Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday 23rd June 2021: Episode 103-104

Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday 23rd June 2021 episode started with Lavanya hugging Girish and saying sorry. Vikram was arrested by the police. Girish forgave her and said it was not your mistake. He told Pakhi about his mistake but he told Lavanya everything as he loved Lavanya a lot. He said I am responsible for all this, if anything happened to Lavanya, he would have not forgiven himself.

He thanked Pakhi. Pakhi said, we will forget this day. Pakhi said everyone does mistakes but if anyone regrets it by heart, then the Lord also forgives them. She said husband and wife has to support each other. She said your relation is more strong now, as it joined after a break up.

Lavanya thanked Pakhi and apologized to her for doing so bad for her. Pakhi said no, stop all this and hugged her. Lavanya said I am sorry. Pakhi said no. Lavanya said anything could have happened today, thanks. Girish smiled. Maa ji showed her watch to Tanya and she saw the camera in it. Maa ji said Ayaan gifted me this. Tanya got angry and saw Ayaan.

Tanya run after Ayaan and scolded him. Ayaan said yes I did this, I don’t like you, leave from my house. She was about to slap him and Pakhi came. Tanya stopped seeing her. Pakhi got angry. Ayaan run and hugged Pakhi. Ayaan said Tanya was going to slap me, she scolded me a lot. Tanya taunted Pakhi. Maa ji asked Tanya to see Anshuman. Tanya was shocked to see Anshuman.

Tanya spoke against Pakhi and Ayaan infront of Anshuman and told what Ayaan did. Ayaan also tells everything what Tanya did. Ayaan asked Anshuman to take a fair decision seeing the mistakes Tanya did. Tanya said look at him, he is so small and Pakhi is teaching him. She is spoiling her son. Tanya said yes, take a fair decision, look at this watch, it has camera. Anshuman left without saying anything.

Pakhi asked Ayaan to go to his room and Ayaan left. Tanya and Pakhi had an argument. Pakhi said if you scold Ayaan again, then I will not leave you, I will break your hand. Maa ji hid and heard all this. Pakhi and Tanya challenged each other.

Anshuman said I can’t trust myself now, the decision is between Tanya and Pakhi and my life is at stake. He said calm down, it’s till tomorrow, everything will be fine. Pakhi’s Bhabhisa called Anshuman and asked how are you all? Anshuman said, we are fine.

Bhabhisa said, I want to talk to you, the thing is we have puja here and Pakhi knows all this. A wife does this puja for her husband’s long life. She said Pakhi did this puja every year since childhood, she wished she does the puja with you. She requested him to sit with Pakhi in the puja. Anshuman agreed and she ended the call. Anshuman said Pakhi is leaving tomorrow, then what’s the need for the puja. Pakhi calmed Ayaan down and told him a story of the sage and a crab.

She asked Ayaan to perform best in his football match and be a good boy. Ayaan said, you also have to win tomorrow. Pakhi said, we don’t know what will happen, but truth will win. Ayaan said, will you go back to Mamisa as she called today. Pakhi said yes, I will talk to her. Pakhi called Bhabhisa. She reminded her of the puja. Bhabhisa said I spoke to Anshuman about this. Pakhi was surprised and ended the call.

Pakhi thinks, why will Anshuman sit in the puja as their relation was ending now. She came to Anshuman and asked, what are you doing here? He said, I wanted to give you surprise about the puja, you will celebrate this year also with all of us in this house. He said.

I got everything and showed her. Pakhi was happy. She said don’t do all this by force. Anshuman said no, I am doing this by my wish, I am under your favors, it’s less if I do anything, what you did with Lavanya, thanks.

He said I have only my sister who supported me after my parents died. He was grateful to her. Pakhi said is she not my sister. He said yes, she is, and this is your house, you can ask anything. Pakhi said this is not good, when I ask you anything, it’s like you don’t want to give. He said, ask me and see. He said, if I ask you then?

Anshuman said ask me once. She said I want you to love Ayaan a lot, after I go, you should give him mum and dad’s love. He said you always asked this. She said I don’t want anything else. He said you did not ask anything for yourself. She said I want peace and I will get that if you and Ayaan love each other.

Anshuman said no one does this for strangers, I was wrong, we have a relation between us. They had an eyelock. He hugged her. Pakhi cried hugging him. It was Pakhi’s imagination. Anshuman said good night and left. Pakhi said thanks Anshuman and smiled.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday 23rd June 2021

The Episode started with Tanya asking the servants not to do any mistake today. Pakhi came and told her about the puja at home and that they will make traditional food in the house. She said she will do the puja with Anshuman. The cook agreed that he will make the food. Pakhi taunted Tanya. Lavanya told Girish that they have to go to the puja at Anshuman’s house as Pakhi invited them. Girish told her about their divorce. Lavanya said we will go there and marry again. Girish joked.

Pakhi got dressed in the traditional dress and looked stunning. Ayaan and Anshuman were speechless. They said to Pakhi that she is looking very beautiful. Ayaan said I will watch you do the puja and I will pray that you always stay with us. Maa ji talked to Tanya about the low budget and was worried. Tanya was happy and gave money to Maa ji. She said dad is coming back and sending me money. Maa ji said if Pakhi comes to know then. Tanya said she won’t know this time. She said no one can stop me, I will win the challenge. Sukhi came crying and said my kid fell from the terrace and I have to go to hospital.

Tanya scolded him and asked, who will cook? She said you have to make traditional food and then go. He said I have one son and he is in the hospital. Tanya said did he die? Maa ji was shocked seeing Tanya’s arrogance. Sukhi said if Pakhi knows this, she won’t let me stay here and come with me to the hospital. She scolded him. He said I won’t work. I will go to my son now. He said I pray that Pakhi wins the challenge and left.

Lavanya came wearing a saree and asked Tanya where is Pakhi, she may help me. Lavanya went to meet Pakhi. Tanya scolded Maa ji as she didn’t get any cook. Maa ji said how are going to make the food now. Tanya said Anshuman will find a solution as my victory is Anshuman’s, he will help me win this challenge. Pakhi made Lavanya perfect in the saree. Lavanya smiled happily. Lavanya praised Pakhi and hugged her. Anshuman asked Girish to see Lavanya. Girish looked at Lavanya and was happy seeing her in saree. Girish said you are looking beautiful. Lavanya said thanks.

Anshuman said you look good in saree, you should wear more sarees. Tanya came and said sorry, we can’t make traditional food because the cook left as his son fell from the terrace. She said who will make it, I don’t know. Anshuman said we will ask any chef. Tanya said thanks and told Maa ji that Anshuman will have a solution. Pakhi said it’s a big festival, I will make it in few time. Pakhi said it should be made in our house. Tanya said fine, let her make, she is an expert in all this things. Anshuman said but you have to sit in the puja.

Girish asked Tanya to cook as Pakhi has once made Thai food for the guests. Girish said Pakhi is busy in the kitchen. Anshuman said Pakhi will make it, Tanya doesn’t know. Girish praised Tanya and said it’s simple for Tanya. Lavanya said Girish wants to say that Tanya does everything better than Pakhi. Girish said exactly. Tanya agreed. Anshuman asked, how will you make it? Girish said internet will teach her. Anshuman said I am feeling bad you are doing this. She said I am doing this for you, go for the puja. Everyone went to do the puja.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Anshuman and Pakhi did the puja. Ayaan asked Anshuman to hold Pakhi’s hand. Anshuman held her hand and smiled looking at her. Tanya was unable to cook. Maa ji helped her. Pakhi prayed for Ayaan and Anshuman’s happiness. Ayaan prayed that Pakhi should always be with them as he loves his mum a lot. Anshuman looked at Pakhi and Ayaan praying and smiled. Anshuman and Pakhi hold the diya.

Lavanya asked Pakhi is there anything else? Pakhi said yes, husband and wife makes rounds holding hands. Lavanya and Girish did that happily. Ayaan clapped seeing them. Anshuman saw Pakhi smiling and gave her his hand saying trust me, I will never leave your hand and not make you fall. Pakhi held his hand and he said come. Tanya looked at them and got angry. Anshuman was happy with Pakhi. Tanya said, Anshuman will follow the one who win this challenge, I will win him. You can’t win this challenge as I will not lose.

Tanya got money and said now I will win this challenge. Ayaan asked Pakhi to win the challenge. Tanya got angry at him. Anshuman said I made my decision.



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