Tumhari Pakhi Thursday 9th September 2021 started with Pakhi being worried about Anuja’s words. Ayaan came from school and hugged her saying it was his best day at school as he introduced Veer to everyone.

Anuja told Lavanya that they have to think about something to kick out Pakhi. Lavanya asked what. Anuja told her the plan. Lavanya said it’s too much, things can get worse. Anuja said what we do is justified.

Lavanya said you are angry, think and decide. Anuja said she decided well. Lavanya said yes, fine, as you wish, I will go home, Girish might be waiting and she left. Lavanya came home and talked to Girish. He asked about Pakhi and she did not say.

He said he will come home late. She said fine and saw the note. She read it and got many of such other notes. She saw Riya arranging the surprise. Riya turned and was shocked seeing her. Lavanya said Riya, what’s all this.

Riya said my boyfriend was coming here to meet you in your and Girish’s absence, it’s his birthday so he was coming to meet me. Lavanya scolded her for wearing her clothes and how can he use her bedroom. She said Girish is thinking I am writing this.

Riya said sorry. Lavanya said it’s her mistake to keep her, you are now fired. Riya said sorry please. Lavanya said let me inform your parents. Riya argued. Lavanya said she will use her contacts, get out. Riya said fine and left. Veer talked on phone about work.

Ayaan came and talked to him. Veer signalled him to wait. Ayaan said it’s family time and Veer ended the call. Veer asked What’s the plan. Ayaan called out Pakhi. She came and asked what happened. Ayaan asked Pakhi to ask him how was his day.

She asked how was your day. Veer said good, and started telling them about meetings. Ayaan said stop it. Veer said sorry. Ayaan said about family project. Pakhi said it’s not in diary.

Veer said it’s his personal one, tell me what to do. Ayaan asked Sukhi to bring the items. Sukhi brought the chart. Ayaan said we will hand print on this sheet and reminds Pakhi they did before too. Pakhi thinks of Anshuman.

Veer printed his hand. Ayaan said I knew you won’t know, what will I teach you. Ayaan too made it and asked Pakhi to make it. Veer gave his hand to take the color. Pakhi touched his hand. Ayaan said it’s family pic time.

They took a pic and Anuja waited for something to come. Pakhi got a courier. Ayaan went with Maha ji. The lawyer said it’s summon from the court. Veer took it and read it. He was shocked and said Bua filed a case against you, to get Ayaan’s custody.

Pakhi was shocked. Pakhi asked Anuja what’s all this. Anuja said this notice came, your husband is a good lawyer, go and ask him, the things have gone very far now, you told me who can dare to make you apart from Ayaan, now I say who can dare to keep my grand child, I want Ayaan’s custody.

Pakhi said you are taking house matters to court? Anuja talked about Aryaman. Pakhi argued and said Ayaan can’t live without me and asked her to take the court case back.

Pakhi said if she wants Aryaman, she will get him. Anuja said it’s so late now, you did not care for anyone, you were teaching me mum’s love and knowledge. She said you are Veer’s wife, Ayaan will be here, I will love him, you don’t have any right, go and prepare for the case.

Pakhi apologized to her and said Ayaan is her life. Anuja said I told you that you should also take the case back, even I begged you, and cried for Aryaman many nights, but you did not take the case back, now you know mum’s love.

Pakhi said don’t punish Ayaan, he can’t live without me. Anuja said it’s very late and pushed Pakhi. Pakhi fell and Veer held her. Anuja looked at them and Veer became angry.

Veer said he will see to it that no one can take Ayaan from Pakhi. Anuja asked what will he do, she has fooled him so easily. Veer said you have seen your nephew, not a solicitor and see what I do now, you are more clever, but you can see how I trouble you in court, you will be scared to enter court then.

He said my wife and son is involved in this case, you can’t think what I can do. He said no one can separate Pakhi and Ayaan. He said he is a lawyer and giving her a chance of out of court settlement, the result will be Pakhi is Ayaan’s mum forever.

Pakhi looked on crying. Precap: Anuja filled Pakhi’s ears against Veer, that he wanted to marry her. Anuja said she will play with Pakhi. Veer tried to explain Pakhi but she became angry at him.


The Episode started with Anuja filling Pakhi’s ears against Veer, saying he was ready to marry you to make me get Ayaan’s custody. Veer said Pakhi don’t listen to her, she is lying. Anuja said why should I lie, when you got ready to marry her, he gave me this idea.

She said it’s his idea to get Ayaan’s custody and our revenge will be fulfilled. Veer said Anuja is doing this to break us apart. Pakhi said we are not related, I don’t care what she is saying, as she knows what is he.

She said I knew that you will have some motive behind this marriage. She said no one can separate me from my son. Anuja smiled. Pakhi said she doesn’t trust Veer and now his face is out. Veer became shocked. Pakhi left from there. Anuja challenged Veer.

Veer said thanks for this, bad politics is on four pillar, Saam Daam Dant Bhed. He said you have done a lot, what will you do more, only justice will happen now. He said he will not go anywhere and no one can separate Pakhi and Ayaan, till he is here.

She looked at him angrily and he left. Lavanya told Girish that she is going to meet Maa and she has to talk about Riya. He said how can Maa file a case to get Ayaan’s custody, Pakhi married Veer for Ayaan’s sake. Lavanya said Maa is right, it’s Pakhi’s punishment to lose Ayaan, only then she will get some sense.

Girish said Pakhi is not wrong, you and Anuja are wrong. Lavanya said Aryaman is my brother. He said he won’t let him support Maa. She asked with whom are you, with us or Pakhi. He said he is with truth and Pakhi is right.

She said fine, lets see who wins and she left. Pakhi came to her room and thinks everyone is lying, I can’t believe Maa will snatch my Ayaan. She thinks of her words and was hurt. She picked the glass pieces and Veer came. He said try to understand, I did this marriage for Ayaan’s sake. She argued with him.

He said you are making a big mistake. She said stay away from me. Her hand started bleeding and he became worried for her. Pakhi tried to get a good laywer. Veer said you are making Bua play the game.

Anuja told Lavanya that Pakhi is a toy for her and she can play with her, but if Veer plays her case, he will win, no one else will take her case, I will bribe him and made a good story. Lavanya smiled. She said Pakhi won’t manage everything now.

Lavanya said Pakhi is very clever, I think Ayaan is free ticket for the property here. She said it will be good if we take Ayaan from her. Pakhi said she will get the best laywer. Ayaan came and showed a gift to them. He saw her hand hurt and she said nothing.

He asked Veer to take care of Maa’s hand. Veer said sorry. Ayaaan said get the first aid box. Ayaan asked Veer to do the dressing and he did. Ayaan called Pakhi brave. She said yes, I am brave. She saw the pic. It was their new family pic. Veer liked the pic and smiled.

Ayaan said he will hang it to the wall. Ayaan was about to fall and Pakhi and Veer held him. Ayaan said he is fine as he has mum and dad both. He kissed them and left.

Veer said listen to me Pakhi, Bua’s try is to make you against me, I think I can prove that, I will go to talk to her and you hear it, she will admit it.

Mahaji and all the servants talk to Anuja and asked her not to separate Pakhi and Ayaan. Anuja scolded them and asked them to leave the job and get out. Anuja said once she gets the case, she will see them.

Veer came and said you won the case congrats. Anuja asked what happened. Veer said but you have filled Pakhi’s ears and she now believes you, not me. Pakhi heard them hiding. Anuja was about to tell her plan, but she saw Pakhi and trapped Veer again.

Veer turned and saw Pakhi. Anuja said you think you are very smart. Let’s see who wins now. Pakhi left. Veer went to her.

Anuja looked on. Precap: Pakhi and Anuja were going for the case. Anuja said Pakhi should lose. Pakhi prayed for the happiness of the home.


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