Tumhari Pakhi Wednesday, 18th August 2021 Episode started with Pakhi missing Anshuman seeing their room and recalling their old moments. She layon the bed and saw the sindoor box. She thinks of how he used to fill the sindoor. She erased her sindoor and removed the mangalsutra. She looked at his pic and touched it. Anuja and Girish cried for Anshuman, seeing his dead body.

The servants also couldn’t control their tears. Girish consoled Anuja. Bhaisa came to Pakhi and cried. Pakhi said it’s very late Bhaisa. Bhabhisa looked on. She said he told me, when I called him, he will leave everything and come to me, but you were right, he cheated me and left. Girish brought Lavanya and she was shocked too.

She walked towards Anshuman in shock and smiled. She said I know you are playing a prank on me, see this is not a good one, ok fine, I am fooled, now get up Bhai, come on. She started crying and asked him to get up. Girish hugged her. Pakhi said he made me wait for 18 years and now see he is making me wait till the next birth. Bhabhisa hugged her and cried.

Pakhi said it’s a long wait, till next the birth. It’s morning, Pakhi wore a white saree and Bhabhisaa looked at her. Pakhi cried and hugged her. Bhaisa cried seeing Pakhi become a widow. Pakhi said I will get ready and come, press will come. Bhaisa asked why now, can’t we do this later. Pakhi said this is necessary for Ayaan, the world wants to know Anshuman is fine or not, and I want to tell my son that his dad is fine.

She tried to apply the sindoor thinking about Anshuman and cried stopping. She thinks she has to keep Anshuman alive for Ayaan and applied it. She wore her mangalsutra and applied bindi. She touched Anshuman’s clothes and hugged them crying. She took few of them and accessories for Aryaman.

She thinks about Anshuman and cried. She came to Aryaman and knocked the door. She said the press and media will come in some time, you get ready as Anshuman and meet them so that everyone becomes sure that Anshuman Rathore is alive.

Aryaman was stunned. She said these are Anshuman’s clothes and his look alike phone with duplicate sim, I have his mobile. He said we both are different, I will be caught. She said no, Anshuman spoke less and met everyone with respect, think and talk. He said what will I answer them.

She said no one will answer you much in this state, I will be with you, I don’t want Ayaan to have any doubt, you get ready. She said when I met you first, you joked that you are Anshuman and now life did the same joke with me, you have to become Anshuman now for the world and Ayaan. I am asking you to sacrifice your identity, forgive me if possible and she left.

Pakhi talked to the media about the happy homes project. She said after this accident, many investors are confused that is this Anshuman or not, we lost one Rathora, but it’s Aryaman, as we have Anshuman right here, I want to tell the investors not to worry as their money is safe. Everyone started crying.

The women talked that it’s good Anshuman is safe. Aryaman came there with Ayaan. He saw flowers on his pic. The media questioned them. Pakhi, Lavanya and Girish managed the situation. Aryaman too managed and spoke well with respect. The media started questioning him a lot about the accident and Aryaman and he became tensed. Pakhi heard them.

The police told them about the goons’s jeep. Ayaan told him that the goons were kidnapping him, and Anshuman and Aryaman saved him. Pakhi questions Aryaman how he reached them. Aryaman was tensed.


The Episode started with Pakhi standing alone. Anshuman’s soul came to her and covered her with a shawl. He motivated her to live her life happily, turn the papers of the life, and promise him to be happy. She said you are not a paper to turn, you are my life, and I have lived my full life with you. She said no one can take your place in my life, but my aim of life is to take care of Ayaan. I can’t forget you ever. He asked her to promise she will not get sad being alone, will he not have any happiness. He said keep smiling Pakhi, I love you Pakhi. He disappeared while she closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and said Anshuman.

She saw Aryaman standing with Anshuman’s ashes. Pakhi took the ashes and hugged it. It’s morning, Aryaman’s death news came in every newspaper. The inspector came and said we got a jeep in the valley where this accident happened. He said maybe Anshuman had to take sharp turn to save his car and this accident happened. Ayaan heard this and said they were very bad people. He hugged Pakhi and said they intentionally hit us. The inspector asked, does he know them. Ayaan said no, they were kidnapping me, dad and Chachu saved me. Pakhi asked Maha ji to take Ayaan inside.

Aryaman heard this talk. Pakhi said I am sorry, my son is very traumatized. The inspector greeted Aryaman, thinking he was Anshuman. Aryaman came down and talked to him. The inspector said you did not tell us about Ayaan’s kidnap attempt. Aryaman said I was about to say it, we lost a family member and thought to tell this later. The inspector said but this matter is serious, you did not tell us about this, I am sure they are the same people who kidnapped Pakhi. He said the people there died, we had their pics, just see and identify,

Aryaman and Girish saw the pics. Girish was shocked and said he is Sandeep, my driver. The inspector asked what do you know about him, his details. Girish said no, we kept him in hurry so no details. The inspector said how can you do this, if he was driver, it means you have his helpers in this house, any servant.

Pakhi said all the servants here are trustable. He said we will not shut the case now, as its kidnapping and murder case. Anuja asked him to find the culprit and she won’t leave him. Aryaman thinks this case is opened, I have to be like Anshuman and not let them doubt on me.

Pakhi stopped Aryaman and said you did not tell us about Ayaan’s kidnapping. She said we knew Anshuman went to take Ayaan from school, so when did you meet him. Aryaman said Anshuman was busy and he did not go to the school, so he asked me to pick Ayaan from school, so I did and we met on the way.

Girish asked so you removed the moustache. Aryaman said no, maybe hospital people did that. He lied to them and said the goons came and wanted to take Ayaan, I don’t know why. We went out from there and then this accident happened and Anshuman died. Aryaman thinks he will be in big trouble.

Aryaman talked to Suman and said I will take 200-300 crores form this house. He said Ayaan was about to tell the truth to everyone, but he felt unwell and I got saved. Maha ji was coming to him with tea. He ended the call and turned to see Maha ji standing at the door.

Aryaman scolded Maha ji for being at the door and not knocking. Pakhi thinks about Ayaan’s kidnap and Anshuman wanted to tell her this, and she did not talk to him being busy that time and taking his call later. She got his voice message.

Pakhi slapped Aryaman and scolded him holding his collar. She said if I can die with my husband then I can get his murderer punished too. Anuja looked on puzzled.



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