Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Tuesday, 27th July 2021 Episode started with Anshuman saying Maa and walking towards Anuja. He called her and she hid her phone. He took the pic from her hand and saw it. Anuja cried. He looked at her and turned her. Girish came to Lavanya and said you look so ill, you have surgery after two days. She asked him to go to work.

He said fine and left. Lavanya spent time with Naina and started feeling unwell. She said I have much pain, I think I should call the doctor. She made Naina sit and went to make a call. She talked to the doctor and said she has shooting pains.

The doctor asked her to come today itself in one hour. Lavanya said fine and ended the call. She heard Naina crying and saw her fallen. She scolded the maid for being so careless. She took care of Naina. The maid taunted Lavanya. Lavanya became angry at her. Anuja cried and Anshuman looked at her.

He said Maa when you went last time, I could not stop you but this time I don’t want to lose you, sorry I don’t deserve this. He said I am unlucky to miss you for so many years, I have always wanted your love.

He said won’t you hug me once. She hugged him. She said my son, my Anshuman. She kissed his forehead. Anshuman cried hugging her. He said not anymore. He said I am sorry as his dad took this decision, he never thought he can be wrong. He said dad has hurt you a lot by doubting on you. He said I will make everything fine. They got emotional and Anshuman apologized. He said I stayed apart from you for 25 years and tried to hate you. She hugged him.

He said I have hurt you a lot. He said I did not realize there is nothing important than mum’s love. He said just give me one more chance, let me regret all my life. She said no and kissed his hands. She said don’t cry, nothing changed in 25 years, I still love you. She hugged him.

Lavanya cared for Naina as Naina had some fever. She saw her conscience and asked her not to act towards Naina as she cared for her baby more than Naina. Lavanya said she is my daughter and I care for her. She said I won’t make any difference. She said she will proof that Naina is her first daughter.

She said no, Naina is my real daughter. She got a call from the doctor and said I have to go for surgery, but I can’t leave Naina like this, I will proof that I love her a lot and is not her step mum.

Deepika and Pakhi did the welcome arrangements for Anuja’s children. Deepika and Pakhi talked and hugged each other. Deepika asked how are you feeling now to go ahead. Pakhi said I don’t know, but Anuja is right, I should move on. The bell rang. Pakhi said lets meet Anuja’s son, he will be glad seeing us. They went to open the door.

The house owner came to meet them. Anuja told Anshuman that she made a girl her daughter and one her bahu, she had no one except her children. She told him about Deepika and didn’t mention Pakhi’s name. Anshuman asked her name.

Pakhi told Anuja that she left without meeting her son. She asked her to make her talk to her son. Pakhi heard Anshuman’s voice as he asked her name.


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