Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday 10th May, 2021 On Atinka TV – Episodes 51-52

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday

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Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday : Episode 51

Tumhari Pakhi Episode 51 starts with Tanya advising Anshuman to go on a vacation with Pakhi as she won’t be able to act infront of you. He said, Pakhi will not agree. She said charm her, if she spends some time with Ayaan, it doesn’t not mean she does not want to be with you, if you want, you can. She flirted with him and challenged him on a dare.

He said, I am not scared, I will ask her, I know she won’t agree. Tanya said she will agree. Anshuman thought about it. Pakhi asked Maa ji to arrange the breakfast. Ayaan called her to help him in packing. Anshuman came home.

He showed her the sindoor box and he filled her maang. She smiled and thanked him. He said, I need to talk to you. She said I know, it about Ayaan, I have seen you upset all night. He said no, something else, actually I was thinking…. and sneezed. She said you have cold, sit here. She applied eucalyptus oil to his head and massaged it.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday : Episode 51

Tumhari Pakhi Episode 51 continues where he said, listen to me and loved the massage. She smiled. She asked him what was the thing you was saying. He said, I was saying you always did a lot for me, so I was thinking I should. She said, it means you were thinking about me whole night. He said yes.

She said, I am very happy in this house, don’t worry about me and Ayaan, let him do what he wants, don’t take tension, I promise Ayaan won’t go anywhere leaving us, we will be like a happy family. He said, I want to do something for you.

She said, what you did by putting sindoor in the box is a great thing. She didn’t listen to him. He said, she has every answer, I could not talk about vacation, what will I do. He said this time I won’t lose to you. Bua read the divorce papers and was shocked.

Girish came to her and asked, what’s this? Lavanya replied, divorce papers. Girish was shocked and Bua left. Girish asked why. Lavanya said sign it, please. He was hurt and she cared for him and paniced. He said, I will not sign this, as I know this relation did not end for both of us, and I won’t let this relation break, I know your heart too. He threw the papers and left.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday : Episode 51

Tumhari Pakhi Episode 51 ends where Ayaan smelled good food and asked, who’s cooking? He saw Pakhi in the kitchen and left. She came to him with his favorite food and draws him showing the food. She said, I have made this tasty laddus and Ayaan looked at them. Pakhi left some space for Ayaan and wanted him to have the laddus. She left and Ayaan ate the laddus. Tanya came home to meet Anshuman and bumped into Pakhi.

Tanya asked Anshuman, did you talk to Pakhi? He took her to have a talk. Ayaan watched Pakhi cutting some decoration papers and making kites and he was happy. Pakhi said it will be fun and they started flying the kites.

Ayaan saw the servants flying kites without him and went to fly with them. Pakhi smiled seeing him. Tanya asked Anshuman, what your life’s challenging project and he replied, Pakhi? Whatever she asked him, he says Pakhi, Pakhi. Tanya was amazed. She said, every answer you give is Pakhi.

Tanya and Anshuman were closer in the study room. Pakhi opened the door and was shocked.

Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday : Episode 52

The Episode started with Tanya and Anshuman talking about Pakhi. Pakhi was coming to Anshuman thinking she will tell him about Ayaan. Tanya got closer to Anshuman in the study room and Pakhi opened the door. Pakhi heard them talking positive about her. Pakhi was happy. She asked him to come with her outside and took him.

She asked Tanya to come out too. Tanya smiled. Pakhi showed Anshuman what Ayaan was doing. Anshuman looked at Ayaan flying the kites. He was amazed and asked, how did you do this?. Pakhi replied, I did not do this, I just made him do it by presenting this to him.

She said, I don’t know why he wants to go to boarding school, but it doesn’t matter, I will see to it that he chooses what his heart desires and not the people who wants to break our house, I am sure he will select magic art club, I promise he will stay with us, lets fly the kites. Anshuman said, I don’t believe in festivals. She insisted and took him for kite flying. He said, I don’t know how to fly a kites.

She laughed and said, I will teach you, it’s very simple. Everyone clapped for Ayaan for flying so good. Pakhi said, your dad will compete with you, lets see who wins.

Pakhi asked Tanya to join them and she will teach her. Tanya joined them and held the Chakri. Anshuman saw Ayaan and was happy. Pakhi helped Anshuman in flying and they held hands. Ayaan laughed at Anshuman. Pakhi asked Anshuman to tie her hair. She stepped on his feet and he shouted ahh….

She asked, are you fine? tie my hair please. He tied her hair. Tanya looked at Anshuman. Ayaan said, I will cut your kite dad. Ayaan said, I am getting susu. Pakhi said, I will manage your kite till then. Ayaan said, will you save my kite. She said, i promise and took the string. Ayaan thankes her and run to the bathroom.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday : Episode 52

Anshuman thanked Pakhi for whatever she did for everyone. He said, we should go on a vacation, only you and me, you have responsibility towards me too. He asked will you come with me. Pakhi said I…… my kite is about to cut your kite. Pakhi was about to fall and he held her in his arms and they have an eyelock. Tanya said, it looks like she will go on a holiday with him happily, you both are tangled.

Pakhi said, we got tangled in this relation since childhood, now we are experiencing it. Anshuman said, tell me how to get rid of this. She took out the string and freed him.

Tanya said, you took the reverse rounds. Pakhi answered her well. Tanya said, but you should go on a vacation. Anshuman asked Pakhi what did you think? Pakhi said, I think the idea is good. Ayaan came and asked, where are we going? Pakhi replied, I am sorry, only your dad and I are going, you have to go to the hostel so you can’t go. Pakhi was excited about the vacation and said, I can’t say how much excited I am, nice idea. Ayaan left annoyed and Tanya smiled.

Ayaan made Pakhi and Anshuman fall. Anshuman said, Ayaan is doing this as we are not taking him, should we take him along, or we should not go on vacation leaving him behind. Pakhi said no, we will go, it’s just a matter of few days, Ayaan is not interested in our vacation, he is excited to go to the hostel. She said, don’t cancel the plan. She thought sorry Anshuman, I can’t say how our vacation and Ayaan’s hostel are connected. Tanya talked to Anshuman and said, she is so much eager to go.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday : Episode 52

Anshuman said, she is leaving behind Ayaan and ready to go on a vacation. He said, it’s disgusting. Why will she need Ayaan if she got you. Pakhi called him and decided to go to HongKong. She said this infront of Ayaan. She said, book our tickets for Hong Kong. Anshuman said fine and ended the call. Ayaan looked at Pakhi.

Anshuman asked Tanya, what are Pakhi’s plans? Tanya smiled and said, if you are going on a honeymoon, have the honeymoon too. Anshuman said, I am not a cheap man to take someone’s advantage. She said, let’s see what can Pakhi do, you are hurting her, I think she is too keen, she is your wife. He said, I wnat her out of my life. I only want you, I want to marry only you.

Ayaan and Pakhi had a talk. Anshuman tols Pakhi that he hates her and asked her to leave. Pakhi was shocked.

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