Tumhari Pakhi Tuesday, 5th October 2021 Jiji asked Veer that will the happiness in this remain? Veer said yes, he asked her to sleep it’s late night and he left.

Veer came out and thinks, I saw happiness on jiji’s face after many years and also jiji is liking Pakhi so how will I tell jiji about her, he thinks that I love Pakhi but how to tell her.Veer came into his room and said to Pakhi that jiji was sleeping so I couldn’t talk to her.

he helped her and placed the blanket on her, he lovingly looked at her. Pakhi asked him to talk to jiji tomorrow, veer said to pakhi that I also know we should tell jiji the truth jiji soon that we don’t live like husband and wife. Veer went to sleep on the sofa while Pakhi slept on the bed.

Nandini saw it and was shocked, she said how will Pakhi be pregnant, they don’t even sleep together, she went to jiji and asked her to come, she wants to show her something.

she took jiji with her. kumu took out a picture of hirthik and said we should pray before sleeping and you are in my every prayer so I am seeing your picture.

Nandini brought jiji to Pakhi’s room and asked her to sneak inside and see, jiji said have you gone mad, they are newly wed, I can’t see their room, Nandini said you will be shocked seeing inside, you know they are sleeping alone means pakhi sleeping on the bed and Veer sleeping on the sofa, they have no relation so how will a child come, jiji was shocked.

Nandini asked her to look into the room once, jiji went and sneaked into pakhi’s room but it was all dark in the room, they couldn’t see anything, jiji then said to Nandini that you are jealous of Pakhi that I like pakhi so you are alleging them, they love each other.

Veer is taking care of her family, they care for each other and are happy together so don’t say all this from now on and she left. Nandini said I will show you the truth of their relation soon.It’s was morning, kumu bumped into Riya, Riya had face masked on her face.

kumu talked to her in English, Riya said you know English, wow impressive, kumu said I know English but not very fluent as they don’t speak English language in the village, Ayaan came there and teased Riya, he asked does glow comes with this face pack?

Riya said very much, he took it and run from there to apply on his face, Riya said to kumu that I will apply face pack on your face too, kumu said no jiji will not like it, Riya said you are afraid of her, kumu said no, I am not, jiji called her and she went there.

Pakhi applied sindoor and thinks that many people have started trusting this relation, veer thinks that I will not let you feel guilty Pakhi, I will tell jiji soon about our relation, Veer burnt his hand while ironing his clothes, Pakhi came there and applied ointment on his hand.

he looked at her, the servant came and said I found this jewelry box in veer’s pocket, Pakhi saw it and said wow diamond earrings, you bought ? Veer said no, actually a client gave it to me, she knows that I am married so she gave it to me. Pakhi said they are very nice.

Veer said if you like them then take it, Pakhi said no I have many, veer said they will be wasted so take it, Pakhi said ok I will take it, veer asked her to wear it and see if it is matching or not. Pakhi said ok, she wore the earrings and veer kept looking at her, mesmerized by her beauty, Veer said they are looking good on you.

Pakhi asked why are you staring then, he said nothing like that, he said I will iron my clothes and Pakhi left.On the dinning table, a spoon fell on the floor, veer and pakhi both extended thier hands to take it, their hands stroke together and Veer looked at her and smiled.

Nandani said don’t be shy eat it. Love enhances when you eat your husband’s left over. Right charu? Nandani said now her reality will be shown. She said i forgot If he was here i would have asked him to make you eat the sweet. Pakhi said i don’t eat anyone’s left over. Neither do i let anyone eat mine.

Nandani said he is your husbands. Your bodies are different from heart you should be one. She said is there anything else? Pakhi was quite. Everyone awaited for her answer and she continued, i am too stupid. I know you both love each other. Now eat it please.

Riya said why are you forcing Pakhi to eat it. Nandani said it increases love. Riya said i don’t think that’s true. She said Pakhi, lavanya called me,go and talk to her please. She ate from the plate Pakhi left. She said it’s too tasty.

jiji said to Nandini, your drama started with the morning. My brother left you because of these things. Stop imposing your evil mentality on others and she left. charu said you shouldn’t have done that. We came here to spend some good time here. She is so nice and you ruined her mood. She also left as well. Nandani said she escapes every time.

But next time i won’t let her and the whole world will know the reality of her relationship.precap:Lavanya said i am arranging a havan tomorrow. Pakhi said i will come at 5. Jiji said it’s your first karwa chauth you have to dress like a bride. Now come on put some mehndi on and Pakhi denied.


Lavanya said veer should clear to his family that you are not his wife, she said I am worried for you Pakhi, you are living a dual life, Girish said veer’s family love him, he must be waiting for the right time, they are taking it easy so let them handle and he left. lavanya said to Pakhi,don’t stretch the matter.

Veer came to jiji, jiji asked you seem worried, he said jiji actually and kumu came there and fell, jiji said this girl doesn’t listen to me, I will bring oil for you and she left. Veer asked is it hurting? veer said now how will you go and buy hirthik’s movie, kumu stood up and said I am fine, can we go, Veer got a call from the office, he said I am going.

Lavanya said to Pakhi,your earrings are pretty. Pakhi said veer gave them to me, lavanya said he has started gifting you, Pakhi said no, his client gave it to him, so he gave it to me, she said if you like it then take it, lavanya said no, veer will not like it.

Pakhi said nothing like that and she gave the earrings to lavanya, lavanya said I want to say something to you, veer and you are living in one room, if he gets attracted to you, I mean you are very beautiful, if he, Pakhi said never, he doesn’t see like that, lavanya said I don’t know.

now I feel like he is not telling his family about the truth of this relation as he has started loving you, Pakhi said you are thinking wrong, we live in one room but like strangers, lavanya said I just asked as life is not predictable and Pakhi said Anshuman is always with me.

lavanya said I know, seeing you I feel like Anshuman is alive, she said I am thinking to do havan for Anshuman, pakhi said I will come as Anshuman is everything for me.jiji said to charu that tomorrow is karwachauth, she said tomorrow Pakhi will fast for veer and she taunted Nandini.

Nandini said I am sorry, you are still angry with me, jiji said you were spying on veer and pakhi, don’t ever do this again. Nandini said i promise I will not do anything from now, jiji said fine. Pakhi brought out white saree.

jiji came there and said tomorrow is karwachauth and this is your first fast so I have brought red saree and jewelry for you, you will have to get ready like a bride tomorrow, Pakhi took the saree and jiji said come and apply mehndi on your hands, she asked pakhi to come, Pakhi said I can’t apply mehndi, jiji asked why? pakhi said tomorrow is puj..

Nandini said jiji you forget everything, veer doesn’t like mehndi’s smell and Pakhi knows it that’s why she is not applying it. jiji said you love veer so much that you are not applying mehndi for him and jiji left. Nandini thinks I will make drama of this thing, will not let pakhi tell jiji everything calmly.

In the office, veer thinks that I have to tell jiji the truth, I will call her, he imagined pakhi in his room. Pakhi said jiji is right, we should give this relation a chance, veer said you think so? he then saw that it was his imagination.

veer called the house, he asked the servant to give the phone to jiji, jiji came and took the phone, veer said to jiji, I want to say something to you, jiji asked him to go ahead, veer said me and pakhi.. jiji said I know you both love each other, veer said you are mistaken, there is nothing like husband and wife between us.


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