Tumhari Pakhi On Atinka Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021

The Tumhari Pakhi Update On Tuesday: 13th July 2021 Episode started with everyone playing the game Chittorai. They enjoyed themselves and had a good time. Pakhi fell. Anshuman looked at her.

Bhaisa asked Anshuman to hit Pakhi with the ball as she kept the stones. Anshuman didn’t hit her and threw the ball somewhere else making her win. Everyone clapped for Pakhi and said we won. Anshuman said sometimes to win anything we have to lose anything. They laughed saying it’s a dialogue from a Baazigar movie. They asked Anshuman to dance on Rajasthani song as they lost.

Bhaisa said no, this can’t happen, Anshuman can’t do. Anshuman said I can, I don’t have any problem. Bhabhisa said if Pakhi can dance on english song for him, why can’t he dance, he always showed his love by making jalebis, I am sure he will dance,right. Anshuman said right. Anshuman danced on the song Maara dhola.

Two men joined him and danced with him. Anshuman danced with Tausa and Taisa. Pakhi took red chillies and grind it on stone. Anshuman came to her and helped her. He held her hand. He held his ear and she left. He came to her again and tried to win her heart. Everyone laughed seeing them. Anshuman danced with Bhabhisa and Kakisa. Pakhi looked at them.

Anshuman and Pakhi took rounds holding hands. Pakhi was annoyed. Everyone danced. They had an eyelock. She left while he looked on. Bhabhisa and Kakisa praised Anshuman and felt happy in his presense. They said Pakhi is very lucky, he loves Pakhi a lot, I wish they are always together. Tausa called someone and told about Anshuman and Pakhi. Pakhi and Anshuman heard him. Tausa said Anshuman made jalebis for Pakhi, he is a diamond.

Tausa blessed Pakhi. Chutki said I want to study with Pakhi. Bhaisa said once we return from the market. Bhaisa said Pakhi not to leave Anshuman alone and take care of him, as he was their guest. Anshuman held Pakhi near the stairs. He said I won everyone’s heart and will win yours too, I tried my best but failed, you made me feel love for you, now you are hiding your love for me, I know I did a mistake, but I love you a lot. So I am sure I will win your love and trust.

He said, I did not value it, I am asking you now, I promise I will win your love and left. It’s night, Pakhi stood at the terrace and thinks how she stepped in Anshuman’s house and her journey there. She thinks about Ayaan and then atlast how Anshuman called her characterless. It’s morning, Bhabhisa asked where is Pakhi going. Pakhi said yes, I am going out. Bhabhisa was happy that Pakhi valued their love.

Anshuman placed his hand under her feet when she was wearing the slippers. He said let me take care of you, I will be your shadow and follow you even if you don’t allow, no one can stop me, not even you. Pakhi left. Anshuman followed her and held an umbrella over her head. He said I feel I can stay here well. He tried to make her smile. He said I am learning many things here. I am changing for you, as you changed for me. Many people know me here.

He greeted someone. The man blessed them. He asked when are you both going. Anshuman said I came to take something here, I have to stay here till I get it, even if I have to stay here my whole life. Pakhi booked a ticket for Shimla. Anshuman looked on.

Anshuman came home and everyone looked at him angrily. Anshuman said I made a mistake. Tausa slapped him saying Pakhi is not an orphan but my pride. Bhaisa beat Anshuman for calling Pakhi characterless.


The Episode started with Pakhi booking Anshuman’s ticket from Jaipur to Shimla. Anshuman said make two tickets for Anshuman and Pakhi. He said I came to make my wife happy and take her with me, make two tickets and keep it open. Pakhi left. Anshuman came after her holding an umbrella over her head. She said don’t follow me, go from here. She slipped and he held her.

He said I am not following, I am going my way as my destination is you. She said go. He said I won’t go without you. She said the way ends here, go. He held her hand and said fine, answer my question. He held her and kept her hand on his head. He said swear to me and say you don’t love me. Pakhi took her hand back and looked at him.

He said I got my answer, if you love me, then Pakhi every love has to go through a test and you passed in every exam and I failed in every test, you have forgiven me always, I know this time I did a big mistake and it can’t be forgiven, but I am sorry, I know you will forgive me, I know I crossed every limit, calling you characterless and kicked out of the house. Pakhi thinks of the moments and cried.

He said you told everyone you came to see Tausa, but I am sorry. He said I promise I will not do this again. Please come back home. He folded his hand and said forgive me once. She looked at him and left.

Anshuman said you did not say anything, but I will tell everything to them, all the truth, if they forgive me, maybe you will also forgive me. He went after her. Bhaisa heard their conversation and got angry. Anshuman came home and everyone looked at him with anger. He looked at them and was puzzled.

Anshuman oil Tausa that he need to talk to him. Tausa slapped him. Anshuman fell. He got up and said I made a big mistake. Tausa slapped him again and he fell. Tausa said you went on your dad, how can we think you won’t become like him, your dad called your mum characterless and she left, but Pakhi is not an orphan, she has a family.

He said you came to beg us to get Pakhi, so that you trouble her and insult her. He said Pakhi is my bride, no one dares to see her, how dare you call her characterless. Anshuman got up and folded his hand.

Tausa scolded him and said Karsan Singh Rathore came to us to ask for Pakhi, we gave him Pakhi but what did you give her, a 18 year old, you are getting respect from her because of Pakhi. He said you don’t deserve this, this time you won’t succeed. Everyone is respecting you, but enough, we will kill you now.

Anshuman said hear me once. Bhaisa shouted and Anshuman went to him. Bhaisa said I told you I will kill you if you trouble my Pakhi, you harassed her, you called her characterless. Bhaisa beats him a lot. Everyone looked on.

Bhaisa said I should have killed you the day when you and Lavanya insulted Pakhi, in your house, but I stopped seeing Pakhi, I told you Pakhi protected you, but I will kill you if she leaves you. He beats Anshuman and he started bleeding. Anshuman said it’s my mistake, beat me if you want, as I did wrong, but I love Pakhi a lot.

Bhaisa kicked him and said don’t take Pakhi’s name else we will cut you tongue. Anshuman said I broke Pakhi’s heart and came here to win her heart, I will not go without taking her. Bhaisa said you won’t go alive from here. Anshuman looked at the blood and said Pakhi waited for me for 18 years, please give me Pakhi. Bhaisa said you don’t deserve her and beats him.

Bhaisa said I will kill you if you take her name. Anshuman said I don’t know any other name except Pakhi. I will go with Pakhi. Bhaisa beats him. Anshuman said she is my life. Bhaisa beats him more. Anshuman said I love Pakhi. Bhaisa said I will kill you and takes big rod to hit him.

Pakhi came and called out Bhaisa and stopped. She saw Anshuman and cried. She came to him running and saw his wounds. She stood infront of him. Bhaisa said move, he called you characterless, don’t save him, his dead body will go from here. Pakhi said mind it, he is my husband, I won’t bear this.

Anshuman looked at Pakhi. Bhaisa was shocked and threw the rod. He cried and said my flower like sister, I gave to him and he has ill treated you and dumped you in dirt. Pakhi said you did Kanyadaan, now you don’t have any right on me. Did I complain about him, I did not tell you I left my house, so no one has the right to beat him.

Everyone was shocked. She said you can’t see tears in my eyes, then can you see me becoming a widow? Bhaisa said no, forgive me, it’s my mistake. Pakhi said it’s my personal matter, don’t say anything, else I will go from here.

Tausa said this is your home, how can you go. Pakhi melted seeing Anshuman’s wounds and took him to the room. Pakhi took care of Anshuman;s wounds and said I called the doctor, he might be coming. Anshuman saw her goodness once again. She said change your shirt now, it’s not clean. I will send haldi milk for you.

He asked have you forgiven me and held her hand. She took her hand back and left. Pakhi came to Tausa and everyone. Pakhi apologized to them for shouting on them. Tausa said no, it’s not your mistake, but mine, as we have sent you with him, without thinking the man who cheats once, will cheat again, he pointed on your character, we can die and kill for respect. Pakhi said we regard guests as Lord, even if it’s a enemy.

Anshuman asked Bhaisa where is Pakhi. Bhaisa said she left home. Bhabhisa said she left not only you but us too. Anshuman run to find Pakhi and she is at a bus stop leaving.


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