Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Episode started with Anshuman looking for Pakhi. Anshuman spoiled his hand and showed it to Pakhi and Bhaisa asking Pakhi to come to him and clean his hand. Bhaisa asked Pakhi to help Anshuman. Pakhi placed water on his hand. Anshuman apologized to her and she looked at him angrily.

Anshuman acted sweet with her family and sat down to eat with Bhaisa. He looked at Pakhi. He saw what Bhaisa was doing and did the same, like keeping the first little pice of food and doing water puja. Tausa asked them to treat Anshuman well and serve him good food. Bhaisa said Tausa don’t worry. Bhabhisa asked Anshuman does he want rotis. He said I am very hungry, I need one.

Bhaisa asked for chillies and Pakhi served him. Anshuman said even I want it, I want to try. Pakhi gave him some fresh green chillies. Anshuman said Pakhi you know I can’t digest this chillies, if you don’t forgive me, I will eat all of them. Bhaisa asked Anshuman will he eat chillies, it’s very spicy.

Anshuman said Pakhi cooks spicy food there so I got habituated. Bhaisa and Anshuman ate the chillies. Anshuman became unwell and Pakhi didn’t turn to look at him. Bhabhisa asked Anshuman not to eat more as his face is turning red. She asked Pakhi to take care of him.

Pakhi gave him water. Anshuman said, untill you forgive me, I will keep trying and She went away. Anshuman stood up and his pant got torn. The women laughed. Bhaisa smiled and gave him a towel. Anshuman covered himself with the towel and he run. Everyone laughed loudly.

Bhaisa asked Pakhi to go and see Anshuman. Anshuman thinks now Pakhi has to come in the room, you have to give me a chance to apologize. Pakhi came into the room and stitched the pant. He apologized to her.

He said give me a chance, one last chance. Bhaisa’s daughter Chutki brought her friends to meet Anshuman. Anshuman greeted them and talked to them nicely. Pakhi left while he talked to them. Anshuman was upset again. Lavanya cleaned the house and called her maid to see who is at the door.

She saw Girish and kids all with dirt on their clothes and was shocked. She asked what is all this. Girish said before you get angry, I will tell you the truth. He said they were playing with ball and it went in dirt. Ayaan went to take the ball and got stuck in tge dirt so I had to go to take him and Naina came after me to play with us.

Ayaan said no, we were enjoying in the dirt and had much fun. Lavanya asked Girish to go and take a shower. She saw the floor spoiled again. She said Anshuman please be Pakhi soon else I will go mad. Pakhi played with Chutki and Anshuman came to them and Chutki left. Bhaisa and Bhabhisa asked Anshuman and Pakhi to sleep in their room. Pakhi said no, I will sleep in Tausa’s room today as he is not well. Anshuman said Pakhi is right, I will also sleep there, we came here for him.

Anshuman and Pakhi slept on either side of Tausa’s bed. He looked at her and tried to talk to her. He said Pakhi, I need to talk to you please. He acted like sleeping seeing Tausa wake up. Anshuman crawled under the bed and went to Pakhi. He kept his hand on her mouth and said I want you to give me once chance, come on the terrace. They met at the terrace. He held her and she moved back. He said I was wrong whatever I did, I know.

Anshuman dropped Pakhi at net café on a scooter. She asked him to go back talking to Chutki. Anshuman said I will take you back.


The Episode started with Anshuman telling Pakhi that he did a mistake. He said Tanya did all this, she planted Prithvi as Rohan. He said I doubted you, it’s my mistake, I should have trusted you, the situation was all like that going against you, and you also kept quiet, you should have explained to me. Pakhi just listened to him.

He said you know about my mum, I have this feeling that women can’t be trusted, my dad always taught me not to trust any woman as they always cheat, now I know I was wrong, please forgive me once and give me last chance.

I have promised Ayaan and Lavanya that I will not come back without you, give me one chance and I will not let you complain again in your life, lets go home, everyone is waiting there in your home, this is not your home, please come with me.

He said I did many mistakes and you have always forgiven me and showed me the right way, you changed me, I know whatever happened between us, you did not tell your family, it means you care about me and our relation, so please lets just go home. He gave her his hand.

He held her and said please. She looked at him. She bumped into something making sound and quickly stood by him seeing someone wake up. He held her hand. She came down with Anshuman. Bhabhisa said I knew it was you two on the terrace, it’s good, you are husband and wife. All fine. She said I thought Tausa’s illness brought you here but the thing is you can’t stay without Pakhi for one day.

Lavanya asked her maid to make the dish somewhat spicy. Her friend asked what happened, its such a small thing. Lavanya said I am getting irritated easily and I feel weak. She said I feel my taste is changing. Her friend said I think it’s normal. Lavanya liked the spicy one. Her friend said maybe this symptoms are of pregnancy. Lavanya laughed off. She said atleast do the test. Lavanya said I have thought about it many times, there is nothing to do the test but I feel sad when the hope breaks. I don’t want to give any pain to Girish.

Bhaisa saw Anshuman itching and asked whats going on. Anshuman said I am fine. Bhaisa said remove the tshirt, don’t be shy, you are a man. Anshuman showed him the rashes. Bhaisa said red ants have bitten you, so bad, and called Pakhi. Pakhi came. Bhaisa asked Pakhi to apply oil to Anshuman as red ants have bitten him. He said don’t worry, you will find relief with oil. Pakhi brought the oil and everyone left.

He said I will remove my t-shirt and she applied the oil. Anshuman reminded her how she used to take care of him when he had head aches. He said forgive me Pakhi. She slipped and he held her. They had an eyelock. Bhaisa asked is it over and came.

Pakhi moved back. Bhaisa said he will be fine now. He told Pakhi that he will drop her at net café but how will she come back. Anshuman said I will bring her. Bhaisa said she will show you the city too. Bhaisa said take her, but do you know to ride scooter. Anshuman said yes.

Bhaisa joked and said you take her on a scooter, my tension is over and he left. Anshuman asked Pakhi to get ready. Anshuman was happy that he got this chance. Anshuman talked to Ayaan on webcam and said how much difficult it is to get Pakhi’s forgiveness.

Ayaan asked him to bring Pakhi. Anshuman came to Pakhi and started the scooter. Chutki sat after him and he looked at Pakhi. Pakhi sar after Chutki. The scooter stopped. Anshuman tried starting it again.

He rode it and talked to Chutki about him and Pakhi in Shimla. Pakhi went and told Chutki that we will go back on our own, no one needs to wait. Chutki said this was for you. Anshuman said no, I will take you back.

Chutki gave an idea to Anshuman to patch up with Pakhi. Chutki asked Pakhi with her to jalebi shop. Pakhi and everyone was shocked to see Anshuman as jalebi maker.


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