Tumhari Pakhi Tuesday, 28 September 2021 episode started with Pakhi calling Girish, Pakhi said it’s time to play our last trick, Girish said it’s our last trick, don’t know if it will work or not, Veer said we haven’t lost, we cannot think about losing so play the trick.

Anuja talked to Lavanya and said Girish is such a cheap man and that Riya, her mother was like this too, Riya listened to all this, Anuja said her mother had an affair with two people, don’t know who is Riya’s biological father, Riya was about to answer her back when Veer came there, Anuja ask him to go away.

Veer said I couldn’t stop myself from answering, say anything you want but think before saying anything about keerti, I loved her, if she wanted she could have come to me and we would have married but keerit decided to do what her family asked her, I didn’t marry in life, it was my choice, I didn’t forget keerti.

it’s my helplessness but after dying, she didn’t allow me to see her face, this is called integrity and about Riya, it’s not her blood fault, she is my daughter and I will try all my life to make her learn good things and he left. Pakhi looked at Riya listening and Riya also left.

It’s morning, Girish called Riya and said be ready, i am picking you from your house, we are going to file the petition for our marriage, Riya became happy and said i am ready and he ended the call. Riya shouted I am so happy and she asked Ayaan to wake up, she made him wake up and said I am so happy today and she played with him.

Girish called Pakhi, and said aren’t we doing all this in a rush, Riya was happy hearing about the marriage, what if she agrees for marriage, Pakhi said we don’t have time, we will end this matter before filling the marriage petition, we are doing all this to make Lavanya and Riya realize their mistakes.

today either relations will get stronger or we will lose Riya and Ayaan, today is examination of Veer from Riya and mine from Ayaan and she ended the call.Ayaan asked Riya why are you happy? she said why I cant be? He said no you should be happy, I am happy seeing you happy, they all became happy seeing you happy, veer gets happy seeing you happy.

veer loves you a lot and I loves you a lot too, we all are a happy family, we all will live together, will not go away from each other and he hugged Riya. Riya thinks that if I don’t testify in favor of Veer in court then Ayaan’s happy family will destroy, he will be snatched from Pakhi.

Ayaan went to brush his teeth, Pakhi came there and said I have brought parsad for you, I heard that you are going to file petition of marriage with Girish, you must need prayers to make relation after breaking other relation, Riya said not today.

Pakhi said when am about to say anything to you, I feel like if your parents were alive, they would have felt bad seeing you, parents always want to share their unsuccessful things with their children as they don’t want thier children to repeat the same mistakes but it’s your life and your happiness but thinks once that if Girish leaves you like he left his children and Lavanya for you then what will you feel.

Riya thinks, Pakhi gave her parsad and left.Pakhi made Ayaan drink milk, she said to Ayaan that study well in school, you have to become a good person, Ayaan said why are you saying this, are you going somewhere, Pakhi said I am going with Veer today so you manage yourself after coming back from school.

Ayaan said yes, Ayaan left for school. Pakhi lit’s diya on Anshuman picture, she said I am missing you Anshuman, it’s important to be in life along with heart, I cant bear separation of Ayaan, I haven’t lost the hope but I am tensed, I need you today.

Anuja came there and said it’s good you are here because after today you and your husband wont live here, Girish came there and said I have come to take Riya, along with Ayaan’s custody, me and Riya will file marriage petition, Lavanya said you can’t marry, we are not divorced yet, Girish said so what.

our relation is just a sign away, you don’t have any problem with me marrying Riya, Anuja said to Lavanya, don’t listen to this man and she took her from there. Girish said to pakhi I hope that our plan works.Girish and Riya came to court, he asked are you happy? she said yes, you?

he said I am with you, I know people will call me cheap, selfish etc but it doesn’t bother me at all, I won’t fight for my kids, how will I start my new life with you if I have kids responsibility, I am telling you all this as you love me not my kids, you are marrying me so you should not get punished by my kids.

you got family after many years and you are hurting them for me so you should be benefitted, all think about themselves, don’t think much, let go and Riya thinks. Riya came out of car, Pakhi came there and said we all said what we want to but now it’s your decision, I hope you consider how this marriage will affect others.

I just want to say that me and your father loves you a lot.The court hearing started, the judge said we gave 30 days to decide whether Veer is a good father for Riya or not, he asked them to call Riya, the prosecution lawyer said she is not here, Veer said she will come. Girish signed on the marriage papers, he asked Riya to sign the papers and Riya started thinking.

Veer ask for more time, the judge said we are giving you 15mins, if she doesn’t come then we will decide case in favor of Anuja.Riya after thinking took the pen and was about to sign the papers. The judge said to Veer that 15 mins have past, we cant wait now.

PRECAP:Lavanya said to Anuja in court that before Girish takes any wrong decision for our relationship, i have to stop him and she run out to stop Girish.


The episode started with the Judge saying to Veer that we can’t wait now, the persecution lawyer said that Riya doesn’t have anything to say about his so called father to finish this case, Lavanya recalled her past moments with Girish and she got up.

Anuja asked where are you going, Lavanya said before Girish takes any wrong decision about our relation, I have to go to him, Anuja said he is a cheap man, Lavanya said he is Girish, my husband, Father of my children.

I was craving for love of mother so I agreed to your wrong things too, I love Girish and he loves me too, you have filled Riya’s mind with love for Girish, you have filled in her mind to how get Girish, Riya has not spoiled my house but you have done it.

I am correcting the mistake which you have done, she said sorry to Anuja and left.Riya was skeptical on signing the petition for marriage and Girish smiled. Riay started signing, Riya recalled how Veer did so much for her, how she got family, she left the pen and runs to the court while Lavanya run to Girish.

The Judge was about to give his verdict when Riya came there and stopped him, they were all stunned to see her. Lavanya came to Girish in the marriage court and she hugged Girish tightly.Riya came to Veer, Veer was shocked and looked at her.

Riya said I am sorry, you loved my mom, you loved me but I hurt you, please forgive me, I am very bad, the one who gave me so much love, I insulted him, I am sorry, I am sorry papa, Veer couldn’t believe his ears, Riya hugged Veer and cried.Girish said to the marriage Lawyer.

I want to spend my life with Lavanya, I will marry her again, Lavanya said no you love Riya, Girish said it was a drama, I love only you.Riya came into the witness box, she said what I said earlier that Veer is not a good father etc, It was all wrong, I didn’t understand veer earlier.

I was mistaken, he is the best father in the world and I want to live with him. The court gave verdict in favor of Veer. Riya came and hugged veer. Veer looked at Pakhi and smiled. Pakhi looked at Anuja and Anuja left from there angrily.

Pakhi came out of the court room., she told Lavanya that it was all a drama for us and Girish that it was only her infatuation, we had to make her understand that she is on the wrong path, Lavanya said what if she had not understood it, veer said how couldn’t she.

she is the daughter of Keerti, she cant break relations, Girish said we had to make this drama to bring Lavanya on the right path too, Grisih joked that I had to put my love on bet only, Veer said some poetry, Lavanya said wow you are a great poet alongside a lawyer.

They all said that this happened because of Pakhi, Riya said sorry to Pakhi, Pakhi said sorry is not asked from your own, Lavanya said why not, she hugged Pakhi also, they all were happily enjoying, Anuja looked at them and thinks, Pakhi celebrate your victory but I will destroy it soon and she left.

Anuja came back home, she called out for Ayaan, Ayaan was in his room, Anuja came there and said we have to go from here, he asked where? Anuja started packing Ayaan’s cloths, he said no I won’t go with you, he asked where are we going? Anuja said it’s a surprise, Ayaan said I will ask Veer first, Anuja said no.

Pakhi said Ayaan must have reached home, Veer said we will surprise him, Pakhi said for Ayaan it was all normal, Veer said for us, it happened today only, he said we should go for a family holiday, he asked Pakhi to book tickets, Riya said no it happens on the only internet.

I will book it, Veer said parents become outdated, Pakhi said you are talking about yourself only and they all laughed.Anuja said to Ayaan, we all have planned a surprise picnic for you, we have to leave now, Ayaan was excited and left with Anuja. Anuja left a paper on the table.Girish said to them.

don’t book a tickets for Lavanya, she will not come in such strong sun, Lavanya said I will use strong sun screen, Pakhi said it would be good if Anuja was with us now, Lavanya said she must be angry now, Pakhi said we will make her understand, we will bring goodness in her and they all agreed.Anuja left the house with Ayaan.

She placed Ayaan in q taxi and thinks, Pakhi you will come home inebriated in winning but you wont get your Ayaan here, you snatched my son from me so I am snatching your son from you.

PRECAP: Anuja came to tge travel agency and asked agent to book two tickets for Jaipur. Riya brought a letter which Anuja left for Pakhi, Pakhi read the letter, it said.

Pakhi you have a son, but you wont get your son now, you will be childless now and Pakhi shouted Ayaan.


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