Tumhari Pakhi Thursday, 7th October 2021. Veer said I didn’t do any favour for you Pakhi, you rather did a favour for me, I was alone after keerti, you gave second chance to my life, I had noting in my life, Pakhi said you forgot keerti after getting me.

I thought we were the same that you love keerti, same way I love Anshuman but now I know that you never loved keerti, keerit was just losing possession, you sad that after you get Riya, your love for keerti will be fulfilled, it was fulfilled so now you have more wishes to get me, this is drama of love.

Veer said I have not forgotten keerti, I have understood that I have life too and I have to live, she is gone and will not come back, these things seem romantic but are not practical, I have to live for some people, then I realized that second love can be born, Pakhi said my love is for Anshuman only.

I will not change my love, he is in my heart, i have no time for second love, there is no point of it, Pakhi said either you didn’t love keerti or this is not love which is for me, but i love Anshuman only.

Veer said who stopped you from doing that but life goes on, now when things are open so i have no shame in saying that i love you, Pakhi said you know i love someone else, Veer said i don’t ask love in return of love, i love your innocence and i have right to love you.

Veer said i don’t care if you love me or not but i have right to love your smile, to love your happiness, Pakhi’s saree was about to get burnt by the diya, Veer saw it and said Pakhi, he tried to move her away from the diya, Pakhi pushed him and said how dare you touch me.

why are you crossing limit’s, what do you think that you got a tensed girl so you will use her, you will take advantage of her, did i ever gave you signal of love, i love Anshuman only, i loved for 18 years, you say that you loved keerti for 20 years and now you saw me so you started loving me, this is not love but lust.

you thought that you got a young wife so you changed your mind and got lured, Veer said that i am feeling guilty, i am embarrassed at myself that the person who loved keerti, started loving a girl like you, who has so much filth in her mind, thanks for telling me that what my worth is, now I know what I have to do.

Veer came to jiji and said we are leaving from here. Riya and Ayaan saw Pakhi dressed and said you are looking gorgeous, Riya asked did you do pooja of karwachauth, Nandini said no she didn’t do it, Ayaan said i will call Veer.Jiji said that i won’t leave without pakhi.

Veer said my marriage is null and void, you go from here, i will pack up my work and will come back, jiji said no, we will leave with you only, jiji said I am going to take you from here, I won’t talk to you if you don’t listen to me, Ayaan came there and said Maa is waiting for you, did you have any fight with her?

Veer said do I fight with anyone, Ayaan said no, Ayaan asked him to come upstairs and make pakhi drink the water and eat food otherwise she will not eat.Veer came to pakhi in their room, Pakhi stood infront of him and was tensed to do karwachauth rituals.

jiji saw them from far, Ayaan asked Pakhi did you fight with him? Riya said will they fight on this day? it’s their love day today stupid, Pakhi hesitantly looked at Veer from the net, then she did aarti with him, she touched Veer’s feet but Veer didn’t bless her, jiji thinks that I have gotten the idea of how to make Pakhi love Veer, I have got her weak point and I will use it.

Riya asked Veer to make Pakhi drink the water and he made Pakhi drink the water. Ayaan said now it’s done, we will go and eat sweets, Pakhi said go, Ayaan said don’t fight with Veer, he took Riya and they left. Veer also left.

jiji came to Pakhi and said either accept this relation or break this relation, remove this sindoor and mangalsutra, Pakhi said I can’t do this, Ayaan is related to this realtion, I can’t take steps that will hurt Ayaan, I can do anything for Ayaan, I have two reasons to live, one love for Ansuman and other for Ayaan but i won’t leave Veer. jiji said that for your reasons, the life of my brother is destroying, you have time till his birthday, you have to decide it.

in the morning, Veer went to take his bath, jiji came to Pakhi and asked Pakhi her decision., Pakhi said my decision is not changed, jiji said think if Ayaan gets to know that you and Veer’s relation will end soon then what will happen to him, Pakhi said why are you bringing in Ayaan, jiji said he is inbetween from before, jiji said i will try to make Veer and you one, i want you to do what i am saying as you love Ayaan a lot, pakhi was shocked.

PRECAP:Pakhi and Veer were going somewhere on jiji’s insistences. Later jiji asked Pahi to eat from Veer;s plate as she loves Ayaan a lot, Pakhi said this food is poison for me, she ate the food on Ayaan and Anshuman’s name..


Jiji came and said to Veer that i have come to take measurements of you so that i can gift you dress, Pakhi will take the measurements, Veer said don’t do this, jiji said don’t insult me, let Pakhi take your measurements for the suit, Pakhi went and hesitatingly touched Veer and he left after it was done.

Jiji came to Pakhi and said you have to do whatever i say otherwise Ayaan will be hurt and left. Nandini said to Pakhi that we are the same, my husband cheated on me and you have don’t posses him, these relations are complicated, Pakhi said i know who complicate things, you don’t know me well.

i am expert in solving complicated things and she left. Nandini said she taunted me when she will try to solve me then she will be stuck.Charu came to Pakhi and said jiji should have not blackmailed you with Ayaan, she doesn’t understand that love can’t happen with force, what is wrong is wrong, you are nice.

why you are keeping this relation who is hurting everyone, remember i am always with you and she left. Ayaan came there and said today is parents teacher meeting, you and Veer have to come, inform Veer too. Pakhi said i will message Veer, Veer came there, he talked to Riya and said kumu wants to take admission in college so make list of good colleges.

Riya said ok i will do it.Pakhi came to her room and wrote on a note pad about the meeting in Ayaan’s school, she placed the note near his breakfast, Veer came there, he read the note in which pakhi had asked will Veer come to the meeting?

he wrote the answer and left.jiji came to Veer’s room and found the note there, she took it from there and left. Later pakhi came to her room and saw the note missing, she looked everywhere when jiji came and showed her note in which he had written yes to come to the school, jiji said when Veer takes responsibility, he fulfills it, but you are selfish.

if you want to take Veer to Ayaan’s college then Veer have to lift you in his arms as it’s ritual, i love Veer a lot, your son have gotten a second father after difficulty, he won’t be able to lose another father, do this ritual, Veer came there and showed Pakhi the time, Pakhi said to jiji that i don’t accept your conditions.

i don’t hide things, i have already told what’s in my heart, Veer held Pakhi’s hand tightly and dragged her out of the house, he said i want to go to school on time, do this kitchen fights later, i don’t have time for all this, Pakhi said leave me, i will come myself.

Veer said your car is not in the house, you will have to come by walking , Pakhi then sat in Veer’s car, her Saree got stuck in the door, she pulled it and the saree tears, Pakhi said to Veer, are you happy now?

i know everything, you are trying to take advantage of me with help of jiji, Veer drove the car faster, Pakhi get hurt, Veer drove more faster. Pakhi asked what are you doing? she asked him to stop the car, Veer finally stopped, Pakhi asked what is this?

Veer said i am just fulfilling my responsibilities, when i will finish it, i will leave from here, don’t say this lust thing to me ever and he started the car again.Jiji said this pakhi have so much attitude, she took Veer as her servant, i have to break her ego, i will make her work which she doesn’t like, Kumu came there and said today is my interview in college, can i go?

jiji said yes go? she asked why is your hairs open, she oiled her hair and said you are going to study, not involved in fashion, don’t make friends there, she made braid, kumu said can i go now and she left.Pakhi and Veer came back home, Nandini came to Pakhi and said oh you both are together, how did this saree tore?

she said can i ask one thing, what was in your first husband which is not in our brother? Pakhi said don’t talk to me like this, Veer came there, jiji called Veer and said eat something before going. Veer went to the dinning table, Jiji called pakhi too for lunch.

They all sat around the dinning table, jiji taunted that you served kids of others, you have only this in life, Veer said i do this with my consent no one force me to do this, jiji thinks that i have to break pakhi’s ego, she stopped Pakhi from eating in separate plate, jiji said you both will eat in one plate, Veer said what’s the need for that, jiji said i am just saying you.

i don’t say anything to you, i am asking for a small thing, do it, Veer ate from pakhi’s plate, jiji asked Pakhi to eat from the same plate otherwise you talk to your son, Veer said i am leaving, my hunger went away with your talks and he left.

jiji asked Pakhi to eat, it’s a wife’s fate to eat husband’s remaining food, Pakhi got angry, she went to the kitchen and brought red chili powder, she placed chili powder in her plate and said i should make this food poison as i can gulp down this food but can’t eat poison.

she ate the food with a lot of chili powder and they all were shocked, jiji stopped her, Pakhi said i am doing all this for my son and i know what you are trying to do, you can weak me with my son’s name but you can’t break me, there is not even little space between Ayaan, pakhi and Anshuman that anyone else can come in, Veer listened all this too.

PRECAP: Riya said to Veer, i will help you in putting lights, Veer said you will lit the diya only, i will handle everything.

Someone switched on the electric current on as Veer was working on the lighting of house, he was on the ladder and pakhi saw that Veer was about to get the shock, she pushed Veer and she fel on him


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