Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Pt 1: Episode 59

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka TV Update On Friday starts with Pakhi looking at and talking to Anshuman’s photo. She thought about Anshuman and her struggle in Anshuman’s house. She talked to the Lord and said, I want my every morning to be in this house, but I am afraid that this night may end. Bua saw Girish upset.

She asked, did Naina sleep. He said yes. She asked, what is the matter. He said I am feeling guilty, I supported Lavanya and Anshumna, but did not tell anything to Pakhi, I am feeling bad, Anshuman and Tanya have decided their engagement too, they have fallen so much. Bua said, why did you not tell this to Pakhi. He said, because I felt Anshuman will accept her. He said, I will tell everything to Pakhi as I don’t want her to feel that she failed.

Tanya got dressed like Pakhi only to know how does Pakhi manage. She said, one day more, then Pakhi will be out of this house, let me see the power of your sindoor. Anshuman will be filling the sindoor in my Maang from tomorrow. Girish saw Tanya and thought it was Pakhi. He told her everything about Anshuman’s plan against her. Tanya smiled hearing this. Girish said, no one cares about you here, Anshuman wants to marry Tanya who is a selfish girl. It’s good that he deserved Tanya, not you. Tanya got angry. Girish was shocked to see Tanya.

He said Tanya you. She said yes, it’s your big mistake, your truth came infront of me, what will Anshuman think, that you cheated him for Pakhi. Girish said, Pakhi should know the truth, I am going to tell her. She said, then you won’t be able to stop your and Lavanya’s divorce. I know everything, that your relationship is on the rocks, it’s your loss. Pakhi will leave the house knowing the truth, but you won’t want Lavanya to go from your life.

He said you are right, I should not tell Pakhi the truth, else she will not believe in humanity and love. He said, you won’t be able to manage like Pakhi did. Poor Anshuman, when he comes to know he is with you, he will be heart broken, it’s true that he loves Pakhi, I have seen love in his eyes, if you don’t believe, hear his heart beats, you can hear only one name and thats Pakhi. Girish left. Tanya said no, Anshuman doesn’t love Pakhi, and if so, then I will get Anshuman in my hands, I will make Pakhi out of his heart.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Pt 1: Episode 59

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka TV Update On Friday continues where Tanya looked at Anshuman and called him. He asked, where are you? She said, look at the garden. She said hi to him. He was shocked to see her and asked, what did you wear? She said a saree. She joked and asked, how am I looking, am I looking better than Pakhi. He said, you know there is no comparison between you and Pakhi. He said, Pakhi and Ayaan will get up and go. She said, it’s so romantic, you make excuses to come to meet me. She praised herself.

He said, Pakhi is going tomorrow, wait for one day. Tanya smiled hearing the good news.

She said our life will change tomorrow, I am excited. She said, you will keep your Pakhi right? He said no, Pakhi doesn’t have a place in our new life. Tanya tried to confirm that only she is in Anshuman’s heart. She ended the call saying I love you and left. Anshuman came to his room and looked at Pakhi. He saw Pakhi feeling cold and covered her with the blanket. She held his hand.

Lavanya confronted Girish for going to Anshuman’s house. She said, did you not tell Pakhi that you made my life hell. He said, I should have spoken before, but it’s late now. She saw Tanya will take Pakhi’s place tomorrow then everything will be fine. Girish spoke against Tanya. He supported Pakhi. She said, don’t worry about my brother. Tomorrow will be the last day for Pakhi and first day for Tanya. Anshuman was unable to sleep and looked at Pakhi.

It’s was morning, Pakhi woke up and said, Anshuman I have decided, I will never leave this house. It’s Anshuman’s dream. He shouted no. She asked what happened? He said, it was a bad dream. Anshuman got a call from Tanya. Tanya was doing her engagement preparations. Pakhi asked him to fill her Maang with sindoor for the last time. He ended the call and fills her Maang. She gave him the calender.

The sindoor fell on the calender. He gave her hope and asked her to be positive. Their heads stroke. Pakhi said you are right, we should not lose hope, I have 10 hours with me, thank you. She smiled and said, you always tell something that makes me strong.

She said, look at this calender, it’s a good sign, it means it’s a new start, hope, all the old things have been erased. She left to prepare Ayaan’s tiffin. Anshuman thought, what did I say. The servants talked about Pakhi. Ayaan talked to his friend Piyush. Ayaan asked Pakhi, are you leaving today? Anshuman is worried. Pakhi said, are you worried that I am going? I am not going anywhere, I will be here with you, relax. Anshuman was shocked. It’s his imagination again.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Pt 1: Episode 59

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka TV Update On Friday Pt 1 ends where Ayaan thanked Pakhi for praising Piyush’s drawing. Ayaan said, I will not call you mum and you will have to go, good bye. Pakhi cried. Anshuman said, so this is the hope. Anshuman asked Ayaan to come to Pakhi and tell her good bye well by hugging her. Ayaan hugged Pakhi. Pakhi said, good bye Ayaan and smiled. Anshuman said, I am sorry Pakhi, you know him. Pakhi said, you have given me huge happiness today, I felt the peace by hugging my son, thanks. She hugged Anshuman.

Girish came and talked to Anshuman. Girish asked him not to hurt Pakhi anymore. He said, I am happy that you are getting engaged to Pakhi. Girish praises Pakhi. He asks Anshuman to praised that there is no one like her. Lavanya talked to Tanya and said, I brought some best designer shoes for you, you see and decide. She came to Anshuman and asked him to be happy. She asked did Ayaan call Pakhi his mum? Anshuman said no, I can’t be sure that Pakhi will leave. If Pakhi knows about my engagement she will create a problem.

Pakhi came to Anshuman and said, Ayaan’s school head called us at the school. Ayaan told his teacher that he hasn’t done anything. Anshuman, Lavanya and Pakhi came to meet the teacher. Anshuman asked what happened? They said, Ayaan has locked Piyush in the bathroom. Ayaan said, I didn’t do it. The management scolded Ayaan. Ayaan cried. Ayaan asked Anshuman to believe him.

Anshuman asked Ayaan to apologize. He said, Pakhi never wanted to send you to a hostel, but I will send you now. Ayaan said, I did not do anything. Lavanya asked him to say sorry. Pakhi thought and supported Ayaan and it surprised him. Anshuman and Lavanya looked on.

Pakhi asked Ayaan to take care as she is leaving. Ayaan called her mum and she hugged him.

Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Pt 2: Episode 60

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka TV Update On Friday starts with Pakhi saying my son Ayaan didn’t do anything, he hasn’t locked Piyush in bathroom. The management said, you are saying this, he went against you. Pakhi said, Ayaan can’t do this. He can’t hurt anyone, he is so small, he doesn’t know about jail.

He played pranks, he did not know what he did with me. I trust my son. Ayaan heard this and thought how he had sent Pakhi to jail. Ayaan thought Pakhi trusts him. The management argued with Pakhi. Pakhi said, a mum knows about her son, his limits and his goodness. I am sure that Ayaan did not do this, how can you point on him without any proof.

She asked for the proof. She said, you can punish him if you have any proof. She talked to the principal and said, is this the way you deal with kids. Ayaan said, I did not do anything, trust me Sir. He told Anshuman that he did not do anything, he is not lying. Pakhi said, I know you can’t do this, nothing will happen to you, you won’t be punished. Anshuman thought Ayaan can be on Pakhi’s side and goes against Pakhi. Lavanya took Pakhi with her and scolded her saying you don’t know Ayaan.

She said, I did his upbringing, I know he can do this, I know he can be dangerous in jealousy. Lavanya said, you are spoiling Ayaan’s future. Pakhi said, I am not trying to hide his mistakes, I have stopped him from doing mistakes, I understand Ayaan. He did not do this. She said, I have observed him, Ayaan was so good with Piyush. She said, Ayaan saved Naina, can he do this with Piyush. Lavanya asked Pakhi to stay out of this matter. She said please go Pakhi, let us live in peace.

Lavanya came and apologized on Ayaan’s behalf. Anshuman too apologized and said, even we can’t handle him, we have decided to send him to a hostel. Ayaan was upset. Pakhi said, I can’t let injustice happen with Ayaan, how can I prove this. She thought of what to do. She saw Piyush’s drawing on the notice board as winner drawing. Ayaan said, I won’t say sorry. Lavanya insisted. Ayaan said, I did not do anything. Anshuman slapped Ayaan. Pakhi came and held Ayaan.

Pakhi asked, who is Arjun Sharma? She asked Piyush, whose drawing is this. He said, it’s mine. Ayaan said, it’s Piyush’s drawing. Pakhi proved it was not Piyush’s drawing. She said, you might have known now who had locked Piyush in bathroom. Ayaan smiled. Tanya was getting ready for her engagement. Mr. Rana wished the engagement happened soon. Tanya said, Pakhi is going, do you have any doubt. He said, Pakhi is different. Tanya praised Pakhi and said, everything is under control, don’t worry.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Pt 2: Episode 60

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka TV Update On Friday continues where Arjun lied that it’s his drawing. The teacher scolded him and asked for the truth. Arjun said, it’s Piyush’s drawing and admitted that he locked him in the bathroom. The teacher and the principal said sorry to Ayaan. Pakhi told Ayaan, see I told you no one will punish you. Ayaan held her hand and Anshuman got worried. Ayaan said, I am sorry. Pakhi hugged Ayaan. Anshuman asked Lavanya to take Ayaan with her.

Pakhi told Anshuman that I don’t regret that I lost because I tried. She said lets go. Anshuman looked at her and said, what you did for Ayaan and this house, no one can do that, I feel it that Ayaan will miss you, take care. Ayaan asked Lavanya to wait for him as he needed to go to bathroom. Anshuman held Pakhi’s hand. Pakhi got upset and talked to Anshuman. He said, you are very nice Pakhi, take care. Pakhi asked Anshuman to hug her before leaving. Anshuman smiled and said language of touch. She run and hugged him crying. Ayaan came to Pakhi.

Anshuman looked on and asked, what are you doing here? Ayaan gave Pakhi her ticket. She thanked him. She asked him to stay well without mischief. Anshuman said Pakhi, let’s go. Anshuman called Lavanya and said, Ayaan is with us. Ayaan called Pakhi mum and Anshuman and Pakhi were shocked. Pakhi hugged him and smiled. Ayaan apologized to Pakhi. Pakhi cried with happiness. She asked Ayaan to call her mom once again. He said mom and hugged her. Anshuman said Ayaan is playing a prank with you Pakhi and scolded Ayaan. Ayaan said, no one trusts me except mom.

She said, I know you are saying the truth. Ayaan said, you are very nice mom, don’t ever leave me. She said, I will not go anywhere leaving you. She promised him. Ayaan gifted her drawing. Pakhi applied sindoor to the drawing and hugged Ayaan. Anshuman looked on shocked. Lavanya came and saw this. She took Anshuman with her and asked, did Ayaan call her mum. Anshuman looked at them. Lavanya asked, what will happen now. Tanya and Mr. Rana are waiting for you for you engagement. Ayaan said, let’s go home. Ayaan told Lavanya that she is my mom. Pakhi smiled. Pakhi said, lets go home Anshuman.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Pt 2: Episode 60

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka TV Update On Friday ends where Lavanya asked Anshuman, what will you do now, it’s going to be big problem. She asked him to cancel the function. He said I won’t call Tanya, whats her mistake in this. He praised Tanya. Tanya is happy talking to Mr. Rana about Pakhi. She said, I know Anshuman will always compare me with Pakhi. She said, she will always be nice to Anshuman after marriage. She said, Anshuman is a nice man. Lavanya said, shall I talk to Tanya. Anshuman said, I will have to talk to her face to face. Lavanya was worried.

Ayaan asked Pakhi to make Halwa for him. Pakhi said, I will make your favorite food. Pakhi asked Ayaan to call him Maa. Ayaan called her Maa. They have a talk with Ayaan. Ayaan said I love Maa, we will be together like a happy family. Pakhi smiled. Anshuman’s car didn’t not start. Anshuman thought of what to do. He said, there is a problem in the car, I will bring the mechanic, wait in the school. He left. Mr. Rana and Tanya werw happy thinking about the engagement.

Girish and Lavanya came to talk to Mr. Rana and Tanya. Lavanya asked Girish to stay in limits and not act much. Tanya gifted money to the servants. Tanya asked Lavanya where is Anshuman. Anshuman came home and as he reached the door, he hears Pakhi’s voice. He stopped at the door and thought, how did she come here, he has to stop Pakhi from going inside..

Pakhi asked, you are here? When did you come home? He said I have come here to send the driver. He asked, how did you come so soon. She said we came by taxi. Lets go inside. Anshuman stopped her but she didn’t not listen to him. Anshuman said, you can’t go inside. She asked why and opens the door. Anshuman got tensed. Ayaan asked Anshuman to come with him. Pakhi and Anshuman are shocked to see the inside. Anshuman looked at Pakhi.

Tanya told Pakhi about her engagement with Anshuman. Mr. Rana got angry at Anshuman. Pakhi was shocked.

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Friday Source: Eth Studios

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