Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 1st July 2021: Episode 113-114

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Episode started with Pakhi asking Anshuman to tap on a man’s bald head. He said he won’t do, it’s not adventurous. She challenged him and he said you do it if you can, I can’t do. She said ofcourse I can do it, watch me. She went to that bald man . Anshuman looked on and laughed.

Pakhi talked to that man and said I wanted to tell you something, you are shining and looking different, your head is shining and you look attractive. She said tell me the secret of your shining head. He said come sit. Pakhi winked to Anshuman. The man told her what he does to keep his head bald. She said I am very excited, can I touch it.

He said fine, it’s yours. The man gave her his head and she beats him. She laughed seeing Anshuman. She said I am sorry, I have hit in excitement. He said hit me once again. She beats him again and said your head is so soft. Anshuman was shocked. She said thanks so much. Anshuman came to talk to the man and asked, why are you flirting with my girlfriend.

He said she was praising me. Anshuman scolded him and said she was joking with you, we had a bet between us, you are a fool. The man said you broke my heart, don’t do this with anyone else and he left. Pakhi laughed and said you were jealous. He said no way. She said, then why did you tell him everything.

He said did you not see his heart broke. She asked him to get bald. Naina cried and Girish took care of her. Girish said it’s good Lavanya was not practicing singing at home. Lavanya came home and said what does he think, I can’t sing? He told me if I became a singer, the cows won’t give milk.

Girish said he is right. She said I told him I am a good singer. Girish praised her. She said I will come to your concert and sing with you. Girish became tensed. She asked, will you take me, please. He said how can I teach you. She said you are refusing. He said no. She said fine, let’s start practicing. Girish asked her to come.

He taught her singing but Lavanya sang badly. She said the music teacher was mad, he made fun of my singing. Girish said he was right, why did I praise her. Anshuman and Pakhi were together. Pakhi said you are very boring and confused and she laughed. She said I won and you are not celebrating it.

He said you are a cheater, you took advantage that you are a girl. She came closer to him and asked, am I a cheater? He said yes you are. She held him getting closer and he becomes shy. She used his girl powers and smiled. He gave her hand to him and asked am I a cheater. He said no, you won and she laughed.

She said, give me my prize. He asked what, I will make an ice gola for you. He said I will make it. She said Anshuman Rathore nwill make gola? and he replied yes.

Anshuman made the ice gola and gave it to Pakhi and they ate it. Anshuman made faces eating it at first. He looked at Pakhi and his gola fell. They ate from the same gola. They came home and were together. Anshuman tried to hold her hand and she kept her hand away.

They looked at the sky. She said it’s late, got to sleep. Anshuman said I have an idea to know who ate much gola, lets see the tongues. They checked their tongues. Pakhi said you ate much, your tongue is so red and they laughed.

Ayaan saw Anshuman and Pakhi. They went inside the house and looked very much in love, but had a gap between them. Ayaan thinks, there is much gap between them, they are very slow. He thinks of doing something to bring them closer. Pakhi said good night and looked at Anshuman smiling.

The Episode continues with Pakhi calling Anshuman unromantic. Anshuman said he is very romantic and had 13 girlfriends. Pakhi smiled and told him that she had a boyfriend. He said you are lying. He doesn’t believe her. She said I had one and fooled him. Anshuman got worried and asked really?

She said yes, he was very nice and used to be around him, even my family liked him. He asked then why did you not marry him. She said I was waiting for you, now he might be waiting for me, love is strange. He asked, what was his name. She said what’s his name and she left. Anshuman said she had a boyfriend? He asked her his name but she didn’t tell him.

She changed the topic and talked about cookies. He asked his name. She said it can be anything. He said I should know about him but she left. Anshuman said who is he. Lavanya came to Girish and said I am ready to sing now. I am ready to release my album. Girish was shocked. Lavanya said people will praise me.

Girish thinks of what to do now. He said you are a good shoe designer, why do you want to sing. She said I will dedicate my album to you. He said you won’t be able to do. She said the teacher was right, I can’t sing and she cried. He said I mean you sing only for me, not others, you sing well. She said I am doing this for you. Lavanya hugged him.

Pakhi slept. Anshuman came to meet her by the window. He saw her sleeping and smiled. He asked her boyfriend’s name. She talked while sleeping. He asked, what was his name. She said Rohan. Anshuman was shocked. He said it’s a film, nonsense, it doesn’t sound good, Rohan Pakhi. Anshuman Pakhi sounds nice.

He said Rohan is Pakhi’s past, I am her present and future. He saw her sleeping. He came to her and was about to touch her, but he stopped. He moved her hair and kissed her back. Pakhi sensed it. He left the room through the window. She opened her eyes and touched her back. She looked around and smiled.

Someone came to meet Girish and asked him to stop Lavanya from singing. Girish placed ear buds in his ears. He said we can’t sleep having this noise. I will take you to court. Lavanya sang. Girish said I have one solution, use ear buds and the man left. Lavanya asked why did he come.

Girish said nothing, he came to praise you and wanted to meet you, but went. Lavanya smiled and said I need to practice more and she left. Anshuman was with Ayaan. Ayaan asked him to help him with his homework. Anshuman saw Pakhi and she smiled. Anshuman made a sentence on Rohan. Rohan is a crack boy.

Ayaan left. Anshuman asked Pakhi, so it’s Rohan. He made fun of him. She said you made me tell in sleep, cheater. She thinks how did she come to know. She said I know cheaters even in sleep. He said now I know your secret. Pakhi asked about his secrets. He said my life is an open book with no secrets. She said now I will find your secret.

Pakhi asked Anshuman to do it. Anshuman stole some chocolates and runs. Everyone catched him. Anshuman came to Pakhi..