Tumhari Pakhi Tuesday 10th August 2021 Episode started with Pakhi bringing lunch for Anshuman in his office. Anshuman said nothing changed, you brought the food like before.

Anshuman said he is working for the family but will spend time with them. She asked him to make Aryaman become responsible. He said fine, I will ask him to come from tomorrow. She said I want some money. He said everything is yours.

She said Maha Ji told her she lost her 2 tola chain, so I want to buy it for her. He asked did Aryaman steal it. She said no, maybe she forgot. He said I understood what you meant, he will come to the office and forget his bad past.

They had a laugh. He held her hand and asked for a sweet kiss. She pushed him and asked him to have food.

Aryaman saw Ayaan playing on the lawn and saw the cameras. He saw the security guards. He came to Ayaan and said let’s go out. Ayaan said dad won’t allow it. Aryaman said you are grown up now, little kids play with ball. He took him and stopped seeing Pakhi come. Pakhi asked where are you going.

Aryaman said I am taking him out, do you have any problem. She said no. He asked do you have cycle. She said yes, and asked Sukhi to bring Anshuman and Ayaan’s cycles. Aryaman and Ayaan went out for cycling.

Lavanya asked Girish not to do much work. She hired the driver Sandeep, Aryaman’s brother. She asked him to drive well and carefully. Girish left with him. Ayaan enjoyed. Aryaman sent him far and called Sandeep asking him to come to some point on time and kidnap Ayaan, as he was bringing them.

He looked at Ayaan. Lavanya was there and talked to Anuja. She said I am fine. Anuja asked is she annoyed about Aryaman. Lavanya said no. She felt some pain and did not tell Anuja.

She fainted on the road. People rushed to her and saw she was pregnant. Aryaman saw people gathered. Ayaan passed by. Aryaman looked at that side and saw it was Lavanya. He was shocked and thinks what to do, as he was going to kidnap Ayaan. He applied the brakes and saw Ayaan going ahead.

He came to her and asked what happened. The ladies asked him to take her to the hospital else she will lose her baby. Aryaman thinks what to do now. He helped Lavanya and took her. Ayaan came back and asked what happened to her.

Aryaman asked the people to stop a car. No one helped. Aryaman tried to take a lift and stood infront of the cars. Many cars passed and Aryaman tried hard to stop a car and take a lift. He lifted Lavanya and run on the road.

He stopped a car and took lift. They took Lavanya to the hospital. Pakhi saw Anshuman back home. Anshuman said you said Maha ji lost her chain, so I thought to see CCTV footage to clear my doubt. She said I am sure Maha ji was wrong.

Maha ji came there. Anshuman saw Aryaman in Ayaan’s room and thinks what was he doing there at night. Maha ji talked to Anshuman and apologized to him for blaming Aryaman. She got the chain. Pakhi said don’t blame him again. Anshuman thinks its the same night footage, so it means Aryaman spoiled his helicopter and then repaired it, why did he do this.

Aryaman called Anshuman and asked him to come as Lavanya is in hospital. Anshuman and everyone rushed there. The doctor said she is fine, her BP was low, I told her case is complicated, don’t leave her alone. She said it’s good Anshuman saw her. She was shocked to see both of them together.

Anshuman said he is my younger brother Aryaman. Ayaan said Aryaman stopped cares like filmi hero, Lavanya was lying unconscious on the road. Girish thanked Aryaman. The doctor asked them to take Lavanya home as she is fine now.

Anuja said it’s my mistake, I should have come to you. Lavanya said it happens sometimes. Anuja said it’s good Aryaman saw you. Lavanya smiled and said yes, it’s good. Lavanya asked Aryaman to bring medicines. She thanked him. Pakhi sent Anshuman to see if he had money or not.

Sandeep caught Aryaman and asked what was the need to take Lavanya to the hospital, is she really your sister. Aryaman said humanity is something, I could have not left her to die. Sandeep said risk is increasing every day, do this work soon.

If they doubt you, you will be in jail your whole life and we will lose 20 crores. Aryaman said don’t come to meet me, else we will be caught if anyone sees us. Anshuman came there and saw Aryaman talking to some man.

Aryaman talked in sleep and said leave me, I don’t want to die, don’t beat me. Anshuman came there and said Aryaman. He took out a knife and showed it to Anshuman.


The Episode started with Anshuman seeing Aryaman talking to someone. He walked to him and Sandeep left. He asked him with whom was he talking to and Aryaman lied. Anshuman gave him money and asked him to get the medicines for Lavanya. Pakhi showed Anshuman to see Lavanya and Anuja.

Lavanya apologized to Anuja and said I am sorry for blaming you to take side of Aryaman. Pakhi and Anshuman were glad seeing this. Pakhi said see I told you relations should get time to solve, I am so happy. She asked what is he thinking. He said nothing, you were right, we should give time to relations.

They joked and laughed. Aryaman came home and was angry as his plan failed today. He saw Ayaan’s pic and said I am still unable to catch him. I should have not saved Lavanya and kidnapped Ayaan. Ayaan came there and said Chachu. Ayaan said everyone is calling you downstairs. Aryaman closed the door and said go now.

I will not come. Ayaan left. He became angry and controlled himself. Pakhi came to him and asked him to come down. He said I won’t come and scolded her. Anshuman heard this and was shocked.

Aryaman said I am not in the mood to play, just leave. He shut the door on her face. It’s night, Pakhi came to Anshuman and asked him not to be upset. He said I understand his upbringing was wrong, he did not stay with us, but he should not talk to you like this. She said fine, don’t be annoyed, it’s a small thing.

He said it’s fine if he talks to me like that, but he should not tell you, I won’t feel good. She said try to understand, it’s not easy for him. I did not feel good, as you don’t have a habit to stay in a joint family, it happens. He said you are right, we should give him some time.

She asked him to focus on his dream project else her. She laughed. He said I will get my file and come. Aryaman had a disturbed sleep and talked in his sleep, saying leave me, don’t beat me. The glass fell and Anshuman went there to see. He said Aryaman and woke him up. Aryaman said leave me don’t shoot me.

He got up and showed a knife to Anshuman. He saw him and lowered it. Anshuman asked him who was killing him, what was he saying. Aryaman said It a bad dreams, I keep this knife under my pillow as people say bad dreams does not come by keeping knife under pillow. Anshuman asked is he fine. Aryaman said yes.

Anshuman left. Aryaman said he will doubt on me seeing this knife, but before this I have to do my work and leave. Anshuman thinks about Aryaman and thinks why did he go to Ayaan’s room, he is making me doubt on him. He thinks he didn’t know about him, but he can’t blame him without thinking, but is he safe for my family.

It’s morning, Aryaman played with Ayaan and asked him to go and have food. Ayaan asked him to take him out. Aryaman said fine. Anshuman said no, he has to come with me to the office.

Ayaan asked why. Anshuman said I want him to help me in the office, it’s a big project and want my brother to support me in it, as I trust you. Aryaman said I will go with Ayaan. Anuja said no, Anshuman is right, join the office. Anuja said she will take Ayaan for shopping. Aryaman thinks he lost the chance today.

Maha ji stole the dry fruits and the servants saw her. Anuja came and asked Maha ji what did she hid. Maha ji showed it to her. Anuja said you are stealing and called my son a thief, if you steal again, I will fire you. Anuja showed it to Lavanya and said she has blamed Aryaman for her chain.

She scolded her and the other servants. Anshuman showed the project to Aryaman. Aryaman felt bored. Anshuman showed him all the safe keys with all the doors will open. He kept it in the drawer to test Aryaman.

Aryaman saw Anshuman. Anshuman said I will just come by making a phone call. He stoof far and kept an eye on Aryaman. Aryaman went there. Anshuman thinks sorry Aryaman, I have to do this, if you get the keys, it will be prove that you came to us for money. Aryaman did not take it.

Anshuman smiled thinkins I was wrong. Aryaman went there again and took the keys. Anshuman was shocked. Aryaman took a key and Anshuman was disappointed. Aryaman laughed and sat in his chair. Anshuman thinks you shouldn’t have done this, you broke my trust.

Anuja told Pakhi that I am worried for Aryaman. Pakhi said everything is fine now. Aryaman weny to steal money from the safety vault.


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