Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 2nd September 2021 Episode started with Veer and Anuja talking about convincing Pakhi for Ayaan’s sake. The manager came and told Pakhi that tomorrow’s meeting will be in Chandigarh. Ayaan said but it’s my birthday.

Pakhi said yes, we will celebrate it well and said postpone the meeting. The manager said the client is going abroad. Pakhi said she will keep meeting after one month. He said it will be our major loss, it’s important.

Pakhi said I will tell you later and he left. Anuja acted and asked Pakhi to do either mum or dad’s duties. Pakhi said the Lord gave me these duties and we will celebrate his birthday. Veer said Pakhi can go, and we all will celebrate the birthday.

Ayaan said I can’t go without Maa.Veer talked to Ayaan and made him understand that Pakhi can’t take care of him being alone, let her do her work, we will celebrate the birthday at the gaming zone. Ayaan became upset.

Veer said problem solved, we will celebrate Ayaan’s birthday without his mum. Pakhi thinks what to do, as she can’t make Ayaan feel she has either of mum and dad and she can’t even bear the company loss.

She saw the laptop and files. It’s morning, Ayaan woke up and saw birthday decorations. Pakhi and everyone wished him happy birthday. Ayaan cuts the cake. Pakhi blessed him and asked him to always love his mum.

Pakhi asked Maha ji to send all invitation cards to his friends. She asked Ayaan’s wish. He said I will wish in the evening, when you are not here. She said I did all planning and I will be there. Ayaan hugged her.

Anuja was tensed and said great decision, company crores loss is fine, you said a businesswoman failed by mum. Pakhi said no, both will win today and laughed. Anuja asked how, your meeting is not cancelled. Pakhi said I will do both the works.

Ayaan asked how will you be there at two places. Pakhi told him about video conferencing, she will be here and do video chat meeting. Ayaan said he is very happy.Veer thinks Pakhi is very smart. Pakhi said she won’t miss his birthday. Veer said great.

Pakhi said it’s fine, I got an idea late. She asked Ayaan to go and celebrate his birthday in school, then we will go to the gaming zone. Ayaan said we will play together, I am Anshuman Rathore’s son, I never fail. Anuja asked Ayaan to have the milk.

She said your mum is busy managing everything alone. Riya gave Mrs. Sinha’s watch to Lavanya and apologized to her. Lavanya smiled and said it’s alright. Lavanya told Girish that she has to go to the market and buy gift for Ayaan. He said go, I will take care of the kids.

Riya saw Girish and smiled.Lavanya said so cute and lefr. Riya thanked Girish. Girish said everything happens in life, we have to see what we choose, as nothing is perfect in life and he left. She said she doesn’t agree, life has something perfect, as you are perfect, your approach is like my Mr. Right.

Pakhi prepared to play bowling alley as she has to play with Ayaan and win. Veer came and was shocked seeing her play during work. She said this time, all should fall. She hits the ball and all the bottles fell. She said yuhooooo.

She turned and saw Veer. She hurts her hand and it bleeded. She said I will handle. He held her hand and did the dressing.Veer told about touch, which shows everything about a person, the most beautiful touch is the one which touches heart. She thinks about her words told to Anshuman about language of touch.

She became upset. He did the dressing and said your hand showing it to her. Ayaan came back from school and asked Maha ji to give him food, as he is very hungry. Maha ji gave her juice. He said everyone was asking me where is the party. He said he said he does not know.

Maha ji said how will they come. Pakhi said they will get cute invitation card. Ayaan said you came early.Pakhi said her meeting was good and she came for him. He asked how did she get hurt. She said nothing. Ayaan asked Maha ji to get haldi milk for Pakhi.

Pakhi held her ears and said sorry Maa, I will drink it. Ayaan said that’s like my Baccha. Pakhi went to get ready. Ayaan asked Maha ji to put honey in the haldi milk. Veer said mum is taking lots of stress, but you are there to take care of him.

Maha ji said how much will a woman do, Pakhi is very strong, but I feel she works all night and still keeps smiling. I saw her at night, she sleeps being tired and again working in morning, she doesn’t have anyone in her life, she is killing herself.

Veer asked her to take milk and go. Ayaan felt bad. Veer thinks I know Pakhi doesn’t need anyone, but if Ayaan needs a father, I have to make him realize you and Ayaan need someone.

Precap:Pakhi and Ayaan cut the cake. She asked his wish. Ayaan asked her to remarry. Anuja said Pakhi should marry Aryaman. Pakhi became shocked.


The Episode started with Veer talking to Ayaan and making him ready for his birthday. He gifted him a guitar. Ayaan said he had his first mum when he was three year old and he remembered his birthday.

He said then he did not celebrate birthdays, as dad used to be sad and busy in work. He used to be angry all the time. Veer said if one man manages business, he gets tired. Ayaan said dad changed after Pakhi Maa came, he celebrated life.

Veer said he was happy as he had a friend. Ayaan said yes, it’s good to be friends. Veer said everything is fine now. Ayaan said Maa manages well now. Veer said we will see when there is any problem, come fast.

Pakhi called Ayaan.Riya liked her designs and went to show them to Lavanya. She saw Lavanya and Girish talking. Lavanya did not like the dress. Riya liked it. Lavanya said she will wear something else.

Riya said it’s not right time to show designs, I will show you later and left. Girish and Lavanya came to Ayaan’s birthday and wished him. She gifted them. Girish said some shayari. Lavanya said Ayaan’s biggest gift is that Pakhi is here, else we would have not celebrated it.

Everyone smiled.Maha ji said we will go when Ayaan’s friends come and we cut the cake. Pakhi told her plan that they will cut the cake and then go to the gaming zone. Ayaan said then we will come home and dance.

He promoted Akshay’s Dare 2 Dance show. A parcel came for Ayaan. Ayaan opened it and got a big car. Ayaan asked who sent it. Ayaan got the card in it and read its sent by Aryaman. Everyone was shocked. Anuja said I told you Aryaman loves Ayaan a lot.

Pakhi did not react. Lavanya said lets enjoy and play a game. Ayaan said Langdi. Lavanya said catch Dadi. They started playing. It’s 5pm and Ayaan’s friends did not come. Pakhi asked Sukhi did he give the invitation cards. Sukhi said yes. Maha ji said don’t know he gave it or not.

Sukhi said he gave it. Pakhi said I will call and find out. She called Rohan’s mum and the lady said the date is after two days and Rohan went out, I am sorry, greet Ayaan from our side. Ayaan became sad. Pakhi said how did this happen, the date changed in the cards. She called others.

Pakhi said everyone has wrong dates, how can this happen. Ayaan asked will they not come.Ayaan became very upset. Anuja said it’s fine, your mum made mistake, she is working alone, she was getting business calls while making cards, she is alone.

Lavanya said you should have taken my help Pakhi, see Ayaan is sad. Pakhi said she wrote right dates. Veer looked on. Pakhi asked Ayaan not to be upset, as it’s his birthday, she was feeling bad, we will do something else.

Ayaan left. Veer stopped him. He said how Pakhi got hurt, as she was doing bowling practice to win in his team, she managed so much, but nothing is important to her than him and his birthday.

She worked day and night, fulfills his every wish.Ayaan came to Pakhi and said Maa won’t you cut my birthday cake. Everyone smiled. They asked Maha ji to bring the cake. Ayaan looked at the cake. Pakhi asked him to make a wish and then cut the cake.

Ayaan prayed and made a wish. Ayaan cuts the cake. Everyone sang happy birthday to you dear Ayaan. Pakhi made Ayaan eat the cake and asked him to tell his wish. He said you are my everything, and asked her to remarry.

Pakhi became shocked.Ayaan said please remarry Maa, as you are very alone, you want a friend too. Pakhi was stunned and started leaving. Anuja stopped her and said Ayaan is right.

Pakhi should marry now, with someone who is from this house and family, and it’s only Aryaman. Pakhi was shocked. Everyone was shocked too.

Pakhi looked at her. Ayaan said Maa, Dadi is right, you remarry, marry Aryaman Chachu, you said you will fulfill my wish.

Precap: Pakhi got the proof that Anuja changed the dates in the invitation cards. She looked at Anuja.


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