Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Wednesday, 28th July 2021 Episode started with Pakhi and Rohan having a talk and laughed. Anshuman too landed in Singapore and thinks about Pakhi’s words. He looked at the sindoor box and said the way was right, but I was not sure to get you back, so I lost you in Chittor and Delhi, but this time I will take you with me and not go back without you.

Pakhi read the contract and said after signing it, I can’t move back, as its about my country. Rohan said you might have read it in Delhi, do you know we have to represent our country in the world till many years. She said I gave read it. He said think, you will have to give up all life in this.

Anshuman said I won’t let you go this time Pakhi, I am sure I will take you back. Pakhi said I don’t have a reason to go back. He said it’s alright, you won’t sign it, I thought you will, but it’s fine. She said no Rohan.

He said I should have understood, I sent many mails, reminders and I have been waiting for this day, but you won’t be able to do this. She said no, I want to sign, if I can do anything for my country, I will be proud, we will win in this competition. He said I also want this. She signed the contract.

Anshuman said I left everything to come here Pakhi, I want you to come and make our happy family. Rohan was happy seeing Pakhi sign the contract. He said now your smile looks the old one. Pakhi said I left my past behind with this contract. Rohan said welcome to the team Pakhi and shaked hands. Anshuman said you and me can’t be separated, Lord has united us, he will make us meet again.

Lavanya apologized to Anuja. Anuja said no, you are not responsible. Girish asked Lavanya not to take stress. Anuja met Maa ji and said this is the reason for my pain. Maa ji asked why me, I met you today. Anuja said did you ask me anything, tea or juice. Everyone smiled. Anuja laughed.

Maa ji said you have scared me. I will bring it now and she left. Anuja asked Lavanya to keep smiling, as it was important for her child. Lavanya asked how did you know. Anuja said I am your mum.

Lavanya asked will Pakhi come. Anuja said yes, she will surely come. Girish told Lavanya that Deepak is coming back. Rohan made Pakhi participate in cross country cultural event. He introduced Sarah to Pakhi. Sarah said I am so proud, now we will win. He asked who is your partner, did you get any. She said no and joked about hindi films. Rohan said we need another guy as it’s in rule book, he should be Indian, find someone soon.

Sarah left. Rohan said submit this form with the names. Pakhi laughed and said you kept people like you here. Saras thinks what to do. Anshuman thinks where is the cultural fest happening. A man gave him his violin and his cap and left. Anshuman said what should I do with this. He bumped into Sarah and she saw Indian male, and offered him a job, she said come with me.

She told him that my boss asked me to bring an Indian male. He said I came to find my wife. She said but you have to work. He said I don’t want to come. I can’t help you, sorry. She saw his passport fallen and said I will not give you. She runs
and Anshuman run after her.

She asked him to agree. Sarah called Rohan and told him that she got someone. Pakhi went to washroom. Anshuman came there with Sarah running after her to get the passport. He missed to see Pakhi. Rohan saw Anshuman and Pakhi’s marriage pics and was shocked to see Anshuman.

Anshuman met Pakhi. Rohan came in between and pushed Anshuman defending Pakhi.



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