Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 24th June 2021: Episode 105-106

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 24th June 2021 episode started with Mr. Rana telling Tanya that he has sent money for her. Girish saw Tanya with the money and confronted her. Tanya lied to him and said it’s my personal thing. Girish said maybe your dad has sent gifts. Girish said show us, if I get angry, I will do Tandav.

He saw the boxes and it had sweets. Tanya made him eat it. She said fine, I will keep all these things and left Ayaan and Girish think what is the matter. Tanya called Mr. Rana and asked him what did he sent, only sweets? She panicked. He said I have sent the money in special boxes. It’s Rs. 40000.

Tanya got the money and was happy. She said now I can’t lose the challenge. She said now Pakhi will go out of this house, no one can save her, not even the Lord.

Maa ji came and sees her. She brought the milk bill and smiled. Tanya gave her Rs. 9000 for the bill. Lavanya called Tanya outside. Pakhi asked Lavanya to choose a saree for herself. Lavanya asked Tanya to take one too. Girish pulled Tanya’s leg and joked. Tanya took a saree and said thanks.

Anshuman came there. Pakhi gifted Maa ji a saree and gifts the servants also. Sukhi said you made me think about my father. Everyone smiled. Tanya thinks it’s good everyone are showing their real face, then she will see everyone.

Ayaan asked Pakhi to win the challenge, then they will celebrate. Anshuman said all the best. Ayaan left. Tanya thinks come back and see how I will make your life hell. Ayaan came back and said my friends came for the festival, I want to give them sweets. Anshuman said go to kitchen and give them what they like.

Ayaan went to the kitchen and looked for the sweet boxes. Tanya talked to Mr. Rana and said she will win the challenge, Anshuman was with her. Ayaan took the money boxes and Tanya saw her running with the boxes. She fell. Girish smiled.

Tanya said Ayaan took my sweet boxes. Anshuman said whats the problem. Tanya said dad has sent it for me. Tanya got tensed. Maa ji came with another bill. Tanya got angry at her. Tanya told Maa ji that Ayaan took the money boxes. Tanya asked Sukhi to give her Rs 1000 back.

Tanya scolded him and said I need my money back. Sukhi said from where will I bring the money. Tanya said I need it in half an hour else I will not leave you, and send you to jail. Maa ji was shocked. Sukhi cried and left.

Tanya broke Ayaan’ss piggy bank and stole the money. She got only Rs. 500. Maa ji came there and said it’s less time now. Tanya said I know. Maa ji gave her Rs. 1000. Tanya scolded them. Tanya payed the bill. Tanya said I don’t want any bills now. Girish talked to Anshuman about what did he decide. Anshuman said I made my decision.

I felt that Ayaan and my life is different, but Pakhi came in our life and made me realize that Ayaan is part of my life. He said my happiness lies in Ayaan, whatever happens in challenge, if Tanya wins, I will not make my relation with her as Ayaan is not happy with her, Pakhi will not go anywhere, she will be with us always. Girish smiled.

Pakhi was tying her backstring. Anshuman came and looked at her. He said Pakhi, He turned her and tried the string. Pakhi felt his touch. He gave her the pin. They had an eyelock. She laughed seeing his shy face and said why are you sweating. He aired to himself and smiled looking at her.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 24th June 2021

The Episode started with Pakhi talking to Anshuman about Ayaan. She said, I wanted you both to understand each other. I wanted to make your relation strong, you both love each other, you are lucky to be together. He said Pakhi, you! She stopped him and said, don’t say anything, let me speak. She said Anshuman, you are very nice. He said you made me good.

Pakhi said I will remove the jewellery and left. Pakhi came to Tanya’s room and saw Ayaan’s piggy bank piece. She understood and saw other pieces in the dustbin. She said Tanya and left. She showed it to Girish and said Tanya has taken money from Ayaan’s piggy bank as she got her money finished.

Tanya hugged Anshuman saying I won the challenge. She said see this file, I have paid all the bills, I am so happy, I still have Rs. 500. She said call Pakhi and tell her your decision, tell her that I won. Pakhi came with Girish. Anshuman said I made a decision and it’s nothing to do with this challenge.

Tanya smiled. He said a person expects a lot from their children. He said I don’t want Ayaan to feel short of anything. When we were small, our mum died and our dad did our upbringing and made us respected people that we are today, but we missed our mum. He said I don’t want Ayaan to lose his mum.

He said Pakhi is his mum. Pakhi was shocked. Anshuman said I am sorry Tanya, today you won but I could not make Pakhi lose, she is Ayaan’s mum.

Anshuman said you can punish me, but I can’t snatch Ayaan’s mum from him. He said I am really sorry. Tanya said I won this challenge, you want to mean I should leave and Pakhi will stay here. Anshuman said I am sorry, I realized that Ayaan’s happiness matters to me the most. Ayaan needs a mum and dad, their love. He said he will get mum’s love for sure. Tanya was shocked.

Tanya said I am for him, I will become his mum, I will keep him happy, I promise. Anshuman said try to understand, Pakhi is Ayaan’s mum. Tanya got angry and said ok thats it, what did you think, you will use me and throw me away. What about us? She said you don’t love her right, but she will be here as your wife. Girish said Pakhi is already his wife.

Tanya said I love you a lot, you are important to me. Anshuman said you are right, but my priorities have changed, I want to think about Ayaan, I can’t be selfish, I can’t spoil his life. Tanya said don’t cheat me, you told me everything will be fine if I win this challenge. Tanya asked Pakhi to explain Anshuman. Girish asked her from where did she get the money, from Ayaan’s piggy bank. Everyone was shocked.

Sukhi said we are sorry Tanya mam, I have spent the Rs. 1000 which you gave me. Girish asked why did Tanya ask you. Sukhi said as Tanya wanted it to win the challenge, as she was running low on budget. Anshuman was shocked. Sukhi cried apologizing to Tanya. Girish said it means Tanya lost the challenge, from every way, so whats your right. Tanya said yes.

I asked him money, I did this as I love Anshuman a lot, I wanted to win the challenge for Anshuman. She hugged him and said I love you Anshuman, please don’t leave me. Anshuman said I am sorry Tanya. Tanya cried and run to her room. Pakhi looked at Anshuman.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Thursday, 24th June 2021

Anshuman told Pakhi that he knew she will leave the house even if she wins. He said I felt the importance of you in my and Ayaan’s life, you can’t be always right, our fate depends on you. I am being selfish again and asking you to please not go for Ayaan’s sake, for this house and for me, for us. Pakhi cried.

He said our family will become a happy family if you stay with us, please stay Pakhi. The servants also requested Pakhi not to leave and punish them for their mistakes. Lavanya and Girish looked on.

Tanya packed her bag and said I will miss you Anshuman. She was leaving, just then Ayaan came looking sad. Girish told Ayaan that I told you Pakhi will win, see Pakhi will stay here with you and not leave you ever. Pakhi asked Ayaan what happened. Ayaan was upset and said I don’t want Pakhi Maa, but Tanya aunty. Everyone was shocked. Tanya stopped and was happily surprised.


Anshuman told Pakhi that I will keep our family intact. He talked to Ayaan and said why are you saying you want Tanya. Pakhi said something is bothering Ayaan.