

He said, we got this wallet at the wall. Anshuman checked it and asked the guard to get his details. Pakhi waited for Anshuman in the hotel and oredered food. The guy called Tanya and said she is waiting for Anshuman. Tanya said you know what you have to do.

The guy met Pakhi and said, it’s strange that we meet often. Anshuman came with flowers and saw Pakhi with him. Pakhi saw Anshuman and thinks now I will teach him a lesson as he came late. She asked the guy to sit. He said but you are waiting for someone else. She said sit, and asked her name. He said Rohan. She was surprised and said Rohan? Anshuman heard them.

Anshuman said her date is me, then who is he. She said I am Pakhi Rathore. He asked are you Anshuman’s wife, I know him. He said, he is coming here, I will go. Pakhi said sit. He said he will not leave me if he sees me with you and he left. Anshuman came to Pakhi and asked who was he.

She said do we know each other. He said I am only 20 mins late. She said it’s hard to spend that time alone. The food came. He said you ordered without me. She said I ordered 20 mins before. He said you have it alone. She made him jealous. He thinks she should request me to eat. She didn’t ask him to eat.

Anshuman thinks why is she not giving him any piece of pizza. Pakhi ate all the pieces. He said you ended it alone. She said no one had to eat and I don’t waste food. The drink fell on her and he laughed. He said don’t expect me to help you. She said the cold drink fell because of you. She said lets go, nice flowers. He payed the bill and went after her. He said I will not buy any dress, you should pay the bill. Pakhi got stomach ache suddenly. Anshuman asked what happened and became worried.

Anshuman and Pakhi got closer and romantic.


The Episode started with Anshuman talking to Pakhi. She asked him to move away else she will call everyone. He said what, telling them that I am teasing you. She shouted for help, save me. Many people came there and Anshuman was shocked.

Pakhi called everyone for help and told them that this innocent looking man is teasing a beautiful girl, please help me, I am alone. A girl said we know you are his girlfriend as it’s an old trick. No one believed her and understood that they are girlfriend and boyfriend. Anshuman and Pakhi reached home and argued.

Anshuman said, I just came late and you did so much. She said I would have saved you. He said they knew about your bluff, you are bluffmaster. He said, give me the flowers back. She said if you bring a saree, will you wear it. He said I will cut the saree and make shorts for myself. She laughed on his silly talk.

He said you will become fat if you eat extra cheese pizza. She said how can you tell me fat, am I fat. He said yes, once boyfriend is ready, you take him for granted and eat anything. She said, it’s biggest crime to call the girlfriend fat. She said you guys will praise till the girl is ready then you will make an issue of everything.

They started arguing and called him old. He said I did not call you fat. She called him Budde. He said you will regret. She asked what will you do. They fell into the fountain pool and she laughed. Anshuman got closer to her and held her, drawing her closer. They had an eyelock. She turned and he stopped her. He touched her face and said I will wait for you at the terrace and she left and said I will not come. He smiled playing in the water.

Anshuman decorated the terrace with candles. Pakhi came there wearing a beautiful saree. He looked at her and was stunned seeing her beauty. She looked gorgeous. He walked to her. He gave his hand. She smiled and held his hand. he asked, how did you know my heart. She said what. He said that I find you beautiful in saree. She said as I am your Pakhi. He got closer and she moved away being shy.

She said it’s beautiful decorations, is it special. He said I am celebrating out first meeting. She said first meeting? He said 19 years old. She said 19 years old and you remember. She said it looks like someone is changing. He said someone did the magic.

She asked who. He said there is a beautiful angel. She smiled and said I did not do anything. He said it was not needed. She said great, I did not know your heart is romantic and it beats. He said I had a heart always but I felt it now. She said you took much time, 19 years, you are old now and laughed. He said am I old. She said yes. He held her hand and she said what are you doing.

He kissed her and hugged her. Pakhi closed her eyes and was nervous. She opened her eyes and looked at him, they came closer and had an eye lock. She run away. Anshuman smiled and went after her. She hid behind the curtains. He laughed and she disappeared. He looked for her and she teased him. He run to catch her. He lifted her and hugged her. He drew her closer holding her.

Anshuman and Pakhi had a romantic scene. He went closer to her and she turned. He smiled and moved away. She stopped him and got closer to her. They lay down and had a romantic line up. They kisses and she got sudden pain in her stomach. He asked what happened. She said I am having a severe pain and he became worried.

Anshuman planned a movie date. Pakhi told this to Lavanya. Lavanya said you are not going anywhere, make him wait.


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