Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday 11th August 2021 Episode started with Anshuman coming to Aryaman thinking he should have not taken the key. He asked Aryaman to go home and Aryaman left. He checked the key wallet and waa shocked to see study room key missing, not that of the safety vault.

Anuja and Pakhi told Ayaan that they are keeping fasts for their sons. Aryaman came and asked what fast. Ayaan told Anshuman that Dadi is keeping a fast for him and Chachu and Aryaman left. Anuja asked what to gift Pakhi. Anshuman asked why, you are keeping fast for me. Anuja said but she is fasting for Ayaan.

Anshuman said all this is hers. Anuja said gift is a way to show how much you value a person, buy her a kamarbandh. He didn’t know where they wear it and everyone laughed.

Aryaman was in the kitchen. Anuja told him that she will make his favorite food tomorrow. Aryaman helped her. His hurt his hand and she ran to him worried. He said it will be fine. She cared for him. She called Anshuman and Pakhi.He said don’t call them. She said the blood is not stopping why.

The doctor came and said this is strange as his blood was not stopping, make him have a health checkup. Anshuman said we had it, his DNA matches more than me with my sister. He said no, let him have the tests tomorrow, it’s not good, he is young.

Aryaman took out his hanky and the key fell. He became tensed seeing it and hid it. Anshuman saw this and was puzzled thinking why is Aryaman doing this. The doctor left. Anuja asked Aryaman to take care.

Anshuman romanced with Pakhi and said let me measure your waist. She said leave me. He held her saree and stopped her and they had an eyelock. She smiled and got closer to him. She touched her cheek and said about the kamarbandh. He said I am talking about romance, and you are talking about kamarbandh.

She said I am also talking romantic, put ghungrus in the kamarbandh. He asked what? She said when I wear it and come to you, you will know I came then you can shut your laptop and focus on me. He held her closer and said I work some time, all my focus is on you, what’s the need for kamarbandh.

He asked will there be anything special after you wear the kamarbandh. She pushed him and said you are not ashamed. He said fine, if I don’t be, then you will miss him. She kept her finger on his lips and asked him to speak positive.

He said I am talking about kamarbandh, I want you to always wear it, it always remind you of me, even if I am not close to you. She said not again. He said fine, lets talk something else. He talked about measurements. She run and he laughed.

Pakhi brought milk for Anuja and asked her not to worry, as everyone was fine. Anuja said I am worried about Aryaman, I can understand his pain, he stayed life like me without any relations. Pakhi said but now everything is fine, a person changes when he gets love.

She asked does Anshuman say anything about him. Pakhi said he trusts him a lot. Anuja said I am worried for him as I feel he is my weakest child. Pakhi said don’t worry, he will be happy, have this milk first and she left. Aryaman took a torch and silently went to the study. Anshuman saw him and followed.

Aryaman went in the study room and closed the door. Anshuman went there and was about to push the door to open to see what was Aryaman upto. But Anuja stopped Anshuman. Anuja scolded Anshuman and said if this door opens, I won’t stay in this house. Aryaman got Anshuman’s ID.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday 11th August 2021

Anuja said I will go from here tomorrow morning. Aryaman called Sandeep. Anshuman thinks about Anuja’s words and left. Aryaman said kidnapping will be done tomorrow, be ready.

Anuja told Anshuman that Aryaman is part of our family, everyone is imperfect, did you not do mistake.


The Episode started with Anuja talking to Anshuman and defending Aryaman. She said we have to give him love and trust, if not, then I will leave with him from this house. Anshuman said no, this house is yours and Aryaman’s, I am sorry and he left. It’s morning, Pakhi made Ayaan ready and he acted like Anshuman.

Anshuman woke up and asked where are you going wearing clothes like mine. Pakhi said he is going for fancy dress. Ayaan asked about his watch. Anshuman gifted him one and he was very happy seeing it. He made Ayaan wear it. Ayaan said now I look Anshuman Rathore. Anshuman asked why are you becoming me.

Ayaan said everyone has a role model, and you are my role model, you are the best father, son, husband, businessman and best human being. Anshuman hugged him. Pakhi said Anshuman never gets late for the office, you too hurry up for school and Ayaan left. Pakhi asked Anshuman what happened.

He said Ayaan said perfect son, I have hurt mum’s heart. She asked but what happened, tell me whenever you feel like, don’t be upset. He said I know she is hurt. She asked did you try sorry. He said a lot, but she is upset. She said I have an idea. She told him in his ears.

They laughed and she said I think if I am not here, what will happen. He said the same and they laughed. He said you are so good, beautiful, good heart, perfect, if we have a daughter, I would have send her as Pakhi.

He said Ayaan is big now and don’t you think we should have a little daughter, little Pakhi. He held her hand and said come, lets prepare for her. She pushed him and run and brought sindoor.

She said Pakhi is not yours without this. He filled the sindoor. He said you are so perfect, I feel we should capture this perfect pic, if I don’t be there, this pic will be there, everything ends in the world, all love stories, our love story will end with us, I thank the life with you.

She said if I say this. He said get creative and say your line. He took the selfie. He kissed her. Aryaman saw Anshuman and Ayaan talking. Anshuman said we have tracking device in this, I will tell later.

Aryaman said your son will be kidnapped today, do what you want, you won’t be able to save him. Anshuman asked Aryaman to get ready. Aryaman said my stomach is bad, so I will rest. Anshuman asked shall I call doctor. Aryaman said no, I will come to the office tomorrow.

Anshuman said fine, take rest. He asked Pakhi for coffee. Pakhi said yes,I am bringing it. She called Lavanya and said it’s Holi Vrath today, but you don’t keep it as you are pregnant, we have kept it. Pakhi thinks she will act till Anuja talks to Anshuman.

She placed coffee a bit too much and Anuja saw it. Pakhi said give this coffee to Anshuman and tell Lavanya that he doesn’t drink this daily, but asked today. Anuja thinks she made bad coffee, how will he drink this. She made another one and said ask Anshuman not to drink it, and drink this one.

Anshuman thinks what to drink, wife made or mum made coffee. Both the ladies looked on. Sukhi said this happens always, a son gets stuck in mum and wife’s matters. Sukhi said drink both, they will be happy.

Pakhi signalled Anshuman to have Maa’s made coffee. Anshuman took Anuja’s coffee and praised it. Anuja said ask him to come early to the Holi puja. Ayaan said our mothers won’t eat anything till we come, I will come soon and you also come soon. Anshuman said yes, you are right, it’s our duty to do this. He said I will come home early.

Ayaan asked is anything wrong, why are you talking indirectly, say sorry to her holding your ears. He left for school. Anshuman held his ears and said sorry to Anuja. Pakhi smiled. She said take care and left.

End Of Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday 11th August 2021

Anshuman told Pakhi that Maa has not forgiven me. Pakhi said no, she has stopped you from having dark coffee, you are lucky, she will hug you in the evening, as she is fasting for you. He said I am feeling strange. She said go to the office now and come on time.

Anuja talked to Pakhi and Lavanya that Aryaman is being well now. Lavanya said no, he still has to gel with us, his clothes and styling has to be done, he should look like him. She said let’s remove his moustache. Anuja said no.

Pakhi said it will be very confusing. Lavanya said you will be confused the most. Pakhi said lets think. Lavanya said I will bring good shoes and do his hair styling. Pakhi said I will see the clothes. Anuja said I will see his marriage department. Lavanya and Pakhi said it’s ours too.

Aryaman dressed like Anshuman and heard Sandeep telling about Ayaan. He said he knows everything and Sandeep took Aryaman’s name and said it’s his plan. Sandeep held his feet. Aryaman laughed scaring Sandeep and told him that he will kidnap Ayaan today at any cost.

Sandeep said you look like Anshuman Rathore and you scared me. He showed the parent’s id of Anshuman and they laughed. Aryaman came to take Ayaan from school and showed the id card. She said no need to show this, you are his father. Aryaman waited for Ayaan.

Aryaman took Ayaan into a taxi. The principal called Anshuman and said you took Ayaan and he was shocked.


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