Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday 16th June 2021 episode started with Tanya speaking against Pakhi. Ayaan said stop it, I did all this. I have thrown all this here, what will you do now, will you kick me out of the house now. Don’t tell anything to my mum, she is my mum, my mum is true, I will kick out the one who speaks against my mum. Pakhi asked him to go to school. Ayaan said I won’t go, they will make you leave the house. Pakhi said no, you go and I will be here, I promise I will be at home. Ayaan hugged her and left for school.

Anshuman talked to Pakhi about Ayaan. Pakhi said Ayaan did not do this. Anshuman said I am sure he did this. Tanya said Ayaan did this, he was acting and played games with me. Maa ji said he is a kid. Tanya said no, he is supporting Pakhi. He has saved Pakhi but he took the blame. Anshuman talked to Pakhi and said why is this happening with me. I did mistakes, I brought you here and made you come close to Ayaan.

He doesn’t love the one I love, why did I do that, this is happening with me, what should I tell her, to forget all the promises. He said, I can’t tell her this, Ayaan doesn’t want you to go and he can’t bear Tanya, what should I do now, I was right before, I did not had any emotional attachment before with Ayaan. He drank wine and said then you came in our life and everything changed, Ayaan my son started loving me, shared his problems with me, we started having food together, I got my son.

I felt my childhood is infront of me, I saw myself in Ayaan. He thinks about Ayaan’s words. He threw the wine glass and said now everything changed again, as I can’t agree with Ayaan this time, he wants you and Tanya to leave, I don’t want this, I will lose my son again. I am helpless.

Pakhi said Ayaan is close to you, he feels his right on you, he loves you a lot and expects love from you. She said I did not do anything, when you opened your arms for him, he came closer to you. I promise you that Ayaan will never go away from you. I will not let him go far, before I go from this house, I will make your relation more strong. She smiled. Anshuman said, why are you so good Pakhi. He was about to hug her and she stopped him saying we are strangers and can’t have a touch relation as they can’t be strangers then. Lets be stranger, it will be better.

Vikram called Lavanya and she removed the sim and threw the phone. He called on the landlone. Lavanya cried and cuts the call. She disconnected the phone. She closed the door and windows. Anshuman gave Rs. 12000 to Tanya. She said this challenge doesn’t mean anything to me. He said Ayaan accepted his mistake. Tanya said, he is a kid and I don’t feel bad, he will like me in few days, I will wait. Anshuman said I will go now. Tanya said I will also come with you. Pakhi made Ayaan’s name on a thread cloth board. They left.

Pakhi heard Maa ji and Sukhi talking to Ashok. Ashok asked for food. They told Pakhi that Ashok needed money, his wife is pregnant. Pakhi said I will help and left. The servants felt Pakhi is so good. He said we want Pakhi to win the challenge. Anshuman thinks about Pakhi’s words. He thinks why is Pakhi doing all this, she wants to go and bond me with Ayaan, its not for the challenge, whats going on in her mind.

Lavanya came to meet Anshuman. Pakhi said he is not at home and Tanya is also out. Lavanya said I was alone at home, if you don’t mind, can I sit here for some time. Pakhi said come, it’s your house. Lavanya was tensed. Pakhi asked is everything fine. Lavanya said nothing and asked her to stay with her. The phone rang and Lavanya was shocked. Pakhi said I will see who is it.

Pakhi told Lavanya it’s a call for her. Lavanya got worried thinking it’s Vikram’s call. She took the call and asked who is it. Pakhi said Vikram. Lavanya talked to him. Vikram said so you have switched off the cellphone and landline also. He said I know you were here, I know you and what you can do.

He said I want to remind you that you have to decide, either you will come or I will see the Rathores infront of the media. Pakhi asked Lavanya is everything fine? Lavanya said I am going home and left. Pakhi met Ashok and gave him money. She said I know you need money for your wife. Ashok thanked her.

She asked him to come back to work soon. Ashok started crying. She said it’s a good time that you are becoming a father, be happy and smile. Ashok said we all know about the challenge, Tanya has bought us by giving gifts and we are afraid of her. He said, what she is doing is not right.

He told her that Tanya is ordering low standard food. She said now they should know that we know everything. Pakhi came home and met Ayaan outside the house. She hugged him. Ayaan said I was waiting for you. She said I went for some work, I know you did not do anything and you took the blame to save me.

She hugged him. Ayaan said it will be good if you win the challenge, dad will love you. Pakhi thinks she has Anshuman’s memories with her, she just wanted Anshuman to know Tanya.

Ayaan said Tanya has thrown the ration, we know but how will we tell everyone. She said I want a prank from you and hugged him. She said our mission is Tanya Band Bajao. Anshuman and Tanya came home. They heard Pakhi talking to the fingerprints experts. Pakhi said it’s good news, someone has thrown the ration, now we will know who did it. Anshuman said Ayaan did it. Pakhi said no he did not, we can get to know now. Tanya got tensed.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday 16th June 2021

The Episode started with Pakhi telling Anshuman about the finger prints experts. Tanya acted innocent and said I also want to know who did this. Tanya made an excuse and left. Tanya went to the spot and cleaned the hand marks. She waa shocked to see Anshuman and Pakhi looking at her.

Ayaan told them that it was Tanya who did this. Anshuman was shocked. Pakhi said it was you. Tanya said no, why will you do. Pakhi said you have hidden this, you did this for the challenge. Pakhi said you cheated Anshuman, he trusts you so much, you have broken his trust.

Tanya said Anshuman listen to me, I can explain, I did not do anything. Pakhi taunted her and smiled. Ayaan and Pakhi teased Tanya. Ayaan said dad is very angry, he will not leave Tanya. Pakhi said even I am scared, Anshuman hates liars and the people who cheat him. Pakhi said Anshuman was so much angry. Ayaan said I will go to Lavanya’s house as I don’t want to face dad’s anger. Pakhi said why should we worry, we are innocent.

Tanya said I am going to talk to Anshuman. Pakhi said oh fine, give me Rs 12000 which you have wasted. Tanya said it was not of Rs 12000. Pakhi said I know it was if Rs 6000, but you said 12 to Anshuman right. If you want Anshuman to know it, I will tell him, else we have a deal. Tanya left.

Pakhi and Ayaan smiled. Tanay brought the money and gave it to Pakhi. Pakhi taunted Tanya and asked what will you do now? She said one more day is left. It looked like you are losing the challenge. Tanya left in anger.

Anshuman came to Tanya and scolded her for throwing the ration out of the house to win the challenge. He said how can you fall so low, how can you do this. Tanya started crying and said, we are not we now. Tanya fooled Anshuman with her words and said I did all this for you. I did not want to get into this, where were you to help me.

She cried and made him feel guilty. She said what happened in holi, I don’t even want to say, I thought to leave everything, you were with me, but you made me stuck in this and you did not care, the one who wins stays in this house, me or Pakhi. I have done this for you. I adjusted a lot.

Did you ask me once how I am managing the budget. She said, you want to lose to Pakhi, I wanted to win for you. She said your heart has changed, you want Pakhi to stay in this house, fine I will go.

Anshuman said no, I want the game to be fair, your way is not right. She asked, what you did was right? She said I was wrong. Anshuman held her hand and said I am sorry, I was angry. He said please don’t feel you are alone, I will always be with you, you and I. Tanya said it’s ok and hugged him. Anshuman left. Tanya smiled and said I feel love for you, you are so innocent. Lavanya saw Girish and went to talk to him. She was shocked to see it’s Vikram.

She said, you are here? Vikram held her hand and said I was waiting for you. She said please leave. He said you changed, you used to call me at your home and now you don’t like me coming here. She said leave me and pushed him. He got closer to her and said I would have done anything, but I won’t do, as that’s not my style, come to me on your own, else you and your family will have to pay. He threatened her and left. Lavanya cried and said I was so wrong, what will I do now.

Pakhi and Ayaan were playing. Anshuman came to them. Pakhi said, are you happy now, she cried and you have forgiven her. She said I am surprised that if I could not prove, you would have kicked me out of the house. It was Tanya’s mistake, will you not do anything?

This is your real face, you said you did bad with me and want to repent. Anshuman said listen to me but It’s was his imagination. Pakhi asked what happened? He said apply oil to Ayaan’s hair. Anshuman said both are right and I am grinded. Ayaan talked about Sameer of Nadaan Parindey. Ayaan asked Anshuman to scold Tanya as she did a mistake. Anshuman agreed.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday 16th June 2021

It’s morning, everyone sat for breakfast. Anshuman, Pakhi and Ayaan made Tanya feel like a stranger. She felt lost in between them. Anshuman was caught between them. Anshuman wanted to talk to Tanya but Pakhi didn’t let him. He said you wore nice dress. Tanya said thanks and smiled.

Anshuman tried to tell Tanya that kids will do what they see, so to teach them, we have to do good things. He said Ayaan will do what he see. Ayaan nodded yes. Anshuman said if Ayaan does anything wrong, he should be sorry. Tanya asked what you want to say? Anshuman said say sorry to Pakhi. Tanya was shocked. Pakhi smiled.

Tanya said sorry. Pakhi asked her to say it again as she did not hear it. Tanya said I am sorry. Pakhi teased her and said repeat it. Tanya said I am sorry Pakhi. Pakhi said fine, are you saying it by heart? Ayaan asked Maa ji to give breakfast. Ayaan asked for chocolates. Maa ji said it’s over.

Tanya scolded Maa ji and acted infront of Anshuman. Maa ji said money? Tanya said you should have asked me, don’t give me excuses. Tanya left saying I will give money to Maa ji. Ayaan thanks Anshuman and he smiled.

Maa ji talked to Tanya about the budget. Tanya said I have my ATM cards. Pakhi cuts her cards. Tanya said from where will we get money. Tanya came to Anshuman and said I want Rs. 25000.


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