Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 23 September 2021 Episode started with Riya telling Pakhi that Veer has just given me money, can he give me my childhood back. She hugged Pakhi and Pakhi cried. Riya said Veer is self centered and did not come to meet her, if he loved her, he would have taken her, he did not come to her, he waited for them to die.

She said he doesn’t love me, he killed my mum and want to looked at me die every day. Veer cried hearing them. Ayaan asked Veer why is he standing here. Riya and Pakhi looked at him. Riya looked at Veer and she left. Ayaan asked what happened to Riya, did you tell her anything. Ayaan asked him to come and help him in speech on truth and non- violence.

Pakhi asked Ayaan to come, Veer has some work.Ayaan insisted that Veer go with him. Veer said I will come. Pakhi asked are you sure. He said yes and took Ayaan. Veer taught Ayaan. He said what Gandhi ji used to say, never to get angry at anyone even if he makes mistakes, and repents. He gave an example.

Ayaan said if he makes mistake, he will say sorry and try not to do the mistake again. Ayaan asked why was Riya crying. Veer said just like that. Ayaan said it’s easy to make her smile, tickle her and she will smile, we became friends like this. Veer asked him to work on his speech and Ayaan left.

Pakhi came to him and said truth and non violence has solution for everything.She asked him to be true and hatred won’t come, and then no violence. He said I think time has come that Riya knows all the truth, so that she can decide after knowing everything. He left to talk to Riya. Pakhi prayed that Veer and Riya unite.

She said what was Riya doing in men’s perfume section and thinks. She said she was not taking it for Veer, maybe someone special. She is growing up, so maybe she has a special friend, I just wish that man is good.Anuja came to Girish and asked for Lavanya. He said she went for a meeting. She said fine, I will go.

He said but the kids are here,meet them. The maid brought the muffins which Riya gave to Girish. Anuja smiled and looked at Girish and Lavanya’s pic. She blessed them. The muffins fell on the ground. Girish said fine, bring something else. He gave the baby to her and said Naina is sleeping.

Veer told Riya that he loved Kirti a lot, and then he did not wish to love anyone, he did not have courage. He said I did not wish to make a relation going against anyone, when your parents married, I lost.I felt when we stay away, we will find happiness somewhere, and trust me, I did not get Kirti’s letter, maybe she did not post to me.

He said that’s why your father got them, if I knew she is not fine with him, I would have come to take her, but we gave this sacrifice not to live a ruined life, we did not wish that Kirti die and I become helpless to live. I know you hate me and you have a reason.

After hearing you, I hate myself, if I turned back and fond out how she is, I would have saved her maybe when she was alive. He said I got her death news by her accident. He said then I saw you, your innocent face for the first time.

He said I felt Kirti is shouting to me to let her get a last chance in my life, I took you to complete my relation, your eyes are exactly like Kirti, when I hugged you, I felt my and Kirti’s relation will get completed. Riya cried. She said I am sorry. Veer was shocked and looked at her. She said I never tried to know the truth and always blamed you for my parents death, I was so wrong.

You loved mum a lot and keeping it till today and I scolded you, you wasted your life on me and I kept saying I hate you, I am so bad. He hugged her and cried.Pakhi and Ayaan looked at this and were happy. The servants smiled.

Pakhi said it’s not good to come between father and daughter, but we should get a party. He said he will cook as he makes the food better. She said you are better than me in every way, the way you love Riya and manage everything.

He said yes, life treated us the same but I always fought, but you have made other’s life beautiful. He said he always loved Riya, I got her because of you, I have to thank you for that. Maha ji said Veer is right, he got 30 days time and Riya accepted Veer in 20 days.

This all happened because of Pakhi, I am sure Ayaan’s custody will come to us.Veer asked what will you have. Ayaan said ask Riya, Veer said I know what she likes and left to cook. Pakhi hugged Riya. Riya thinks she did as Devki/Anuja told her, fraud to fraud people.

Riya messaged Anuja how she has fooled Veer and Pakhi, after they have fooled her. Anuja smiled and thinks how Pakhi made the plan and she heard everything. Anuja has then told everything about Pakhi’s plan to Riya.

Anuja asked them to play a game with them and make Veer support her later on, to get married to that married man. Anuja thinks she won.

Precap:Pakhi heard Riya saying she learnt baby keeping, she can’t wait to admit her love to him. Pakhi thinks did Riya love some married man, who has kids. She worried for Riya.


The Episode started with Riya and Ayaan talking to Pakhi. Riya looked at her room. Ayaan asked her to looked at the room, as it’s best one in the home. He showed the family album and looked at Girish. She asked about Anshuman. Veer got coffee for them and gave milk to Riya.

Ayaan and Riya run after each other. Pakhi and Veer smile. Riya teased Ayaan saying Golu. Veer took Ayaan to change his clothes. Riya sat to look at the album. Pakhi said today’s generation doesn’t believe in marriage and true love. Riya said I don’t know, but I believe in true love. Pakhi asked so you really believe?

Now you are grown up, we can talk on this matter. Tell me what type of guy you like. Riya said looks are secondary, but he should be sensible, mature, loving, caring, all together he should have deepness for relations. Pakhi said right.

She thinks Riya has good thoughts, I am sure she is meeting a good man, and maybe will become a good life partner.Girish gave I am sorry dear wife card to Lavanya. He apologized to her and said I should have not shouted on you about the baby feed.

She asked Asha to bring her green tea. He gave her green the tea and said sorry, I should do anything for you as you gave me my daughter, I can do anything for you. She smiled and said then give statement against Pakhi and Veer in Ayaan’s custody case.

He said what, you should not make me do anything wrong, they are right and I can’t say anything against them. She said you don’t have anything expect your great words, put an end to this please.Riya talked to someone in anger and Pakhi came there.

Riya looked at Pakhi is the glass vase and started acting, saying she can’t say hindi dialogues. Pakhi heard about college festival play and left. Veer couldn’t sleep and looked at Pakhi sleeping. He saw a lizard and said why does it get my room always in this big house. He tried to shoo away the lizard.

Pakhi woke up and looked at him. She laughed and went to him. The lizard left and he smiled. He shouted looking at her. She laughed and said it means you are so scared of lizards, no one became Veer if the name is Veer.

He said it’s Dinosaur’s version, think if it came on you then. She said oh, you did it for me, fine I will sleep now.He asked are you sleeping now. She said I am getting sleep. He said he is not getting any sleep, what happened today is going on in his mind, can we talk.

She said we will talk about Riya also, we three will chat and play a game too. He said brilliant idea, go and call her. Pakhi left to Riya’s room and looked for her. She saw Riya learning how to treat babies. Riya said no one can say I can’t take care of a baby. Pakhi thinks why is she doing this.

Riya said I made myself suitable for you, I can’t wait for tomorrow when i confess my love to you. Pakhi thinks does Riya love a married man with kids, I should talk to her, but if I am wrong. Riya was shocked seeing Pakhi as she was holding the baby toy.

Pakhi asked what’s going on. Riya said nothing. Pakhi confronted and said, so all this a part of play. Riya said no, I was playing with the doll. Pakhi said you said no one will say Riya can’t manage kids. Pakhi held her hand and asked her to share anything in her heart, she is like her friend.

Riya thinks of Anuja’s words not to tell Pakhi. She said she wants to become aNanny. Pakhi said what. Riya said she has to sleep and left.Pakhi came back to the room. Veer asked did Riya not come. She said Riya, he said she might have slept.

He planned a family holiday, and said lets go to Rajasthan, kids should know their roots, we will invite others too. She said and, he said you did not meet them, sorry, it would be a great time, they will know the family, especially for Riya, she stayed alone always, she did not look at family until now, she saw just hatred, she should know family bonding.

He said he is very happy, I waited 10 years for this, let’s go soon, you decide what to do. Pakhi thinks Veer is happy for Riya, how to take his happiness saying this, I will not tell him, but I have to find out about Riya.

Riya got ready to meet Girish and messaged him asking him to come to the restaurant as her friend is his big fan. Pakhi came to talk to her and thinks maybe Riya will talk openly today.

The phone got the message and Pakhi thinks to check whether it’s from the one she is going to meet, but it’s not good to look at her phone, but maybe it’s good for her. She took the phone in her hand. Anuja came and stopped her asking what is she doing with her phone.

Pakhi waa stunned.

Precap:Riya told Veer that Pakhi is spying on me. Pakhi said she did not wish to say this matter, but told Veer that Riya loves a married man who has kids. Veer was shocked and Riya became tensed.


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