Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 26th August 2021 Episode started with Pakhi trying the passwords. Anuja asked Veer that if the password is cracked, then Aryaman can’t come home. Veer said don’t say this, it’s wrong, we have many plans. He asked her not to worry as she will convince Pakhi to bring Aryaman back. The password was wrong, and she tried again. She got the message which said just one attempt left now. Veer played the mouth organ. The servants missed Anshuman and felt Veer is bringing good things back to this house. Pakhi came to Veer and he stopped the music. He asked did the password fail. She said yes, what do we do now.

He asked is she asking him? She said sorry. He said you don’t agree with me, it’s fine. She asked now what. He said music is good to get rid of stress. She said she wants the password. He said we have just two options to get it, either freeze the account or take Aryaman’s help. He explained to her his advice and said we are taking tough path, maybe that path is easy. He said Anshuman gave his authorities to Aryaman, he will get the password in one day, he is authorized.

Ayaan got international holiday form and said I need Maa’s sign on it. He rushed to meet Pakhi. Veer asked Pakhi to agree. She thinks she has convinced Anshuman to take Aryaman to the office. She said that time was different when I did not see his real face, I won’t take his help. He said your business can get ruined. Ayaan said I went everywhere with dad, but it will be good if I go with friends. Veer said we have to pay Vaswani.

Ayaan heard Pakhi doesn’t have money, how should he talk about going to Switzerland. Pakhi said she will find a way. Veer said you will need money right now, he won’t give you the blueprint. He said take the work from Aryaman. She said she won’t take his help, he can’t cheat Anshuman. She said I will go through the tough path. She said I will find it, else I will talk to Vaswani again. Veer said he won’t agree. Pakhi said I will think of how to get the blueprints. He said I don’t know Aryaman, but he is the only way. Pakhi said you can give advice, it’s my wish to agree or not. He asked her to get the blueprints without money. She said she will show him he is wrong.

Pakhi thinks how to get the blueprints, how to convince Vaswani. She saw Ayaan’s diary and came to know about his school foreign trip. She asked him to go, why did he not tell her. He said he doesn’t want to go. She asked why. He said I went there with dad. She said you will enjoy a lot. He said no. She asked why don’t you want to go. He said nothing. She said you are thinking I will be alone, it’s just a few day time, you go. Ayaan said we will go some day, you are busy. She asked is it because of her he is saying this. He said no. She said fine, I am happy, and hugged him.

Pakhi slept and thinks Anshuman’s company is locked and his project is ruined. She woke up worried. She thinks of Veer’s words. She thinks she won’t take Aryaman’s help. Ayaan talked to his friends and said he is not coming. Ayaan told how their parents work so hard to earn money. The kids got an idea for talent hunt, whoever wins, gets the money. Ayaan said no one watches tv at my home and thinks to participate in the contest, win it and give the money to Pakhi.

Girish called Anuja and said Lavanya delivered the baby. Anuja was glad. Anuja asked them to come back from London soon. He said yes, we will come soon. Pakhi talked to Veer and said what you suggested, I thought about it, and I think you are saying the right thing. She said emotions and reality should be in different place, mind should be used not heart in business. He said that’s great. Pakhi told Veer that Vaswani loves food, and I will cook his favorite food, it in uncontrollable. She said I can make him agree to give the blueprints.

He said I thought you are agreeing for Aryaman’s help. She said no way, it’s foolish to trust the man who cheats once. He said I don’t think Vaswani will agree, he will not work without money, you try it. All the best. She nodded yes. He said don’t be someone’s enemy that is your loss.

Vaswani agreed to give blueprints having good food made by Pakhi. Anuja made Veer call Vaswani and he offered him 3 crores. Vaswani refused to Pakhi.


The Episode started with Veer saying it won’t matter if you call Vaswani on lunch, all the best. She was adamant that she won’t take Aryaman’s help and she left. He said she is solid, but Vaswani won’t agree without money, let’s see if it works, she was thinking as a housewife, not as business woman. Pakhi made the food with the help of her servants. She asked Ramesh about sindhi Kadi. She did not get the recipe on her tab and complained about the internet. Anuja looked on and asked what happened. Pakhi asked does she know Sindhi Kadi. Anuja said no. Pakhi said the net is not coming, how to make it.

Anuja said don’t worry, I will call my friend and ask. Vaswani came and Pakhi said I am gone now, I will see. She said you? Veer said why is it not ready, find it on the net. She said the net is not working. Veer laughed and said best of luck. Ayaan came home and greeted them. He said everyone liked the food made by Veer. Pakhi looked at Veer and said Sindhi Kadi. Veer said I know. She said why did you not tell me. She asked him to make it in 15mins. He helped her in making that special dish. Veer said Pakhi, he has saved her again.

He said congrats, the sindhi Kadi is ready. She thanked him. Maha ji said Pakhi made all this. Pakhi said I will take juice for Ayaan, I have to meet him. Ayaan thinks about Pakhi’s words, not to lie ever. Ayaan talked to Pakhi and wanted to ask her what if he is doing something right by a wrong move. She said close your eyes and ask your heart, heart will always say the truth. Ayaan said if we do wrong work for someone’s good. Pakhi said wrong is wrong, if you do for good motive, even wrong work gets good at the end.

She asked him to get ready soon as Vaswani is coming for lunch and she left. Ayaan looked on. Veer got a call from Anuja’s. Anuja asked her not to make Vaswani agree. Veer said he won’t leave Rs 2 crore having food. He said Pakhi wants to try, let her try, she will fail and will take Aryaman’s help. Anuja said what if he agrees to give the blueprints. Veer said I really appreciate your efforts, I can’t do this, else she will understand. Anuja said fine, do as you feel like, I have fallen in my eyes, as I am spoiling Pakhi’s work. I don’t care if people think I am wrong, I want my children to be together.

Vaswani came for lunch and liked the food. Pakhi praised him and asked him to taste it, as its all Sindhi food, which made him talk so sweet. Pakhi said we are impressed by you, and we also kept our house like us, I want to meet your star reader. Vaswani said I came to know whats going to happen. Veer asked about the blueprints. Pakhi said let him taste the food first. Veer asked him to have sindhi Kadi, that is the special dish of the day. Vaswani tasted it and praised it. Pakhi and Veer smiled.

Veer also for her the Kadi and Pakhi just served Vaswani. Veer served himself. Veer took the Kadi. Pakhi dropped a fork and told Veer to make Vaswani have it, as if he goes without giving blueprints, her plan will fail. Veer said fine and gave the kadi to Vaswani. Vaswani said he doesn’t work without money. Pakhi praised him and said work satisfaction is also required, you love food and I heard big artists love food. Vaswani praised the food and asked what does she want now, as his blessings.

Pakhi said nothing, your blessing is enough, I am happy, sweet is also there. He eats the sweet. She asked about the blueprints about their project. He said I will give you in two days, it’s ready. She said yes, I am taking time, as it’s new work for me, financial matters are many which I have to sort out, as it was Anshuman’s dream. She said you supported him for many years, I was thinking if you give me blueprints, as I have meeting with my investors next week, but you are right about money, I will give you post dated cheque, I want blueprints today.

Vaswani said you think I don’t work without money, but the truth is Anshuman was like my son, he did not call me in any party, but you gave me respect and called me here, I can’t say no to you, it’s good. He said I will send the blueprint to you today. Anuja and Veer were shocked. Pakhi smiled happily. Pakhi thanked Vaswani and said its your big favor, I will bring your cheque. Vaswani went to wash his hands. Veer called Vaswani acting as his client, and offers Rs 3 crores, for the same blueprints. Vaswani said how can I give you, but 3 crores. He agreed and Veer was shocked.

Pakhi brought the cheque and documents to take his sign. She said it’s a good day for both of us. Vaswani told Pakhi that’s it’s a good day for me, I don’t know about yours. He said he can’t give her the blueprint. She was shocked.

Veer told Anuja it’s a problem. Vaswani asked Pakhi to give Rs 3 crores in two days. Pakhi said you will get the money, but don’t give those blueprints to anyone.


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