Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 22nd July 2021. The Episode started with Anuja asking Pakhi about Rohan. Pakhi thinks how Anshuman scolded her taking Rohan’s name. Anshuman met Nikumb. They talked about love. Anshuman said love is magical and it works. Nikumb said I am good away from it.

Anshuman said I have experienced it. Nikumb said some poetry and they laughed. Anshuman dropped him to the address. Nikumb left. Lavanya and Girish came to meet the doctor. She said there is nothing to worry, this problem can be made right by small surgery.

Anshuman talked to his manager about Prachin’s wife’s location. He got a paper and read it. He said it’s a contract paper, that after husband and wife’s death, the property will go to the survivor, this doesn’t look right. Pakhi told Anuja that she doesn’t know Rohan. Anuja said fine, let it be. Anuja asks who is this Rohan.

Pakhi says think who do you want, but don’t talk to me, how did Rohan call me. She said I did not give anyone my number, how can he call.

She asked Anuja did she check her mailbox. Anuja said I am really sorry. She said it’s a good job, good salary, its very far. Pakhi said I am not interested. I hate this name Rohan. Anuja asked why. Pakhi said you think this.

Anuja said I know the way you are hiding the pain in your heart, this name is somewhere in this. She said you are not away from family. Anuja said you can’t break relations. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words about Rohan. She thinks of Anuja’s words.

She washed her face and cried. Anshuman saw Prachin’s wife. He thinks why is she here, this man is someone else, what is she doing. Savita asked the man to do the work soon and gave him money. Anshuman thinks why is she paying him, for what.

He thinks what’s going on, what are they upto, is this a big problem for Tanya, this is wrong. Tanya enjoyed with her friends. Anshuman came to meet her. The guard stopped him saying a private party is going on inside. Anshuman said Tanya listen to me once.

Anshuman told Tanya about Prachin’s truth but she was adamant and insulted him asking him to bend on his knees and requested her to come with him. He asked him to do this if he wants to help her by lying to her about her fiancé.

She said you cheated me, I won’t do the mistake again. He said I really want to help you, your life is in danger. She said I will do anything. She said if you want me to forget anything and forgive you, then fine, beg me to forgive you. Her friends looked on.

Pakhi got Anuja’s letter for her kids and planned something. Anuja came and she hid it.


Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 22nd July 2021

The Episode started with Anshuman asking Tanya to come with him sitting on his knees. Tanya agreed. Anshuman brought him to Prachin’s house and Prachin was not there. Tanya did not believe him. Anshuman saw the door locked and broke it. The house was empty. He said I swear I saw his wife going in here.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 22nd July 2021. She said you can’t prove anything. He said why will I lie, lets ask the people outside. The man said no one stays here, there is to-let board out. Anshuman said what are you saying, this is a big game, your life is in danger. Tanya said what happened to you, what are you trying to prove, leave all this.

She said you proved me wrong by doing this, I am warning you to be away from me. She left saying get out of my life. Pakhi talked to Deepika about the difference in her life and Anuja’s life.

She said I want to give her a chance to meet her children, then let her do what she wants. They tried to find out if they can get anything related to her children. Deepika said we did not get anything. Pakhi got a locked box and opened it with a pin.

They got a letter in the box. She read it. Pakhi cried. Deepika asked whose letter is it. Pakhi said maybe her last letter for her children. Anshuman met Prachin. Anshuman talked to Tanya and told her about his long affair with Tanya. Anshuman said Tanya and I were very close, we used to live in the same home.

There was nothing hidden between us and then you came in between us and how to tell you Tanya is a difficult girl, you can’t handle her. They drank wine. Prachin asked what more about her. Anshuman said don’t feel bad, she promised to marry me and now she is marrying you.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 22nd July 2021. He said she doesn’t not love you, she is marrying you for your money, Prachin laughed and said money really matters and told him about 100 crores. Anshuman asked what, bring one more drink. Prachin said 100 crores is a big amount, if I get it, this is for it. He got much drunk.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 22nd July 2021

Anshuman said tell me come on. Prachin slept off. Anshuman said tell me more. He thinks he has something which he is hiding. Pakhi said maybe Anuja read this long before, don’t know she posted or it came back. She said we will write a letter from Anuja to her children.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 22nd July 2021. Pakhi made Deepika write the letter to Anuja’s children. She asked her children to come back to take Anuja, who is alone and loves them a lot. Pakhi said I will keep this and puts it in an envelop. She asked Deepika to write her phone number in it, as Anuja can deny to meet her children. Pakhi asked her to write the address.

Deepika said I can’t understand. Pakhi said if tge Lord wishes, her children will get the letter. Pakhi kept the old letter in it too. Anuja came and they were shocked seeing her. Pakhi hid the letter and she lied to her. Pakhi decided to post the letter.

Pakhi told Anuja that she posted the letter. Anuja slapped her and said I will never forgive you.


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