Amazing Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 14 October 2021: Episode 302-303


Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 14 October 2021. Veer asked jiji to say yes for Nandini’s re-marriage, she is alone in this world, Jiji said if Nandini likes this guy then I accept this marriage, they all were shocked. Veer said I knew you will accept it.

Pakhi thinks how can jiji accept this proposal, she is so conservative, is this her new trick? she wants to be in good books of veer so that she can get the property but I wont let this happen, Pakhi said if everything is fine then we should do Roka today, Jiji said today?

Pakhi said you are conservative but you accepted this marriage, we should not delay it, Jiji said we will do it after the birthday, Nandini said yes, Pakhi said no, Veer will take it as his birthday gift, we will do Roka today only, Veer said we should not make Nandini wait more, Jiji said as you wish, Jiji, Nandini, Kanwal and Charu were tensed.

Pakhi thinks that jiji seemed worried. Veer asked Kanwal about his family? Nandini said he has no parents, they are dead, Kanwal said yes I am an orphan, Veer said no we are all with you,

Charu said to Veer that we don’t know anything about Kanwal, Veer said Nandini have chosen him so he must be a good guy, Pakhi asked Kanwal where does he live?

Nandini bacame tensed. Kanwal was also tensed and told her the address of his house and he left. Pakhi said congrats to Nandini. Charu seemed most worried.

Jiji was giving money to Kanwal in the backyard, Pakhi came there and asked jiji this money? jiji and Kanwal became tensed. Jiji said this money is for the engagement ring, we don’t have time so I requested Kanwal to buy the ring himself, Pakhi said I wanted to talk about the ring too, Jiji asked Kanwal to leave, he left and Pakhi thinks.

Scene 2
Lavanya was sadly sitting, Girish came there, she said we should shift to dehli’s house, Girish asked the matter, Lavanya told him everything about how Veer pushed her and even then Pakhi was taking Veer’s side, Lavanya said she is not anshuman’s pakhi but Veer’s Pakhi, Girish said she is trying to complete her life.

Lavanya said I want to go away from there, we should shift to delhi, she hugged Girish and cried and said we will leave from here soon.
jiji asked Kumu where is she going? Kumu said today is the last day for my project submission in college so I am going.

Jiji said there are lot of work in the house, today is engagement so you should stay here, Nandini came and said jiji is right, nothing will happen by taking off for one day, Nandini said your friend will submit your project.

Pakhi was busy with the decoration of the house, Nandini came there and said all are worried because of me, Pakhi said no nothing like that, Nandini said I am talking about Kumu, she had to go to the college today but jiji didn’t allow her, it is the last day today for her project, she was worried so I thought to help her.

Nandini said I have her friend’s number, you call him here, he will take her project from house and will submit it, can you call him? Pakhi said sure, Nandini gave Nikki chadda’s number, Pakhi called him and said I am kumu’s relative, she can’t come to the college so can you collect it from her house?

Nikki asked the address, Pakhi told him and said thanks, she ended the call and said to Nandini that it’s done, Nandini thinks now it will be fun to see jiji’s drama.

Scene 4
Nikki chadda came to the house, Pakhi met him and asked the servant to take him to Kumu’s room, Nikki went to kumu’s room.
Nandini came to Jiji and said that Kumu is confused with the gifts, go and help her, Jiji went to Kumu’s room.

Nikki came to Kumu’s room, she was shocked and said you are here? Nikki said I have come to take the project, Nikki asked why are you worried, someone called me to take your project, Kumu asked Nikki to go from away and right then Jiji came there and found Nikki with Kumu in her room, she angrily looked at Kumu. jiji asked who is this guy?

Nikki said I am her class mate, Kumu asked him to go, Nikki said this is not cool, he left from there. Jiji said kumu you said that there are only girls in your class, Kumu said actually I lied to you, my college is co-ad, Jiji said I gave you life, I gave you respect and made you study and what you did? now you won’t live with me, you will go back to jodhpur.

Kumu said I was about to tell you, jiji said you were roaming around with girls, Jiji started packing her bags, Pakhi and Riya came and asked what Kumu did? Jiji said she lied that she study in a girls college but today a guy came to his room, she is shameless, Riya said kumu doesn’t know anything.

I did her admission in the co-ad, jiji said you are spoiling her, you will tell her how to live? you don’t even have the sense to wear clothes, sense to talk, how dare you make her admission in a co-ad, Pakhi said what’s the problem if a guy and a girl study together.

Kumu will lose her confidence if you keep her in such control, human is judged from his nature not from clothes, she has your guidance, Jiji said you don’t talk about traditions, the women who can’t respect her husband, she should not talk.

Jiji asked her not come in between, Veer came there and asked the matter, Riya said jiji is scolding kumu as she study in a co-ad college and when Pakhi took Kumu’s side then she insulted Pakhi too.

Jiji said you don’t say all this, my borhter know that whatever I do is right, Veer said this time jiji you are wrong, Jiji was shocked and said veer.

Veer is coming from stairs and someone pulled the string placed in the stairs, Veer was about to fall and Pakhi caught him. Veer called Kanwal but his phone was switched off.


Veer said Jiji you are wrong this time, All of them were shocked, Veer said Pakhi and Riya are right, it’s kumu’s life, let her live, what’s the problem, Jiji said enough, what you had to say you did, now you don’t have to say anything, I have understood.

this Pakhi who never gives your respect, she is more than you now today, Veer said it a different thing, Jiji said I got to know what’s my place in this house, she left from there. Veer asked all of them to prepare for the marriage and he left. Nandini said to Pakhi that this is in my fate, I can’t marry without jiji’s blessing.

Pakhi said don’t worry, your engagement will happen with Jiji’s blessing and today and she left. Nandini smiled and said I enjoyed it.
Kumu came to Jiji and said forgive me, I was about to tell you but I was afraid, you are everything for me.

Jiji said you lied to me because of that Riya, that Pakhi insulted me, I am hurt, Kumu said I am sorry, Pakhi came and said please forgive her, she couldn’t tell you as she was afraid of you, this happens, we become so protective for our kids that kids start hiding things from us and this happened with Kumu too.

jiji left from there. Kumu said I have done a mistake, I should have told jiji the truth, Pakhi said Jiji is angry now, she will understand. Kumu said Veer and Jiji love each other and because of me their relation is soared, Pakhi said don’t worry Veer will pacify Jiji.

Scene 2
Veer came to Jiji and sat on her feet, Veer said time is passing so fast, all have to run with time, Kumu have to get confidence to live life, what’s the need to make her study if you want to make her stay in only in the house.

You didn’t stop me, Charu and Nandini to do anything, so why you are doing this with Kumu, please forgive her on my insistence, Jiji said ok, but it’s your responsibility to see that Kumu doesn’t leave the good path, she doesn’t do anything wrong.

Veer said yes she is my responsibility, and she will not do anything that will hurt you, Jiji smiled and forgave Veer too.
Ayaan came to eat laddo, Kumu said it’s for engagement, Ayaan asked what is engagement? Pakhi said when two people are about to get married, they do engagement to promise that they will be together.

Ayaan said like Pakhi and Veer but they didn’t do engagement, Pakhi said see engagement of Nandini, Veer came there and called Girish, he asked him to come home with Lavanya and the kids, he said I will come to take you if you don’t come. Nandini came there dressed, Pakhi said you are looking very nice.

Nandini said I don’t know how to say thanks to you, Ayaan joked with her mouth. The engagement ceremony started. Riya came and started dacing, she called pakhi, they both danced on rajisthani song. All enjoyed it. Riya sat with Veer while Pakhi was still dancing with full energy, Ayaan was making a video. Veer got a call and went up-stairs to attend to it.

All the ladies in the house started dancing. Someone had placed rope on the stairs, Veer started coming down th3 from stairs when the rope was pulled, Veer was about to fall but Pakhi held him in time, Veer said thanks, They found the rope on the stairs.

Veer said these decorators are careless, Pakhi said it was deliberate, Veer said not again Pakhi, they all came there and asked veer is he fine, he nodded. Ayaan asked about the Groom, Charu said he should be here by now, Veer said I will call him, Veer called him and found his phone switched off.

Veer said it maybe network problem, he asked all of them to go and sit with Nandini and they all went. Pakhi asked the matter, Veer said his phone is switched off, I will go to his house, Pakhi told him the address.

Pakhi said I will come with you as I think that It was another attempt on you, Veer said I don’t care what you think, jiji came and asked Veer to go, Veer looked at Pakhi and left.

Scene 3
Lavanya said to Girish that Veer didn’t call us again to invite, Lavanya said in a way I am a daughter to jiji and they should come to take me for engagement and Pakhi used to come to our house to take me but now she is least interested, I was right to shift from here.

Girish said I have posted ad for selling this house.
Veer came back, Pakhi asked about Kanwal, Veer said he nowhere to be found, there was lock on his house and they all were shocked.

Pakhi said to Riya, I am thinking to go to Kanwal’s house to find the matter. She went to Kanwal’s house and found her necklace in his house which Charu had stolen.

Later Charu was in some deserted place, Pakhi came there with the necklace and asked Charu the truth.