Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 19th August 2021 On Atinka Tv


Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 19th August 2021. Pakhi trying to listen to the voicemail by Anshuman but Ayaan called her through his room. Pakhi went to him, Ayaan said that he was getting bored and he wanted that car from that shelve. Pakhi gave him the toy from the shelve and gave him medicine too.

Aryaman listened to the voicemail and closed the door of Pakhi’s room. He took out the sim and placed it in his pocket. He opened the door and he saw Pakhi, she asked him what he was doing there? Aryaman said that he came to ask about Ayaan if he is alright? Pakhi said, he is getting better and Aryaman left.

Aryaman in his room tried to burn the sim card but Ayaan came and asked him if he too was missing Uncle Aryaman? Aryaman said yes, Ayaan asked him to play with him along Pakhi and took him to Pakhi’s room.

Ayaan told Pakhi that Anshuman was missing Aryaman. Ayaan said, both of them have to play with him, Pakhi said, Anshuman is not fully recovered so we cant play. Ayaan insisted. Ayaan asked Aryaman to look for them as they are were going to play hide and seek together.

They played hide and seek and then Aryaman won, he said that he will take Ayaan for ice cream. Ayaan asked Pakhi to come with them. Pakhi said no but you bring me an ice cream. Ayaan said ok … dad already knows your favorite flavour and they left.

Pakhi tried to turn on her cell phone but was not able to see anything from her sim card. She searched for it and she found it, she listened to every voice mail from Anshuman. She cried and was shocked to know Aryaman’s reality. Aryaman got to know that Pakhi now knows his reality.

Pakhi came downstairs in anger and grabbed Aryaman’s shirt and pushed him. She became angry, and cried alot in front of him. She asked him, what did Anshuman do to you that you killed him? And why did yoy want to kidnap my son? She kept asking what they did to him that he did all of this in return. Pakhi screamed and scolded him, she told Anuja that he was behind Anshuman’s death.
Pakhi said that she will feel good when the police take him to jail, she was trying to call the inspector and Anuja said she knows everything, as he told him already about everything. Pakhi was shocked. Anuja asked Pakhi to pardon Aryaman.


The Episode started with Pakhi slapping Aryaman and saying police will take him. Anuja said stop it, I know everything. Pakhi was shocked. Aryaman thinks how he heard Anshuman’s voicemail about he getting exposed and apologizing to Anuja admitting his plan to kidnap Ayaan. He said I did not want anything to happen to Anshuman. He showed he was regretting a lot, I feel I killed him, but I did not, I saw poverty and I made Pakhi a widow, I did not want to do this, you beat him. Anuja asked him to get away from her sight. He acted to make her heart melt. Aryaman asked Pakhi to forgive him as he has changed now. He said I came here to kidnap him, but seeing your love, my heart melt, I fought with my goons to save Ayaan.

He said Anshuman saved me after knowing this. He has forgiven me, you also forgive me please, give me one chance. Pakhi shouted no. You have made my Anshuman go away from me, as I know he is like a snake and will bite us whenever he gets a chance, my heart is not as big as Anshuman, it has hatred for you now, you will go to jail and hang, I will come to see your dead body, else I will pray that you get ruined. Aryaman said I am a son of this house. Pakhi said no, you are a cheap man. Anuja said I lost one son and don’t want to lose another, don’t punish him, can Anshuman come back.

Pakhi said you want your son to be safe and I want my son to be safe, he is a threat to Ayaan’s life. Don’t you want to do justice. Pakhi called the police. Aryaman said Ayaan will die if you sacrifice me, he has seen Anshuman’s death. Think about Ayaan. Pakhi hanged up the call crying. She held his collar and controlled her anger and left. Lavanya cried seeing Anshuman’s pic. Girish was also tensed. She asked him what happened. He became angry and said see what the world is saying, Pakhi lost her husband because of me, he died because of me.

Lavanya said what are you saying. He said everyone is saying, why did I keep Sandeep on job without checking his background. I should have not agreed to you. She said Anshuman was my brother, parent and friend. She cried and said he has always supported me. I love him a lot and he is dead. He said yes, I kept that driver on your saying, you are also responsible for his death. She broke down. Pakhi thinks of what to do. She thinks about Anshuman’s death and Ayaan’s mental health. She thinks how she convinced Aryaman to become Anshuman for Ayaan.

She said why did you go Anshuman, I made your killer Ayaan’s dad, how can I do this. It’s morning. Lavanya was upset and asked the maid to keep breakfast for her and Girish. Girish said he wants food as he has to go. He was annoyed with Lavanya and left. Pakhi helped Anuja in the kitchen. Anuja gave her some insight into life and the importance of relations in life. She asked Pakhi to decide well, as Ayaan needs his mum and dad. She said my children went through this, but Ayaan needs both of them.

She asked Pakhi to forgive Aryaman just for Ayaan’s sake. Anuja got a call from Lavanya and said she was coming and she left. Ayaan called Pakhi to come. She came into the living room and saw Ayaan making a house. She thinks of Ayaan making it before too and talking to Anshuman. Ayaan made a building with blocks and it broke. Ayaan got upset and Anshuman gave him some good tips to work honestly to make a concrete bridge and building. Pakhi smiled hearing them talk.

Anshuman asked him to make his character strong. Sukhi said the tiles are ready to break out. Ayaan asked Pakhi to call his dad. Pakhi thinks Anshuman was right, she won’t let Ayaan live his life on false hope and will tell him the truth. Anuja came to meet Lavanya and told Girish to take Lavanya somewhere far and keep her away from stress. Lavanya hugged her and Anuja said Pakhi is fine, you take care of your child which is our hope. Ayaan got ready to break the tiles. He asked Sukhi to keep more tiles.

Ayaan asked for his dad and Pakhi came. Aryaman came there acting like Anshuman. Ayaan asked Pakhi will she break this tiles. She thinks about Anshuman’s words and how he broke the tiles. She removed her bangles and tied her hair. Aryaman smiled seeing her. She got strength from within. Ayaan held Aryaman being tensed. Pakhi looked at the tiles. Pakhi broke the tiles and Aryaman was shocked. Ayaan became happy. Pakhi looked at Aryaman.

Pakhi placed flowers on Anshuman’s pic and told the media about Anshuman’s death in the accident.