Tumhari Pakhi Update Tuesday, 21 September 2021 Episode started with Pakhi asking Anuja what is she doing with Riya’s purse. Anuja said she won’t let Riya come close to Veer. Pakhi thanked her for reminding her of her aim, and said it’s good to keep enemies close. Anuja said not so close to show your secrets.

Pakhi said I don’t have secrets and many people’s truth have come out. They taunted each other with a smile. Anuja said she will walk ahead. Pakhi said yes, as she is a mum. Anuja said your smile won’t be for long. Pakhi said your son Anshuman told me my smile gives him peace always, this won’t go.

Pakhi said your tension will show my smile is intact or not, you are my Maa, if you get hurt, I also feel hurt, I can’t bear this.Anuja said our way is different now, I am fan of your positive attitude, but now I won’t leave any hope for you and she left hiding a book with her which she found in Riya’s purse.

Riya talked to someone and said this is not infatuation, I love him. She turned and saw Anuja with her book. Anuja asked what happened, I can understand I am thinking right, you are in love, with some married man. Riya took the book and asked her to mind her work. Anuja said great.

Riya said what will you do, complain to my father, fine, I don’t care.Anuja said relax, I won’t tell Veer, you are 18 and can decide, you can run away with the man you love. She asked Riya not to show this book to anyone, as the title is how to romance married men. She said Pakhi can see this and make an issue.

She filled Riya’s ears against Pakhi. Riya said go and tell her, make a scene. Anuja said when will you understand me, I am Ayaan’s Dadi, so your Dadi too. She said she has many ways to win the case, but she wants to win by truth, as she has to show her face to the Lord, she will not ruin her true love.

I know what is real love.She said love is boundless, love doesn’t see a man is married or not, the people who got love are lucky, I am with you, I will make sure you get your love, take this book. Riya nodded yes and left. Anuja thinks it’s good that Riya runs with this man and then she will win without fighting.

Veer came to Pakhi in the kitchen and asked can he help with the gift wrap. She said no, it’s done and they had a talk. He saw her cutting potatoes and asked her to cut it symmetrically as it’s an art. She said see I am cutting it well, and said let’s have a competition, let’s see who cuts it better. They started cutting.

She was shocked seeing him cut it so fine. He said see it’s the same. She said no, I don’t like this one. They argued. He said you have cut like stones. Riya came into the kitchen and saw them arguing. Pakhi asked Riya to see both the potatoes cut and tell which is better, as we had a competition.

Riya said ok and checked it. She said Veer’s fine but said Pakhi’s one is good. Pakhi was happy. Veer said she will take your side as she is annoyed with me. Pakhi said yes, it’s simple you cut better, I agree, and I know Riya is annoyed, I know how to make the relation well, I got the idea.

He said what/ She said I won’t say, you cut it well, cut more potatoes now. He said I knew this.They came to the room and she gave him coffee. She said even if you do good thing, she will not praise you, but praise me. He said so? What will this do?

She said she will explain. She said we can’t make Riya come closer, till they know why she is annoyed, so we will show we are against each other, then she will support me and we will come closer then I will know what’s in her heart, why does she hate you, then we will get the solution.

She said Riya will come close to you and Ayaan will be with me. He said you have huge advantage as you stayed with the family, why did I not think this. She said you are good cutting potatoes, you do this. He said Riya won’t share things with you.

She said you don’t know girls, once they sit to talk, they share secrets. He asked he is curious to know what do girls talk about. She asked, what do guys talk about. He said bad things? She looked at him. He changed the topic and said he will cook anything she said.

She said does he always think about only about food. She said she is tensed. He said relax. She asked did he get an idea. He said I am working, it will come. He smiled and said it’s a small fight, we have to work on something similar. She said no, we need a big fight with some story.

He said he can’t think, you think. She said she doesn’t know. He talked about Anshuman and she looked at him.Veer apologized to her. She smiled and said I had small fights with Anshuman every day and then it used to get over in some time, we used to fight to make up to each other.

She asked about him and Kirti, and their fights. He said yes, she used to fight for small things, like not calling, just that stuff, let it be, you won’t get any hint from my life. Ayaan came and gave him his laptop. He said it’s outdated, get it upgraded. Veer said fine and Ayaan left.

Pakhi and Veer get the same idea of the internet. She said it good to know you think in hindi. He said does it matter if I think in Haryanvi. She smiled. They searched for top 5 reasons why married coupled fight. They saw a video and played it.

They heard the man saying the first and biggest reason to fight occurring between the married couple is not having physical relation. Pakhi became embarrassed. Veer looked at her. The man said it’s required to talk and understand, as body needs are not silent, it’s important with married couples.

Pakhi got up and went away being tensed. The man continued and Veer shuts the laptop. Pakhi applied cream to her hands. Veer started the laptop and the video started again. She said can’t you shut it. He said Ayaan will use the laptop tomorrow, is he sees the video, his education will start tomorrow.

He shuts the videos and laptop. They became uncomfortable. He said the fan is running fast, I am scared, it fell on me when I was small. She said why does this strange things happen with you. She got the idea to fight. He asked what. She showed the fan and smiled.

Precap:Pakhi and Veer promoted the show’s new timing at 8. 30 PM. Pakhi and Veer started fighting about the fan damage. Anuja, Riya and everyone heard them fighting.


The Episode started with Pakhi asking Veer not to over act. She came to Ayaan and talked to him. She asked him to go and play. Ayaan said no, I have to go. She insisted and sent him out. Ayaan found it odd as she was saying the opposite thing.

She said no, playing is also important, your mind will be refreshed. He asked are you fine, please let me study. Veer asked him to go and show the bike to his friends and Ayaan left. Pakhi said where is Riya. Riya cqme to meet Girish and gave him flowers. They had a talk.

She thanked him for helping her so much. He asked her to sit.Girish asked Riya to see how children smile. Riya said children know who loves them. She said the one who have loneliness, how can they love someone. She asked him to give her the baby.

He said fine, and gave his daughter. Riya took the baby and talked to her. Girish said you look young but you are mature. She said she is not interested in pubs and hanging out, it’s good to live together and spend time.

He smiled. Girish talked to the baby and said he is missing Lavanya, let’s call and ask why is she late. Riya got angry seeing Girish and Lavanya’s pic. Lavanya was in a meeting. She got a call from Girish ended it.The client talked to Lavanya and said he need 24 hours, can she give so much time.

She said yes, I will do hard work. He said think again, the contract papers will be here, if you think you can, sign the papers. She thanked him and he left. Her secretary said how will you manage this assignment, you have two small kids. Girish called her and asked when is she coming.

She said she will be late and ended the call. Riya smiled. Girish said I love you and miss you. Riya said Girish has love and she wants love, he can complete her incomplete life.Riya came home smiling. Anuja asked did she meet him. Riya asked what. Anuja smiled and said don’t hide anything from me, I know your secret.

Riya said nothing. Anuja said your first life with married man, books won’t help, take my help. Riya thinks yes, she is right, Lavanya is her daughter and Girish liked her, she doesn’t know my love is Girish but her advice will help. Anuja prayed Riya stopped her.

Riya stopped her and said won’t you ask me the name. Anuja said naughty girl, tell me, where did this matter go. She said no, he doesn’t know, I went to meet his kids.Anuja said what, he has kids, it means he loves his wife, you want to take her place or?

She said I know he loves his wife but she doesn’t care, he loves his kids a lot. Anuja said simple, you win his kids and he will like you. Riya said you are right. Anuja thinks Riya will run with his man, and Pakhi’s name will be spoiled. Riya smiled and thinks she is helping me in breaking her daughter’s home, the day she knows, she will be shocked.

Pakhi asked Veer to throw the fan away. He said ok and threw it and she shouted.Everyone came and saw Pakhi and Veer arguing. Veer said he is not irresponsible and don’t threaten me. He said women don’t care, they always take advantage. Pakhi said don’t start gender biasing.

They argued a lot and he asked her to mind her business, and lets break up. She said fine, how can you end this fight so soon, what do you mean, if fans don’t work, I will change them and they turned to each other. Ayaan came to them and saw them annoyed. He asked whats going on. He said this woman. She said whom are you calling woman. He said you are.Ayaan said what happened to both of you. He asked the servants to go away. Veer and Pakhi signalled.

Ayaan asked Anuja to leave as it’s her yoga time. He told Riya that they teach me sharing is caring and not fighting, what are they doing now. Riya said yes and left. Ayaan asked them what’s their problem. Ayaan made them hold each other’s ears and said sorry.

Veer asked him how did he come. Ayaan said he did not take the bike’s keys. Veer gave it to him and he left.Veer smiled and said everything went right. She said he overacted and being over intelligent, you ruined everything, I have to think of a topic again.

He said you fight awesome. She said this was fake, see next time. He worried and said he is feeling uneasy after fighting. She said she has a solution and asked him to try. He said fine and left. Riya applied the cream and told Ayaan about the glow.

Ayaan applied all the cream and she scolded him saying it’s girl’s cream, you will look beautiful, not handsome. He said how to get glow on my face. She said I have one trick, you go to the terrace and stand facing the moon light, then see the glow. Ayaan believed her but said if he doesn’t get glow, he won’t return the cream and he run.

Riya said she will try a dress to impress Girish. Veer saw Ayaan doing the stupid trick. He also tried it and asked Ayaan what. Ayaan said it brings glow on your face and guys get handsome.

He said what, someone told me if you stand like this, the body heat after fight get released. Ayaan asked who said. He said your Maa. Ayaan said then she might be right. Veer asked who said you. Ayaan said Riya. They had a talk. Veer asked for whom is he doing this.

Ayaan said for Avni. Veer smiled. Ayaan asked him to keep the secret. Veer said no way and asked more details. Ayaan said promise me you won’t say anything to Maa. Veer promised him. Ayaan told him in his ears and Veer laughed.Riya dressed like Lavanya and looked at the mirror. She said Girish will like me now.

Pakhi came and was shocked seeing her. Riya turned and Pakhi looked at her dress. Riya became tensed.

Precap:Veer and Pakhi promoted the show’s new timing on 8.30 PM from 6th October. Veer and Pakhi fought again on food and Riya looked on. Pakhi asked Riya is this right. Riya said don’t expect. Anuja asked Riya to win her love by food. Riya asked why is she helping her.


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