Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday

The Tumhari Pakhi on Atinka TV Update On Wednesday 28th April 2021 episode started with Ayaan telling his teacher that Pakhi did this, she has tied the rope to his legs. His teacher thought of seeing Pakhi buying the rope in the market. Ayaan acted innocently. The teacher felt bad for him and said Pakhi looked so innocent, how can she do this to you.

Ayaan said, she is doing this for me. He cried and narrated how Pakhi punishes him and he cried. He showed her his mum’s photo and said, Pakhi has torn this too. The teacher said, I will talk to your dad. Ayaan said,it would be of no use, because even he takes Pakhi’s side, I tried but failed.

He said, my dad likes her and doesn’t listen to me. The teacher said, I will help you, don’t worry. She left and Ayaan smiled. It was night, Ayaan and Anshuman were playing games on their tabs and they acted similar. Pakhi came to them and said, I made something special for Ayaan, I know you like Pasta.

Ayaan thought what to do and thought of eating it. Anshuman thought, Pakhi knows Ayaan doesn’t like spinach and wants to find out what will Ayaan do, she is doing this to catch his acting. Anshuman said, Ayaan won’t eat spinach but Hatim eats it so will you. He talked about Hatim. Ayaan and Pakhi laughed.

Girish and Lavanya came and Girish did some shayari and said, we are glad that this is looking like a happy family. Lavanya said, we have come to incite you that Naina has gotten a new tooth. Pakhi was happy and asked, but why the function? Everyone looked at her for asking again. Lavanya asked Ayaan to come along.

He promised her that he will come. Pakhi was outside on the lawn thinking about Ayaan. She felt cold and Anshuman looked at her. He brought an extra shawl and covered her saying it’s very cold and she thanked him.

He said, don’t think about Ayaan too much, he is a moody kid. She said, I am thinking that parents celebrate and throw a party when a kid gets a new tooth, I am thinking of what to gift. Anshuman said, you were thinking about gifts, what’s the big deal, we can gift anything.

He suggested to her and she said, right, I thought we have to gift something good else everyone will laugh. She got him in her shawl and smiled. He said, it’s such a good weather, look at the moon, it’s so beautiful.

It was morning, Anshuman saw Pakhi in the garden and she made a big tooth. She asked Ayaan, why are you not ready? Ayaan replied, I won’t be able to come as my tuition teacher is coming. Pakhi said, you have to come, I will call your teacher and ask her not to come. Ayaan asked her to message the teacher and not call.

Pakhi messaged the teacher that Ayaan won’t be having the tuition today as he is going out with his family. Ayaan asked everyone to go and he will come with the driver. Pakhi said, we will wait for you.

Anshuman said, it’s ok Pakhi, let him come late, we have to go early. Pakhi showed him the gift for Naina and said, I have a gift for Ayaan too. She gave Ayaan a wallet and said, this is for the smart Ayaan. Ayaan took it and saw his mum’s photo in it. Pakhi smile, Ayaan looked at Pakhi and said, it has money also. Pakhi said, because a wallet is not gifted empty,do you like it. Ayaan said yes and left.

Pakhi got ready and Anshuman saw a sticker at her back and told her. She said sticker! where and tried to remove it. Anshuman said there, somewhat down. She said, then help me remove it. He came to her and removed the sticker. She laughed seeing it. She said, it’s good you removed, else everyone would have laughed at me. She thanked him and said lets go. He said, I forgot the file which Girish gave me, you go, I will come.

Ayaan talked to Maa ji about his new mission against Pakhi. Anshuman heard this and was happy. He said, Ayaan doesn’t need me as he already has Maa ji with him, smart boy. Ayaan asked Maa ji to call the teacher. Maa ji called her and asked her to come and take the fees. The teacher said, I will collect it today.

Maa ji said no, please come today else Pakhi will get angry. Maa ji spoke bad about Pakhi and painted a wrong image of her to the teacher. The teacher said, ok I will come. Ayaan said, let celebrate and drank cold drink with her and said, now Pakhi will be out of this house.

The party has begun at Lavanya’s house. Pakhi and Anshuman talked about Ayaan. Pakhi said, I fell he won’t come, I am missing him. Anshuman said, chill, he will come. Maa ji gave the fees to the teacher and got Ayaan’s call. Ayaan asked her to say as he say. Maa ji said, Anshuman needs the accounts file, I will check, but how will I know about the file. She asked the teacher to help her in finding the file.

The teacher agreed to help. Maa ji took her to Anshuman’s room. Pakhi talked to Girish and said I am worried Ayaan hasn’t come till now. Lavanya treated Naina well. Girish sairld, it’s strange Lavanya accepted Naina and I love her even more now. Pakhi said, I don’t know when will Ayaan accept me as his mum. Girish said, he won’t get a better mum than you.

The guests talked about Lavanya adopting a child and talk ill about Naina. They laughed at Lavanya and she heard them. Lavanya confronted them and asked them to come inside as she is doing an important announcement. The teacher heard Ayaan crying. She saw Ayaan in a cupboard crying and was shocked.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi on Atinka TV Update On Wednesday 28th April 2021

The Episode started with Ayaan fooling his history teacher saying Pakhi has punished him and cried. The teacher believed him after finding him in a cupboard. She asked him not to cry. Ayaan sign Maa ji and smiled. Ayaan asked her not to talk to Anshuman about this and she, he won’t listen to you, he will believe Pakhi. She said ok, I won’t say anything to him. Ayaan was happy and danced and she left. Maa ji and Ayaan were happy that their mission was successful. The teacher left her purse.

Lavanya made an announcement and said, as you all know I have travelled around the world but I found something missing in my life. Girish and everyone heard this. Lavanya said, I have everything but it looks incomplete, but now its complete, she hugged Naina and said, now she has come in my life. She spoke well and this made Girish and Bua happy. Lavanya said, I am happy to tell everyone that Girish and I have decided to legally adopt Naina. Anshuman and Pakhi smiled. Lavanya shared her childhood story which her mum told her.

She said, for me Naina is most beautiful to me and it’s her favor that she gave me and Girish a chance to become her parents. She kissed Naina and Girish kissed Lavanya and hugged her and Anshumna looked on. Pakhi clapped for Lavanya and everyone clapped for them. Lavnay and Girish cut the cake with Naina.

Ayaan came to the party and clapped. Pakhi saw Ayaan and said, when did you come, and why so late. Ayaan lied saying I came long ago. Pakhi said, I didn’t see you. He said, you might have missed me. They took a family photo where everyone smile. Anshuman had a talk with Ayaan and asked him, you have won in chess in school, so play a game with me.

Ayaan agreed and Anshuman said, lets play. They started playing, Ayaan was confident. Anshuman said, overconfidence can make you lose. Anshuman gave him some good tips to become a good player.Anshuman said, you have changed, which is a good thing, but I think Pakhi doubts you. He said, no one can change suddenly right.

Ayaan made his move. Pakhi came and said, let’s have food now. Anshuman said, I have an important meeting. Pakhi asked, will you have food there? I will call you and remind you. Anshuman said I will be busy in the meeting, don’t call me.

Anshuman lost to Ayaan and Ayaan gave him some tips. Anshuman said, very good son, even I want you to win the game and Anshuman left. Pakhi came to her room and saw the purse. Pakhi picked it and saw the ID and came to know that it was the teacher’s bag. She went to Maa ji to asked her.

Pakhi asked her, did the teacher come and Maa ji lied to Pakhi. Pakhi showed her the bag and asked, how did it reach my room? Maa ji was tensed and lied to her. Pakhi said fine, maybe Ayaan can answer this.

Maa ji informed Ayaan about this. Ayaan said, stop Pakhi there. Maa ji stopped Pakhi and said don’t be angry, I have hidden something from you, I went out for some time today and maybe she came in that time. Pakhi said fine, but how can this happen. Ayaan took Pakhi’s phone and changed Anshuman and the teacher’s numbers.

Pakhi asked what’s going on. Maa ji replied nothing. Ayaan acted smart and laughed. Maa ji asked Pakhi to trust her. Pakhi said, I can’t, I have to find out the truth. Maa ji informed Ayaan that danger is on the way.

Ayaan said all clear, I want her to call the history teacher, she will be in the problem, not me. Pakhi called the history teacher and Anshuman got the call. Ayaan came to Pakhi and said, I heard my teacher forgot her bag here. Pakhi said yes, I called her but she is not taking my call. Ayaan asked her to call again. Pakhi called her again.

Anshuman got Pakhi’s call again and he disconnected it. Pakhi kept on trying. Anshuman got angry and ended his meeting. Anshuman still trying Pakhi’s number now and he was also calling her. Ayaan smiled. Anshuman talked to Pakhi on landline. He asked why did you call?. He joked and said, I told you not to call me, but you called me so many times. She asked, what are you saying, Ayaan and Maa ji smiled.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi on Atinka TV On Wednesday 28th April 2021

Pakhi said, I did not call you, you called me. Anshuman said, how can you lie, I have call history. Pakhi said, even my phone have call history, come and check my phone. She was annoyed and called him rude.

Pakhi left and Maa ji was happy. Ayaan said, we have to do something, if they check the phones, it will be a problem for us. He thought of some ideas. Ayaan was playing with Maa ji and by mistake the juice fell on Anshuman. Anshuman scolded him and left his phone and went to change his clothes. Ayaan smiled looking at his phone. Pakhi met Anshuman and both of them look at each other angrily and Ayaan smiled. They exchange the phones and checked the call history. Maa ji looked on.

Pakhi asked, where is the call history, show me. Anshuman checked his phone and said where did it go, how can this be. He thought it’s Ayaan’s plan looking at him.

Ayaan was making plan with Maa ji. He called Pakhi and said, don’t beat me, Pakhi got worried and asked Anshuman to take her home as Ayaan needs help.

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