Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday, 13 October 2021. Pakhi was in Nandini’s room, she found messages in nandini’s phone and said i shouldn’t have checked the phone like this but doubt can go on anyone, she checked the phone and found messages of one guy who has called nandini as some place, Pakhi said who can this guy be.

In some isolated place, Nandini was meeting with one guy, Pakhi came there and said who is this guy? why are you meeting, what is your connection with him? you meet him everyday and lie to us, what’s the truth.

Nandini said you want to know the truth, there is no place for women whose husband has abandoned her in this society but i want to live, i want that somebody loves me that’s why i tried to find love in this guy, kanwal, i dont know what’s wrong or right but you know the truth now.

Nandini said, Kanwal i am sorry, you had to face all this because of me, leave from here and he left. Nandini said to Pakhi that what could i have done, i used to wear pallu on my head for all day long, i was tired of this life but jiji used to tie me in the house, i used to go to the market where i met Kanwal.

he is a businessmen, we started loving each other but jiji will not understand this, Pakhi said i am sorry, i didnt know about this, you have the right to live, i will talk to jiji, Nandini said no don’t do that, i have found happiness after much time, i cant let it go, Pakhi said dont worry, i am with you in whatever you do.

It was night, Veer drank the milk, Pakhi thinks, days are passing by and i couldn’t find any solid proof, someone is making Veer dizzy the whole day but i have no proofs, veer was in the room. The mysterious man came to strangle veer but the milk glass fell from the table and he run from there, Pakhi asked who is there.

she came into the room and found the glass broken on the ground and Veer sleeping. She started picking the glass pieces and found the medicine in it, she was shocked and looked at Veer. she checked the tablet and preserved it in one box, she thinks.

Veer was given the medicines in the milk thats why he didnt get up when the glass broke, she called Veer but he was in a deep sleep. Pakhi thinks to test the medicine.

In the morning, Pakhi asked the doctor about the medicine, the doctor said it is given to people who are not mentally stable, it is anti-depressant and addictive in it, this is ban in our country, how did you get it, Pakhi asked about its side affects, the doctor said person will lose his memory and cannot remember, Pakhi thinks, how can anyone stoop so low for property.

Kumu had fever, Jiji was with her, Pakhi came with food and said i have made according to you jiji, jiji said make kumu eat it and she left.
Jiji came to veer with milk, she said i am hurt to see you like this Veer, your relation is not going anywhere, your birthday is coming.

if nothing happens with this relation then your birthday will be the last day of this relation, she suspiciously looked at Veer.

Kumu went to wash her face, Pakhi took the blanket and found the medicine bottle there, she saw the medicine and said it’s the same like the one which was in veer’s glass, it is anti-depressent, this means jiji is doing all this but i have to first confirm it.

maybe jiji took these medicines but it’s banned, Kumu came there, Pakhi sat with her and said you work alot and do all things for jiji, Kumu said jiji also take care of me, jiji is very soft from inside, i dont feel like an orphan with her, Pakhi said you are always with jiji.

you must know to which hospital jiji goes for her health, Kumu said jiji never had to go to hospital, she is absolutely fine, she never went to the hospital, Pakhi thinks then why these medicines are with jiji, it means it’s for Veer, jiji is trying to kill him, i have to tell Veer, Pakhi left from there.

Jiji said to Veer that you are bearing all the pressure, accept what God has given you, accept what God decides on your birthday, drink the milk and she left. Pakhi came into room and found Veer drinking th milk, she shouted one minute, dont drink this milk, Veer asked what?

Pakhi said Jiji is trying to kill you, she mixed anti-depressant in your milk so that she will kill you and it will look like suicide, Veer asked are you in your senses, Pakhi said can’t you see that you forget things these days, you are dizzy these days, she said i found these medicines in her room too.

Pakhi said i was told that you tried to commit suicide when Keerti left you, your kheer had diamond in it to kill you, you know why she wants to kill you? your father has given his whole property to you but you can get it if you marry before your 38th burthday otherwise property wil go to your family, thats why she want to kill you.

Veer said to Pakhi that if Jiji want to kill me then i can eat poison for her. Pakhi said dont you trust me? Veer said all this is happening because of you, he took the glass to drink the milk, Pakhi said you cant drink it, she tried to take glass from him, Veer pushed her and she fell on the bed.


Pakhi said to Veer that Jiji wants to kill you as you are the owner of whole property only if you get married before 38 years old and you are married, Jiji doesn’t want that you get the whole property that’s why she is trying to kill you, I have collected proofs against her.

I know you love her a lot, you can’t think that she can’t do that but she is the culprit, that is why she gave you time till your birthday to decide about our relation, she either wants that you break this marriage else she will kill you, Veer said jiji is like my mother, we have relation that she will break.

even if God told me that jiji want something bad for me then I will stop trusting God, I can drink poison from her hand, Pakhi said I have proofs. Veer said I can say that all this is happening because of you, you found diamond in my kheer, you found electric switch on when I was working on current, you are behind everything, the time I have confessed that I love you.

you have made my life hell, you could have said no to my proposal but you are insulting me, and now you are behind my family, Pakhi said you are taking it the wrong way, your life is in danger, Veer said you got nothing so you started doubting everyone, jiji is trying to make us one but you are doubting her intention.

PRECAP: Lavanya noticed Veer pushing Pakhi on bed, Veer left from there, Lavanya came to Pakhi and said that lets leave from here, you are not respected here, lets leave, Pakhi said no I can’t leave Veer now, Lavanya said you wanted to be free from this relation and now what happened?

Pakhi said I can not tell you what is happeng here but I can’t leave veer now, Lavanya said you can’t or you don’t want to? have you developed soft corner for him, Pakhi said it’s nothing like that, it’s about my duty and I have to fulfill it, Lavanya said duty is fulfilled for those who are your own.

you have no relation with him, Pakhi said I have, I have relation with Veer and you have to fulfill duties relating to it, Lavanya said my brother went away and now my bhabhi is going away from me too, you proved that bhabhi remains bhabhi till brother is alive.

be happy with your new relation but my every relation with this house is broken now and she left from there. Riya came there and asked what the matter was. she said we are friends, you can tell me what’s the problem, Pakhi told her everything and how someone is trying to kill Veer, Riya said who is doing all this.

Pakhi said after getting all proofs, the doubt is on Jiji, I talked to Veer but he doesn’t trust me as he love jiji a lot, he thinks I am doing all this to break this relation, it doesn’t matter what veer thinks about me but I have to save his life.

Riya said I am with you Pakhi now, to make Papa and me unite, you risked Ayaan too so I trust you and I will help you, now let’s go to the terrace.

Riya and Pakhi are going when they listened to Nandini talking on phone and saying I miss you a lot, I want to live with you but you know jiji, she will bring storm if she gets to know about us, I love you. Riya asked Pakhi the matter.

Pakhi told Riya about Nandini and she love someone else and she is afraid of Jiji, Riya said I will talk to Veer, Pakhi said I read the clause in the Will that if Nandini gets married again then she will also get 50% of the property along with Veer and Jiji doesn’t want that that’s why jiji is not letting Nandindi marry again.

Pakhi said Jiji will try to stop this marriage and we will get proofs against her then Veer will understand too that jiji is doing all this for property, Riya said then we should talk to Veer.
Riya and Pakhi came to Veer, Riya told Veer that Nandini loves someone, Pakhi said I have met the guy whom Nandini love.

Veer asked what’s the problem? Pakhi said jiji will have problem with this relation that is why Nandini doesn’t tell anyone, Riya said, Nandini have the right to love someone else.

Pakhi said it’s difficult to get love for second time, and in their case they both love each other, Veer said okay I will talk to Jiji.

It’s morning, Veer made breakfast, Veer asked where is Nandini, jiji said, she takes time to get ready, Veer said it’s her age to get dressed, Veer said I am thinking to make Nandini marry again, jiji was shocked and said this can’t happen, you don’t know what you are saying.

Veer said I know, you understand that she is facing disloyalty of other person, Jiji said she is married, Veer said, the relation which is dead in our lives, why should Nandini live like that? Nandini came there, Veer said to Nandini that I got to know that you are in love with a guy and his name is Kanwal.

Nandini said no it’s not true, Veer said I knew that you will say that so I have called the guy here also. Nandini was shocked, Kanwal came there, Veer said he is a businessman, Charu was shocked seeing Kanwal and said this can’t happen, Pakhi asked why?

Charu said I think Jiji will have a problem, Veer said what’s the problem if they both want to love together, there should be no problem with their marriage, Nandini said no this is not right, Kanwal said yeah, I am okay if I don’t marry Nandini, Veer said why not.

she will marry you, Veer said to Jiji that you should think about Nandini, how will she live her whole life alone, she has chosen a guy for herself and you should be happy for that, Nandini was tensed.

Charu said to Veer that we don’t know anything about Kanwal, Veer said Nandini have chosen him so he must be a good guy, Pakhi asked Kanwal where do he live?

Nandini became tensed. later Jiji was giving money to Kanwal in the backyard, Pakhi came there and asked jiji this money? jiji and Kanwal became tensed.


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