Tumhari Pakhi 21 July 2021. Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 21st July 2021. Lavanya excused herself to walk outside. Anshuman congratulated Tanya’s fiancee. Her Fiancee went to make a call and Tanya got a chance and started insulting and taunting Anshuman for how he messed up her life.

She went on and on even cuts Anshuman off when he said he was really happy for her. she reminded him how Lavanya was waiting for him in car.

Deepika was all excited for receiving first pay cheque. Anuja asked for party, she agreed. All three enjoyed in the chandani chauk, paratha gali, walk on the street for window shopping when a guy repeatedly even teased deepika. Pakhi encouraged her saying to tolerate injustice is a bigger crime than injustice it self.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 21st July 2021. She told her to be strong, take a stand etc. Anuja said her family always tell to keep quite both the incident girl is the one who gets defamed so are not you going to do something. Deepika went and slapped the guy, yelled at him, crowd gathered around asking what had happened, she told the truth and public started beating him.

Pakhi and anuja seemed proud of her. She went to group her, when her invisible boy friend prateek suddenly became visible calling her name. he dragged her home seeing alcohol bottles and started blaming her, insulting her, questioning her life style, stopped anuja to intervene, when deepika told the truth, he blamed her to provoke the guy, final nail in the coffin, he called her characterless. All three were shocked for their own reasons.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 21st July 2021. Deepika stood up for her and gave him a tight slap. He too in return raised his hand but Pakhi stopped him, deepika gave him a reality check, how he too got caught for even teasing, he kept on insulting her, threatened her for the sake of family marriage etc. Deepika threw the ring on his face and threw him out too.

She came in and started crying. Anuja-pakhi gave her courage, they hugged but she was crying how he had called her characterless when she had changed so much fo him. She said to pakhi now she understood what she meant by self respect.

Anuja and pakhi were sitting in room, anuja said that every guy thinks and is afraid that a woman can have her own life, she should not be going ahead of them, she should be able to lead, all men can think of is suppressing woman, best way to control blame on character etc.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 21st July 2021. She took all her frustration out finally in vocal and ended up saying nothing has changed all still same only style, pattern has changed first anuja, then pakhi now deepika. Pakhi got it. Pakhi said she has refused to give agni pareeksha. He came to apologize, tried to pacify me but I did not go.

Anuja replied I knew you are away but did not know why. Pakhi asked anuja, has she not ever felt for her kids? Has she not thought of going back for her kids? Anuja was shown going, where she begged her hubby to let her be for her kids but he still kicked her out. Pakhi said many times she felt Ayaan is paying for no fault and she at least should go back for him leaving all aside.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 21st July 2021. Anuja said my kids would have grown up by now with her bad memories. They must be feeling their mom left them when they needed her most. I live happily keeping their picture in my eyes, as I do not even know how do they look now.

Pakhi said relation can never break, may be path gets different, Every one wants to be free but practically it is not possible. She said a love without self respect brings you down in your own eyes.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 21st July 2021

Back at Shimla, Lavanya said I can understand her self respect, hence she never tried to search for us, now she has her own family. For us it is enough that she missed us.
Other side in Delhi Anuja was telling pakhi she missed her kids every day, she cried a lot but now she had learned to live in their happy memories.

She told pakhi that she is very lucky to get a chance to speak with her son every day. She said the boy is very good looking, what is his name pakhi smilingly said Ayaan, anuja said his eyes are like my son, pakhi asked what is her son’s name? She became quiet for a long time before finally saying Anushman

Precap: Tanya was again after a married guy
Anshuman bumped into a girl, who happened to be Prachin’s wife. She dropped her marriage certificate. Anshuman went to tell the truth to Tanya, who thinks he is taking revenge and offered herself for him to marry her if he wants her.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 21st July 2021. The Episode started with Anshuman coming to know that Tanya’s fiancé is not good as he saw his wife. He was at the passport office. He got the form where he saw Prachin’s pic on his passport form. He gave it back to the lady and thinks Prachin is already married, how can he be Tanya’s fiancé.

Pakhi gifted Deepika and Anuja. Pakhi told the importance of the gift. She asked Deepika to move ahead in life and Anuja has to go back in her past to revive her relations. We have to think how to make her meet her children, but don’t tell her.

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 21st July 2021. Deepika asked why is your pic not in this. Pakhi said yes, as I want to be in the present. Anuja came and cleaned the bed. She saw many mails related to jobs and saw it. She read the mail. She said why is she not responding to such great jobs. Deepika came and Anuja said Pakhi is getting good offers and she is not taking it.

She can start a new life. Deepika said maybe her heart is not able to forget anyone, she wants to stay here. Anuja said maybe, I am afraid she can become another Anuja, I went through this, I won’t let this happen, she has to move on, help me in this.

Deepika agreed. Pakhi came and showed the gift a s they laughed. Lavanya joined her and Girish’s pic. She was out it in the frame. She said it was not mum’s mistake, but we got punished, I decided I won’t make any mistake that can affect Naina. She said I promise you I won’t fight with you. He said fine but keep fighting with me, I like it. She laughed. He said lets sleep now, we have to go to gynac in the morning.

Anshuman came to meet Tanya and she was shocked seeing him. She asked what are you doing here. Anshuman said Prachin is cheating you, he is already married. She said what. He said I was at the passport office and I saw his wife’s documents. He is married. Tanya said I can’t believe this, I will break my relations with him and will not marry him. She said you are so good to help me and laughed.

She said what did you think, I will thank you. She said do something else to take revenge. She did not believe him. She asked him to leave and think of new ideas to break her and Prachin’s relation. He said I am not lying. She asked are you jealous. He said no, I am telling this for your good.

She said you are greedy, I was with you and you loved Pakhi, and now she is gone, so you want me back, but I will come back to you, but you have to marry me. He said what are you saying, I just want you to ruin your life.

She said you want to ruin my life. She said you are jealous as I got a better man than you. She said you don’t deserve me. She became angry. Anshuman asked Tanya not to marry a wrong man. She said don’t give yourself importance, I don’t care.

You don’t have any effect on me, I will marry Prachin and stop interfering in my life and she left. Anshuman said I already ruined my life, you are walking on the wrong path, how to tell you this is wrong.

Anshuman came home and told everything to Lavanya and Girish. She scolded him for helping Tanya. She said Pakhi is not here because of Tanya. Anshuman said no, it’s not that, she is not here because of me. He said Tanya did this for my love. Pakhi made me realize true love. Tanya is marrying to prove to me that she doesn’t care.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 21st July 2021

Lavanya said let her get ruined, I don’t care. Anshuman said relax, I will go to Pakhi and apologize. He said this is happening in Tanya’s life because of me, I will help her. Lavanya said fine, Tanya is not deserving. She felt pain and Girish held her.

He asked her not to take stress. Anshuman said fine, I will do as you say. She smiled. Lavanya talked about their mum and missed Pakhi. Pakhi and Deepika talked about Anuja’s kids and how to find them. Deepika said how will we find them in such a big world. Pakhi said we can find them easily.

Deepika said I am seeing an ad since many days, but I did not read it. She brought the paper and showed the ad to Pakhi. She said it has a lullable and we can also do something like this. Pakhi looked at the pic and thinks.

Anuja asked Pakhi why does she not want to do the job and scolded her.


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