Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday, 14th June 2021 episode started with Lavanya scolding Anshuman. He said I would have answered Mr. Rana but I did not as he is Tanya’s father. Lavanya said do you care about Tanya, she is sad seeing all this, what is the need for her to be here and serve you and Pakhi, she is here as she loves you a lot. What did you do, she is hurt by you.

She believed that she will marry you after Pakhi leaves. She said Pakhi will be happy ruining everything, what about Tanya, why is she punished. She is in a shock, go and apologize to her. She said Tanya is madly in love and maybe she will forgive you. Anshuman looked at the pics and was upset.

He came to Tanya and stopped to hear what the servants were talking about. The servants talked about Anshuman and Pakhi getting close and it was fun. They said someone has mixed the bhang in their thandai. They talked ill about Anshuman. Anshuman got angry hearing this. They say Tanya came here to become his wife and she is becoming a maid. They had a laugh and left. Anshuman went to see Tanya and knocked her door.

Anshuman talked to Tanya and she cried and fooled him with her words. She said you gave all the rights to Pakhi. You did everything for her and what about me, can you take the rights away from her. He said I will do whatever I say, I am feeling guilty, I am ready to do anything for your happiness. She said nom it’s not possible, its over. He said tell me once what you want.

She said take all the rights back from Pakhi. She said I am staying here without any rights, let it be, you can’t change anything. He said yes, you are right, I gave all the rights to Pakhi by mistake, she is here as I have supported her. He said ‘I did not stop her from coming closer to me, but not anymore, I will take every right from her and give it to you. He said till she is here, I will become a stranger to her, only you have the right on me, no one else. Tanya smiled. Anshuman said sorry and left.

Tanya thinks about her talk with her dad. She came to see Pakhi while she was sleeping. She said you challenged me, you did not think you will play fair game but I won’t. She said everything is fair in love and war and this is war. She was happy that she will show her place in this house now.

She smiled and left saying all the best. It’s morning, Pakhi got ready and was happy. She thinks about Anshuman’s words and smiled. She laughed thinking about what happened when she and Anshuman were drunk.

She looked at his photo and thinks how he told her I love you. Anshuman came there talking on the phone. Anshuman tried to keep some distance from Pakhi. She talked to him and reminded him about yesterday. He ignored her. She asked him to apply her sindoor. He looked at her and was hesitant.

He thinks about Tanya’s words and his promise. He did not apply the sindoor and Pakhi was shocked. He said this is not required. She said fine and said you are shy about what happened yesterday, come and she held his hand. He took his hand back and avoided her. She asked, did I do any mistake yesterday that you are behaving like this?

She said I was not in my senses. He said yes, I don’t want to spend my life in confusion. She asked what happened, everything was fine till yesterday. He said you think so, nothing is fine. He said I brought you here to get rid of you, now the time has come to remind you.

She said I know. He said our relation has no future, why should I be dependent on you. He said after some days you will go, why are we fooling each other. He got angry. She asked him why are you doing this. He said even I don’t know, I am playing with you and Tanya, I have to take one decision.

He said I don’t understand why you challenged Tanya, why are we coming closer, our hearts will break. He said I promised to marry Tanya, she is doing so much for the challenge, it was my big mistake to bring you here, we can’t take this relation ahead. Pakhi cried. He said we will be strangers after you leave from her, forget the time when we were together. We will be leaving as strangers in this house from now on. Pakhi looked at him.

She said I know I won’t become your wife by doing this, I don’t have any right, I came here as a stranger and accepted everything, now I have this four months. She said I will be a stranger for you always, but I waited for you by my wish. He said I don’t like this, why are you so good.

She said, I am not confused about my place, I know I don’t have any place in this house. She said, you said we will be strangers from now on, it means the promise you said we will be best friends, you broke it.

Anshuman thinks about it. She said I don’t know what changed in one day, I was going before also, but not as a stranger. He said I told you we will be friends and now I am saying we won’t have any relation.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday, 14th June 2021

He said I told you once we become close, it hurts to go far, so I don’t want anyone of us to get hurt, I want to marry Tanya. She cried. He said to make that relation, we have to end out relation. Ayaan came to them and said you both were looking so good together.

Ayaan asked Anshuman and Pakhi to be together. He said lets practice the couple dance salsa. He asked Anshuman to hold Pakhi. Anshuman said enough, we are not a couple, we acted so much for you till now, we don’t love each other. Ayaan said Pakhi loves you and you love that Tanya aunty. Anshuman got angry. Ayaan asked why do you love Tanya, can’t you love Pakhi.

Ayaan asking anshuman why can’t you love pakhi. He said that pakhi became a teacher, doctor then why can’t she be a wife to Anshuman. Pakhi said that you were asked to drink haldi milk to heal your pain, so this is the same way we were acting to be a couple to keep you happy. Ayaan refused to agree but Pakhi explained to him relationships are different to injury.

Anshuman said that when Pakhi first came , Ayaan hated Pakhi but slowly started loving her, Anshuman assured him that they are best friends and will do everything together and Pakhi seems happy with seeing the increasing bond between father and son.

Anshuman promised to surprise him in the evening.

Anshuman left citing work and took his tie down with him and asked maaji to make the knot. Tanya came and said that she has learnt how to do it and made him wear the tie. At the same time Tanya boasted about her victory over pakhi and now she is close to anshuman and Pakhi is now distant from anshuman…

Ayaan pleaded with pakhi to prove her love to Anshuman and said that he gives her 25 days challenge to prove it. Pakhi tried to explain but Ayaan refused to hear Pakhi out and left.

Tanya came and started taunting pakhi that due to bhang she has been ousted by Anshuman and that she has become closer to Anshuman. She said that she made Girish placed the bhang in the drink. Once Tanya left, Pakhi wondered who was behind the bhang and went to speak to Girish and decided to find out the truth about who placed the bhang in the drinks. Pakhi believed only after the bhang incident Anshuman has started behaving strangely with her.

At Girish place, Girish confronted Vikram and Lavanya and told Lavanya to stop her childish games. He said that she has already made him jealous and no need to play further. Vikram got aggressive and declared that he in love with Lavanya.

Lavanya corroborated and said she too loves vikram. Girish revealed the truth about Lavanya’s fake pregnant but Vikram declared that he already knew about her pregancy being fake and defended Lavanya that she must have been desperate to lie for her benefit.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Monday, 14th June 2021

Their fight was stopped when pakhi entered. Pakhi is oblivious to the argument and asked Girish if he placed the bhang but he denied it. Pakhi was convinced that Tanya was behind the entire bhang episode. She went to maaji and cleverly got the information where the thandai came from and decided to confront Tanya about it.

She said that she is not doing to prove herself correct but to show Anshuman Tanya’s real face.

The entire bhang revelation was done and all culprits were placed in line for the shopkeeper to recognise the culprit. He pointed to Tanya.

Girish signed the divorce papers after Lavanya says that she can never forgive him

More cat fight between Pakhi and Tanya. Tanya revealing how she is using Anshuman and it was her who was behind the bhang incident. 3 days left for the challenge.


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