Awesome Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday, 3rd June 2021: Episode 81-82

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The Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday, 3rd June 2021 episode started with Pakhi and Anshuman having an eyelock under the bed. Anshuman got Ayaan’s medal and gave it to Pakhi. He stopped her and thanked her. She said welcome and went out. He smiled. Anshuman asked for help. She pulled him out and laughed. They had a talk and Pakhi joked.

Pakhi thinks of talking to him about Ayaan as his mood was now good. Anshuman said, I have much work at the office, I will be late today. She thinks of not telling him as she didn’t want to spoil his happiness.

Maa ji told Tanya that Pakhi always made seasoned food. Tanya was opposite of it. The bill was Rs. 25000. Tanya said, we are Rs.3 000 above the budget and Maa ji praised her. Maa ji said, I knew you sent Ayaan to the amusement park instead of school. Pakhi came there and Tanya was tensed seeing her.

Pakhi came to Tanya and asked her to take care of the kitchen. Pakhi saw the vegetables and said it’s off season, it doesn’t have benefits like seasoned vegetables. Tanya said, it’s my tension. Pakhi said, take care of my tension too. She said see the water bill, electricity bill, it’s in my hands, so don’t waste it.

Tanya said, Anshuman doesn’t care about these things. Pakhi said yes, as he knows I am here to take care of it. Pakhi asked her to follow what she was saying. Tanya said, it’s my right on the kitchen this week, it’s my headache, it’s none of your business and about savings, keep your middle class mentality to yourself.

Tanya said, I have lots of money, I can do anything. Pakhi smiled. Tanya said, I will tell you about my right, I always have a right on Anshuman, my dad is more rich than Anshuman. Pakhi said some lines and taunted her about having a spoilt children. Pakhi said, you have to value things. She explained the importance of having food. Pakhi said, you don’t even know to count money, I won’t let you rule in my house and she left.

It’s night, Anshuman came home and slept. Pakhi changed and came to talk to him. Pakhi told Anshuman what Ayaan did seeing his low marks in history and he signed by your name. He is my son and we should take care of him. If he does any mistake, we should explain to him, so I thought to share it with you. He did your signs. Anshuman was sleeping and didn’t hear anything.

Pakhi said don’t get angry, I wanted you to know, we should talk to him, why did he do this. She asked, are you listening? and then saw that he was asleep. She smiled looking at him. She covered him with a shawl. She thinks, it’s good Anshuman was sleeping, I will first talk to Ayaan and understand why he did this. She went to see Ayaan.

Ayaan was sleeping. She saw some rashes on his face and hands and she got worried. She called Anshuman and Anshuman looked at him. He said this happens to him when he eats mushrooms. He called the doctor. Pakhi said I have not given him mushrooms. Anshuman asked Maa ji and the servants did Ayaan eat mushrooms.

Ashok said he did not eat before us, we know he has allergy. The doctor came and checked Ayaan. The doctor gave him injection. Pakhi couldn’t watch, so she turned. The doctor said he will be normal in the morning. Anshuman said it’s good that Pakhi saw him. The doctor said maybe he had mushrooms in the evening.

The doctor left. Pakhi said I didn’t see him having mushrooms. Anshuman said he might have had it in school, how can this happen. They have to pay for this, I will go to his school and find out before going to the office. Anshuman thinks, Tanya is sleeping not caring about Ayaan’s condition.

Anshuman and Pakhi went to the school and scolded the management for giving wrong food to Ayaan. Tanya asked Maa ji where is everyone. Maa ji said I don’t know. She told Tanya about Ayaan’s allergy. Maa ji said if Ayaan says where he went, then.

Anshuman came to know that Ayaan was absent on the sports day. Anshuman and Pakhi were shocked to see the register. Ayaan asked Tanya where is dad and mum. Tanya asked him about his allergy. Ayaan told her about mushrooms which he had at the amusement park.

Tanya said, you made such a big mistake, now everyone will know, what will you tell dad, you can’t tell anyone that you went to the park and bought the gold medal, you have to lie. The principal said it means Ayaan went somewhere else and he ate something which caused the allergy and he lied to you. Your child is lying.

Girish saw Lavanya being uncomfortable with the padding. He said remove it, no one will see at home. Lavanya got Vikram’s message and smiled. Vikram asked her to meet him. She left her mobile on the table. Girish checked the message while it rang again and again. Lavanya took the mobile from his hand. They argued about it. Girish said I know you are going out with Vikram. Lavanya said yes, he is my business partner, I will go and meet him.

Anshuman and Pakhi came home. Pakhi asked Anshuman not to be angry with Ayaan. Anshuman asked Ayaan where did he go yesterday, on sports day or anywhere else. Ayaan got tensed. Ayaan lied to him. Anshuman said explain to me in detail. Ayaan lied further and Anshuman got angry at him. Tanya looked on. Anshuman asked where did you eat mushrooms, in school? Ayaan said yes.

Anshuman said just shut up, you did not go to school, from where did you bring the gold medal. Anshuman asked Pakhi not to come in between them. Anshuman scolded Ayaan and said we went to your school, they said you did not go to school, where did you go then. Ayaan said amusement park, Tanya gave me the passes. Everyone was shocked.

Ayaan told them that Tanya spoilt my dress and told me not to go to school and gave me the passes asking me not to go to school. Tanya said why would I do that, he is lying. Tanya said now he will say I gave him money. he will say I bought the medal. Ayaan said yes, you arranged the gold medal. Ayaan said she made me eat the mushrooms. Anshuman was shocked.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday, 3rd June 2021

The Episode started with Ayaan telling Anshuman that Tanya made him lie. Tanya said he is lying, he is trapping me, this is too much. Anshuman asked Maa ji for the uniform. Maa ji also lied which annoyed Ayaan. Pakhi said Ayaan is not lying at this moment. He lied yesterday but not now. Ayaan pushed Tanya in anger. Tanya to save herself showed the papers on which Ayaan did his signature practice. She said I got this papers from Pakhi’s room. She is the one who was hiding this from you.

Tanya told Anshuman that Pakhi knew about this. Anshuman got angry at Pakhi and asked did you know this? Pakhi said yes. Ayaan saw all this and said I hate you Tanya. Anshuman said you are fooling me, my son does fraud and you encouraged him. He said, is this the way to do his upbringing, you are spoiling him.

He will become a criminal tomorrow. He said what’s all this, he does not need me, he did my signs. You are digging a pit for him, decide what you want to do. Tanya smiled. Anshuman left in anger. Tanya came to Pakhi and smiled.

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words and was upset. Ayaan came to her and said sorry Maa, this is happening because of me. Dad scolded you a lot, Tanya is a liar, she sent me to the amusement park, I came to take dad’s sign but heard his words, so went back. Pakhi cried and hugged him. Tanya said great, I did not think Pakhi will also get trapped. Pakhi failed today with Ayaan. Sad for them. She became happy.

Anshuman blamed Pakhi for everything. He was angry with Ayaan for forging his signatures. Pakhi said it my mistake that I did not tell you this before, I tried to tell you, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel your mistake. Anshuman asked what. She said Ayaan did that because of your high expectations, he is afraid of you.

I explained to you not to pressurize him, this happened because of you. He was afraid of your reaction. Anshuman said good one, you are putting the blame on me. Pakhi stopped him and said, its your mistake, how can anyone tell you, you give everyone an angry stare, sorry.

She said I will explain to you, Ayaan came to our room to take your signs, but he went back hearing your words about him. He got scared and left, I don’t want to spoil him, he did not do my sign, he did your sign. Anshuman said, you are blaming me, don’t give me excuses, we have to make our kids competitive. Pakhi said tell me what would you do if he comes 4th.

Anshuman said I would have not talked to him for some days, and encourage him. I won’t forgive him for gold medal. Pakhi said you might also do this, what did your dad do him, he was not rich.
He used to sell carpets. I earned all this. He said take your example, did you go from here losing, no, you went ahead.

Pakhi said but the situations are different, try to understand. You are right, but your way is wrong, Ayaan will do everything different, he is different from you. Your situation was different, Ayaan doesn’t know how to bear all this. Ayaan is an intelligent kid, he should get a direction. He can run but he is afraid that he will fall and you won’t be there to help him. He don’t have to teach to run, but ensure him that we are there for him to hold his hand.

Ayaan needs trust, not pressure and she leaves. It’s night, Pakhi got ready to sleep. Anshuman looked at her. She saw her shawl behind him. She asked him for her shawl. He gave her a pillow instead. She asked him again. He gave her a his tab. She fell on him and they had an eyelock. He held her and got up.

She then gave him medicines. She looked at Anshuman and Ayaan’s photo and she left the room. Anshuman looked on. She went to Ayaan and asked him why are you sitting here, wear this, it’s cold. She said I looked for you in the room.

Ayaa showed his drawing. She looked at it and said it very pretty and why did you put wrong colors. She asked him to make the painting look real by putting right colors. She told him a woodcutter’s story. She asked him to always speak the truth.

Ayaan said it was Tanya’s mistake. Pakhi said it was your mistake, don’t blame her. You could have rejected her deal but you agreed to her. Ayaan said sorry, I won’t do this again. Pakhi said tell your parents about everything, but don’t lie.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Thursday, 3rd June 2021

She asked why did you push Tanya, you should respect her, she is elder. You should be a well mannered kid. Ayaan said sorry Maa. Pakhi said go and sleep now, we will start a new morning. Ayaan asked will dad forgive me? Pakhi said it’s between you and dad, you should apologize and promise you won’t do this again.

Tanya talked to her dad and told him what happened at home. Pakhi came to her and shouted on her. Pakhi scolded Tanya and warned her not to play any games with Ayaan. Tanya argued with Pakhi and asked her to leave.

Tanya said you have used Ayaan. Tanya called Ayaan a liar. Pakhi got angry and said he did all this because of you. Tanya said will you tell Anshuman, do what you want, Anshuman trusts me and will always do. Pakhi taunted her and asked her to see the reality.

Tanya made tea for Anshuman but Anshuman drank the tea which Pakhi made. Tanya told Anshuman that she will win Ayaan’s heart. Ayaan talked to Pakhi. Anshuman said Ayaan loves Pakhi and Pakhi also loves Ayaan. Ayaan was shocked to know that Anshuman and Pakhi were getting divorced.